Havells Ambrose 1200mm Ceiling Fan: enhances your way of living

Havells Ceiling Fan

Refresh the interior of your home, office, or any other space with Havells Ambrose Ceiling Fan. It gain a remarkable market share in luxury home appliances in various attractive styles and features.

You must consider various variables while picking the most suitable ceiling fan as per your space requirements, such as motor size, blade pitch, and speed.

Some higher-quality ceiling fans have advanced features like smooth finishes, light kits, and remote controls.

It become essential requirements for modern living equipment. It maintains a gratifying temperature in the entire room.

These product are crafted with keen attention and innovative designs that stand your room out of the crowd.

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Havells always delivers the best electric equipment that enhances your way of living. Here they introduced an exclusive range of ceiling fans that are featured with versatile designs and advanced technology. It becomes a perfect choice for homes, offices, or any other place.

Let’s dive into the detailed features of Havells Ambrose 1200mm ceiling fan:


  • This product has a very organic design with a variety of colour schemes.
  • Its exclusive blade design uplifts the comfort drive by sitting under the product.
  • It distributes even air in the entire room.
  • The motor of this product is very robust and takes a high voltage range.
  • It can also work with low voltage without damaging the motor.
  • This product has very sharp trims that look very exotic.
  • It must be considered as a decorative element rather than just a ceiling fan.
  • The ceiling fan makes your room feel soothe and cool enough for relaxing.
  • It offers additional energy-saving via reducing energy costs.
  • It complements your room with its unique design.


  • This product has an exclusive design with an HPLV motor.
  • It covers the area of 65 square feet to 100 square feet.
  • It owns the 1200mm blade size.
  • It is capable of working with a wide range of voltage.
  • It has a 238 cmm air delivery rate.
  • It has a metallic blade finish with sharp trimmed
  • It works at 390 RPM speed.


This Havells Ambrose Ceiling fan has minimum coverage that suits in small places like a room or an office.

Sometimes it produces any kind of unpleasant noise that arises discomfort and irritation. This product is hard to clean. Put it on the height that is entirely above the size of your family members.

Customers are entitled that this product is easy to operate and provides appropriate air that soothes you in summer.

Its unique style and size make it stand out from the crowd and compliment your room. Its coverage is exceptional and provides air in every corner of the room. 

It has an excellent service after sales because Havells is known to deliver it distinctively. 

This product flows a fresh breeze in any season and is considered as a valuable solution for your home.

This product successfully gains a higher rate of satisfaction with its beneficial and uninterrupted functioning.

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