Helicopter parenting is on the rise in India – Here’s a simple fix for that

Helicopter parenting

The onset of the global pandemic upset lives all across the world. With families cooped up at home for almost half of the year, usage of screens and social media increased significantly both by adults and young ones.

Owing to the increasing number of varying child abuse cases ranging from online bullying, harassment, and shaming to stalking and grooming, Indian parents are left with no option other than to adopt a helicopter style of parenting.

In 2019, Maharashtra had the highest number of cyberstalking and bullying cases against children and women, and the cases continue to increase.

In an attempt to stay on top of what is going on in their children’s lives, Indian parents have resorted to using this parenting method to remain more involved and informed of their child’s activities both in the real and digital world.

The term was first coined in 1969 by teenagers in a book by Dr. Haim Ginott titled Parents & Teenagers, where they used the term to describe the constant hovering of their parents over their shoulder.

Although not an entirely healthy parenting approach—considering hyper-involvement and overprotectiveness – helicopter parenting begins with good intentions such as being supportive and involved in children’s lives.

However, somehow, along the way, the line between moderate and excessive tends to get blurred. As a result, parents end up creating an apathetic and stifling environment for their kids.

The Need for Helicopter Parenting: Where Does It Stem From?

With both kids and teens spending a large part of the day on their smartphones, ensuring their digital safety and monitoring their digital footsteps has become inevitable.

Before we present you with an easier solution that removes the need for incessant questioning, such as using the best parental control app in India, one must understand the need for helicopter parenting.

Although the main concern is ensuring children’s digital safety nowadays, some cases involve other reasons and underlying issues.

Here are some of the possible causes. Let’s briefly take a look at them:

Parental Anxiety

It is natural for parents to protect their children from falls and failures. Even though it’s all part of learning and growing up.

Some parents are unable to imagine their kids getting upset. That’s why they go overboard preventing any such occurrence.

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is something that impacts kids and adults alike. Thus, parents who have other helicopter parents in their circle might feel pressured to do the same, so they are considered good parents who are doing their job well.

Apprehension Regarding the Future

A common perception is that a child’s future is greatly affected by what they do today. And being a helicopter parent is perceived as a way to prevent struggles later on. Even the smallest of failures trigger fear regarding their child’s future.

To Have Purpose in Life

When a parent’s entire existence revolves around what their child can or can’t achieve, they also turn to helicopter parenting so they can feel like a better parent.

Poor or Traumatic Childhood

Sometimes, a parent themselves had a childhood where they felt unloved or faced some trauma and support from parents.

It strengthens their resolve to be loving and involved parents. It is natural to give your child what you never had, but some parents tend to go overboard and end up helicoptering their children.

These are some of the reasons why someone resorts to become a helicopter parent. However, the common one is protecting the child from all digital threats and watch them even from a distance.

For that, parents need to invest in the best parental control app in India. Speaking of parental control apps, out of many, we picked Xnspy, which is one of the leading parental control apps at the moment. 

If you look up genuine review sites, you can look at Xnspy reviews and know for yourself how the app came to rank among the top parental monitoring apps.

Having said that, let’s delve a bit deeper. Continue reading to know more about how this app could significantly reduce and tone down your helicopter parenting traits:

Xnspy Parental Control App

Amidst the multitude of digital threats a child may be at risk of while navigating the internet, Xnspy emerges as a blessing for parents.

And it has rightly gained its reputation. Xnspy is one of the best parental control apps in India. This reliable phone monitoring app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Carrying a wide range of smart features, Xnspy makes it convenient to monitor your child’s activities without nagging them.

Parents can confirm where their children are and know their activities on different social media and instant messaging apps.

All you need to need to do is install Xnspy. The app would function silently in the background without hindering any of their phone functionalities and track all activities.

The Installation

For the app to work on an Android device, you need to download and install Xnspy. Installation is not a prerequisite for an iOS device.

Having your child’s iCloud credentials would suffice. The app would connect to the iCloud and create another copy of all the data present for your viewing. You can find detailed guides regarding the installation of the app on the Xnspy official website.

Friendly Interface

The app boasts of a simple and user-friendly interface that even the not-so-tech-savvy can easily understand and use.

The design is quick and simple, so you can easily navigate through the different features and switch tabs.

The Xnspy reviews on the internet would tell you the same. It further simplifies the app’s usage as it is free of any complexities in terms of design and interface.

Pricing & Packages

Compared to other parental control apps, Xnspy is a lot more affordable. Xnspy is available in two editions.

You could either go for Basic or Premium. However, in the case of the Basic package, you can use only a limited number of features.

You can monitor a limited number of apps along with access to contacts, call history, photos, location history, multimedia, and text messages.

On the other hand, with the Premium version, you can use an extensive range of features including, ambient recording, call recording, and many other remote functionalities. The app offers numerous subscription plans in monthly and yearly packages:

  • The monthly cost of Basic Edition is $49.99/month and $8.33/year.
  • The Premium Edition costs $59.99/month and $12.49/year.

Monitoring Functions & Features

You are required to wait for 24–48 hours before you can use Xnspy. The app becomes fully functional during this time. It uploads the recorded data from the phone to your online account. You can access the dashboard from this account from where you can see all the phone activities.

Let’s take a look at some of the monitoring features of Xnspy, the best parental control app in India:

Monitoring Text Messages

More than phone calls, kids are more into sending text messages. Xnspy lets you see a user’s incoming and outgoing text messages, complete with the time, date, and contact details.

You can also keep an eye on different instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Tinder, Kik, Signal, Telegram, Instagram, Snapchat, and LINE. Monitoring an Android device allows parents to record screens when their children are using these apps.

Access Apps

There are tons of apps out there, and not all of them are suitable for your kids. To make sure that your kids are using age-appropriate apps only, you can access the installed apps on the phone and block them if any of them are dangerous or unsuitable.

Watchlist Alerts

This can come quite in handy. To know if your child is getting bullied or hanging out with the wrong crowd, you can set alerts on particular words, phrases, and contacts and get alerts when they appear in chats, emails, or text messages.

Ambient Sound Recording

Xnspy records all calls on the monitored user’s phone. Not only that, it can record the surrounding noise too. If your children frequently break curfews and you wonder where they are, you can send a remote command from your account that will turn on the microphone and initiate recording that can continue for 30 minutes. All of this happens silently. Additionally, you can always check their location, too, with Xnspy.

Access to Multimedia

You can use Xnspy to access the multimedia your child sends or receives via different chat apps.

Call Monitoring

Xnspy efficiently maintains a log of all calls that the user receives or dials from the phone. Missed calls as well. You can view the top 5 callers as well as the top 5 call durations. You can keep an eye on your child’s call frequency all week long.

GPS Location Tracking & Geofencing

You can track the real-time location of your child’s phone and even merge in geofencing with it by creating geographical boundaries on the map. This way, you can get alerts when your child enters or exits a particular area.

Bookmarks and Browser History

You can view your child’s saved bookmarks on the phone as well as the browser history to see the kind of content your child is accessing on the internet. You can view the top ten most frequented websites.

Offline Monitoring

The best thing about Xnspy is that it lets you track activities even without being connected to the internet. As soon as the device connects to the internet, the data will be uploaded to the online account that you can access from the dashboard.

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There, you have it. Xnspy is the ideal solution to all of your parental worries and woes regarding your child’s digital safety. Investing in the best parental control app in India is a decision you will not regret!