Health is life: Why is health important in life?

Health is life

If we are healthy then we are also people of a Common India. If we are unhealthy, we are poor, unfit and neglected.

Taking the history of the world and studying it that when which country was prosperous, prosperous, civilized, and cultured, then it will become clear that any country was best only when its citizens were healthy. This is also being proved by various reports of the WHO.

In fact, the purpose of living is to be healthy. Unhealthy people not only remain unhappy, sick, and neglected, but they are a burden to the whole society and the world.

It stops everyone’s progress or creates obstacles in their progress. In fact, a healthy person or society is alert and effective.

“The body is better, the genius is choice”: This is a very old moral. There is also a proverb in English that means:

Health is wealth. Truly one who has good health, he is fortunate. If one has immense wealth but is unwell, he cannot enjoy life.

Similarly, if one has the knowledge, but is sick, his life is meaningless. In fact, health is life. If there is no disease in the body then we are happy, and if there is a disease then we are unhappy. That is why it has been said that health is the key to happiness.

The first condition of being healthy is Green earth and a real drink. Every moment we inhale and exhale.

Inhaling means we take in air and exhaling means we take out the dirty air from our body. What is life after all? It is coming and going of the breath that is life. There is fresh air in the townlet.

But it gets polluted due to the dirt. Live all around the village. There are heaps of garbage everywhere. People sit near the village for Nisha and water.

Due to this, the dirt spreads and the head gets dirty due to the stench. Flies and mosquitoes arise due to littering and dirty water being filled or spread in front of the house.

Just think how can one stay healthy in such a condition. If the village is kept clean, the residents will not crave for fresh air and will have better health benefits.

Raw well water is harmful. Many types of diseases are caused by the water of puddles and ponds. Often puddles and ponds are raw.

What if you are sure? The whole village bathes in them and the water of the pond gets worse. There anyway, the question of bathing and washing does not arise.

Many types of diseases are caused by bathing properly and not washing dirty clothes. Many people do not even take the name of washing clothes after getting them sewn.

Then how can the matter of sandalwood bass be proved in a healthy body? This was the talk of the village. 

The atmosphere there has been polluted by the smoke from the mills and factories. Smoke contains carbon dioxide, so it is the enemy of health.

Carbon dioxide is a kind of dirty air which we keep releasing from our bodies regularly.  Because even after cleaning daily, heaps of dirt are kept around. If you walk in the streets of the city early in the morning, you will see hell.

Water is available from the taps in the city, but due to not being properly cleaned, it does not remain pure.

In some places, the water of the river is cleaned and delivered to the public through taps. But the water of rivers has become so polluted that it has not been possible to clean it properly through waterworks.

Collecting all the dirt of the city, they fall into the drain-river. The water that is released by using in factories is not only contaminated, it is also poisonous.

That is to say, whether it is a village or a city, both air and water have become contaminated. This is having a bad effect on the life of the people and the power of the person is decreasing.

How can a country of powerless sick people live happily and happily? Can such a country be a heaven on earth?

Not only this, due to contamination of air and water, life has become hell, there are many other reasons.

It is everyone’s duty to keep cleanliness. Also, emphasize a balanced diet. Do not eat market fried and open things.

By doing so, the juice digesting food becomes less. Therefore, use pulses, porridge, green vegetables, fruits, milk-curd, butter, buttermilk, sugar, etc. interchangeably.

Do eat the fruits of the season. They are not only cheap then they are also effective. It increases our digestion power.

While eating food for good health, it is important to keep in mind that we eat only that which can be easily digested.

You can keep your good health by working in agriculture and sitting on a Tractor easily. The secret of being healthy is: eating less food but chewing a lot, eating green and raw vegetables, using at least chili spices, taking half a glass of milk daily, and working hard, don’t forget that, the root of health is the stomach. Is.

If the stomach is fine then health is fine and if the stomach is bad then understand that health has got a mite.

Being healthy is based on being oriented towards nature. If you follow all the rules, then you can remain healthy.

Apart from fresh air, pure water, and a balanced diet, regular exercise or play or both are very necessary to maintain health. Farmers and laborers get very tired after working all day.

To eliminate the fatigue of this labor and to remove the fatigue of the mind and to keep the mind happy, sports are very necessary for them too, yes, the educated urban people do not get the opportunity of regular exercise.

There is a lot of running in their life. Because of this they remain unwell and always keep taking medicines.

By exercising, every part of the body opens up. The dirt of the body gets removed through sweat. Bleeding intensifies.

Eating and drinking get digested. The face glows. And dance with gusto. That is why it is said that a healthy mind resides only in a healthy body.

Playing is the best exercise for children. By playing, the body grows, bones become strong, appetite increases, food is digested, and the mind remains happy.

Interest in work arouses. I like to study. Have a good sleep. Fatigue and lethargy never pass. There is always agility in the body.

The mind remains cheerful and there is always enthusiasm. The whole world seems happy and fragrant. Doing good deeds also keeps the mind healthy. Doing bad deeds also keeps the mind unhappy.

That is to say, we should keep our body and mind healthy, only then we will be able to enjoy life and understand the meaning of life.

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He who is healthy is happy and he who is happy is alive. This is the hallmark of being alive. Those who are healthy in body and mind are the best.