Himanshu Vyas: Election Management & Political Consultant

Himanshu Vyas-Election Management Consultant

Himanshu Vyas – Election Management & Political Consultant

Himanshu Vyas is an election management consultant. He is in this field since 10-years. He is working in election management field from 2012 Gujarat Assembly elections. Earlier from 2001, he is working for software, digital marketing & website development field.

It was not easy for him to enter in election management in 2012. But with the knowledge of politics & technology, he got success.

During 2012, election, he started from 2 assembly constituency. Later in 2022 election he worked for more than 35 assembly constituency.

As we all know data management is the main fundamental in election management. During 2022, election of Gujarat Assembly elections, he successfully managed data for more than 35 assembly constituency.

During data management his task was to collect the data of voter & to make it ready in different format.

Himanshu Vyas had to analysis the result of earlier election result. Again he had to divide them in four category of support & non-support booth.

He had to make report in different category of different surnames, age group & address. He also launched an election management application for each area, which was android enable.

With this application, Himanshu Vyas connected all workers, booth in charge & page presidents directly to voters.

To reduce phone blocking getting more and more voter database, he launched WhatsApp based application.

This innovative application was used by many candidate of Gujarat. During election he, was active for bulk SMS, bulk WhatsApp & bulk voice calls.

Many of his candidates won the election. Some of them are minister Shree Raghavjibhai Patel, MLA Shree Mohanbhai Dhodiya, MLA Shree Bharatbhai Patel, MLA Shree Amitbhai Thakar & MLA Shree Pabubha Manek.

In 2000, Himanshu Vyas started Anubhuti Media. He started marketing, branding & software development in private sector through Anubhuti Media.

During 2007, he developed a software for atomized e-ticket booking of train, air, mobile recharge & hotel booking. He developed a network of more than 3500 agents in Gujarat & 10,000+ agents from all over India.

During 2013 to 2015, Anubhuti Media managed AMC’s mega project & Shree Narendrabhai Modi’s dream project Sabarmati Cyclothon & Reliance marathon’s online & offline booking portal.

Even Anubhuti Media managed AMC’s photo & event gallery. He also developed & managed web portal of M. J. Library.

In 2014, with the help of Gujarat Information Department, Himanshu Vyas launched India’s first e-book named women empowerment. It was inaugurated by Shree Narendrabhai Modi in Mahatma Mandir.

In 2015, Vyas converted 200+ theses & books to e-book, with the help of the library of Gujarat University.

During 2014 to 2022, Anubhuti Media & Himanshu Vyas successfully managed many government & semi-government projects.

In that every district superintendent got training for e-book & digitalization. In that digitalization of B. J. Institute of learning’s research books, Abhiyan magazin’s e-book portal, Sambhav Metro’s e-paper, Shankarsinh Vaghela led-Bapu Gujarat knowledge village’s web portal & Samarpan college Gandhinagar’s web portal is main.

During 2022 election, after working for different government & semi-government projects, Vyas developed a concept named ‘Saral Digital Marketing”.

Website: http://thehimanshuvyas.com

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