Interview: Himeesh Madaan, an International motivational speaker and performance coach

Himeesh Madaan

Interview: Himeesh Madaan, an International motivational speaker and leading performance coach

Himeesh Madaan is a motivational speaker, performance coach, entrepreneur, and writer. He is on a mission to help people unleash their true potential.

Himeesh Madaan has been rewarded with Nelson Mandela Noble Peace Award 2021 and Honorary Doctorate Degree.

His videos, books, and training programs have empowered more than 100 Million people. He touch lives by creating and delivering empowering yet entertaining content.

He has a motivational, educational YouTube channel with a subscriber base of 6.35 Million plus and a viewership of 10 million per month.

He is regularly invited as the keynote speaker in the organizations like Paytm, Hero, ICICI, LIC, DUPONT, SBI Life, NTPC, Bharat Petroleum, HSBC, Sony, Tata Motors, etc.

He is regularly invited as a guest speaker in IITs, LPU, G.D. Goenka, BIMTECH, etc. Author of a bestselling self-help book ‘Be Awesome Live Awesome.

In an exclusive interview with Sugarmint, Himeesh Madaan share his entrepreneurial journey and his inspiration behind turning into an entrepreneur.

Tell us a little about yourself

Himeesh Madaan: My teenage years saw difficult circumstances for my family. I learned a lot from these hits to my confidence and became more driven to test my limitations.

Since I couldn’t attend college, I began working after school. I began obtaining corporate exposure from a tourism agency in Jalandhar to an airline in Gurgaon, from selling one rupee’s worth of jaljeera to delivering pizza.

I developed a desire for assisting others by imparting the knowledge I have acquired over the years after acquiring experience working for MNCs and starting my own firm.

I began educating and motivating others through my YouTube videos in 2012.I’ve been able to amass a family of 8 million online followers over the years.

Additionally, I have delivered keynotes at organisations including Paytm, SBI, IIT, Sony, Hero, Tata Motors, ICICI, Castrol, LIC, and many others.Additionally, I wrote the life-enriching book “Be Awesome Live Awesome”.

IMSuccess, my business, is improving both corporate and individual mindsets and talents. My passion as a coach and business owner is to make growth simple for others and to benefit the country by assisting people in reaching their full potential.

Please tell us a little about your entrepreneurial journey

Himeesh Madaan: Just before my car, a boy jumped out of a bus. I once witnessed this while travelling to provide training; fortunately, the chauffeur engaged the brakes, saving the young boy.

On the bus, there was a piece of paper that said, “Maa mujhe maaf kar dena. “This was my “shocking” moment when I realised that although I teach life skills, personal development, and mental growth in big businesses and institutions, there are a lot of people who are slipping behind in this competitive environment.

Himeesh Madaan

How can I assist a huge number of people at once? On that day in 2012, I rededicated myself to my goal of changing the lives of those individuals in our nation, but I had no idea how.

I discovered YouTube while looking for the solution, and from there I set up my channel.The journey began when I uploaded my first YouTube video on November 21, 2012.

What service(s) or product(s) do you offer?

Himeesh Madaan: We deliver online and offline Self Development training where we train people to unlock their inner potential. Corporates invite us to deliver motivational talks, keynote speeches, and training.

What is unique about your label brand?

  • We unlock the human’s inner potential and work on the subconscious mind with simplification, through role plays, and multiple activities.
  • Adding VALUES and Empowering people for over 12 years to Build Their Career, Personal and Professional Life.
  • Empowered more than 100 million people through our videos, training programs, and books.

What made you choose this type of business?

Himeesh Madaan: My family and I have faced difficulties, issues, and barriers. We have all achieved success in our careers, though.

I was profoundly impacted by this encounter and lesson. I became passionate about helping individuals transition from victim to hero state in their lives so they can realise their objectives.

It’s my inner call to train and share my experiences with people who cannot afford the education so that they can elevate in life using this free education.

What was your mission at the outset?

Himeesh Madaan: I always wanted to simplify the most complex training topics that would easily be accessible to everyone.

How many employees are in your organization?

Himeesh Madaan: 15

What are your company’s goals?

Himeesh Madaan: Our goal is to equip young people with essential personal growth skills that the world needs, values, and pays handsomely for so they can live the lives of their dreams.

What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?

Himeesh Madaan: I followed some pre-designed formats for crafting and delivering the training but in this process, I stopped enjoying myself, I missed the emotional connection with the audience.

Himeesh Madaan

Thereafter I connected back to my innerness, deeply understood the audience, and made changes to my ultimate training programs that were blended with role play, humor, and activities, and things started rolling positively.

Well, there is not just one incident of trial and error, it’s a regular practice.

What was the inspiration behind turning an entrepreneur?

Himeesh Madaan: I have been following my passion i.e. “changing people’s lives for the better”, over the years, I realized that to scale your vision and ensure a wider impact, you have to take the entrepreneurial route.

This thought of reaching more people and creating a deeper impact initiated my entrepreneurial journey.

Key things to consider before starting a startup?

Himeesh Madaan: – My key point is to solve people’s problems and help them to get their results.
– Have deep focus, perseverance, and honesty.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made?

Himeesh Madaan: I can clearly recall how frequently I lost track of numerous golden possibilities, which consumed my time and effort.

I rapidly realized that I’m neither content nor inclined after finishing such diversionary activities.I came to understand that the reason you started is what matters most. Do not forget why you began in the first place. 

Your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • Have a very clear why, Why do you want to become an entrepreneur? What values can you add to people’s lives? (Clarify the reasons for being here.)
  • Do not give up too fast.
  • Enjoy being an entrepreneur because it allows you to evolve as a person.
  • Persistence, and learning from mistakes are essential.
  • People skills, as well as communication abilities.


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