Interview:Himmath Jain, Co-founder of AS-IT-IS Nutrition

Himmath Jain

Interview with Himmath Jain, Co-founder of AS-IT-IS Nutrition, Authentic Sports Nutrition Brand

Mr. Himmath Jain, a visionary entrepreneur and the Co-founder of AS-IT-IS Nutrition, stands at the forefront of the rapidly evolving sports nutrition industry. With a passion for health and wellness, Mr. Jain embarked on a journey to revolutionize the market by founding AS-IT-IS Nutrition, an authentic brand dedicated to providing pure, unadulterated nutrition supplements.

His innovative approach and unwavering commitment to quality have propelled AS-IT-IS Nutrition to the zenith of success, earning the trust and admiration of fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Today, we have the privilege of delving into Mr. Jain’s insights, experiences, and the remarkable journey that led to the establishment of this pioneering brand.

Can you share the story behind the founding of AS-IT-IS Nutrition? What inspired you to start this authentic sports nutrition brand?

Himmath Jain: Finding out that the sports nutrition market lacked genuine products and transparency was the first step on the trip. The brand was born out of consumers’ frustrations navigating the supplement industry, which is crowded with artificial ingredients and additives. Fueled by a desire to change this narrative, Arvind Jain and I set out to create a brand that embodied honesty, simplicity, affordability and quality.

Our mission statement when we started AS-IT-IS Nutrition was to redefine the sports nutrition standards offering authenticity amid a market flooded with 70% fakes.

For us, empowering people with the quality nutrition was more important than creating a brand. The objective was to establish a novel standard for the sector and enable people to make knowledgeable decisions regarding their well-being.

Our goal was to establish a community where transparency and trust are valued highly.

That’s the narrative of AS-IT-IS Nutrition. It’s a narrative that is inspired by truth, driven by passion, and authored by every individual who believes in the transformative power of genuine nutrition.

AS-IT-IS Nutrition emphasizes authenticity. How do you define authenticity in the context of sports nutrition, and how does it reflect in your products?

Himmath Jain: That’s a great question. Authenticity is the core of AS-IT-IS Nutrition brand philosophy. When it comes to sports nutrition, ingredients are where it all starts.

For us, authenticity means always keeping our word and delivering what we promise without compromise. It all comes down to transparency, trust, and a genuine commitment to the well-being of consumers.

We believe in the power of simplicity – all of the components in our products are minimum, high-quality ingredients free of artificial additives and fillers. Our product range reflects our dedication to authenticity, with each item carefully designed to deliver precisely what it promises – no secret ingredients, no false advertising.

We help our consumers to make educated decisions about their nutrition by providing clear product labels.

Furthermore, we are proud to have been the first in India to introduce transparency into the field of sports nutrition landscape. AS-IT-IS Nutrition incorporates a novel 3-step verification process, the first of its kind in the nation to guarantee the legitimacy of our products. Additionally, we are the first to post lab reports online, allowing customers unprecedented access to the testing protocols of our products.

Our bold declaration, ‘200% money-back challenge’ on authenticity of our products stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment.

How do you approach the development of new products at AS-IT-IS Nutrition? What factors do you prioritize in creating a new sports nutrition product?

Himmath Jain: Our strategy for creating new products is firmly based in meeting the ever-changing demands and tastes of our customers while upholding the fundamental values of authenticity and quality. We are aware of the dynamic nature of the sports nutrition industry, and our methodical approach is driven by our dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and technology innovation.

We start by giving careful market research first priority and aggressively pursuing customer input. We look for gaps in the market and areas where we may have a significant influence. Our goal is to keep our product range up to date and at the forefront of sports nutrition progress by capitalizing on the current trends in sports nutrition. Our product development approach is guided by the fundamental idea of transparency.

The components of any sports nutrition product are what hold it together. Our dedication to selecting ingredients and formulas of the highest calibre is supported by scientific research. Genuineness is paramount to our approach. 

We are committed to creating products that uphold greater social and environmental ideals in addition to promoting personal fitness and wellness.

How do you select and source raw materials for your products, and what criteria do you consider when partnering with suppliers?

Himmath Jain: In fact, AS-IT-IS Nutrition’s raw material sourcing and selection process is fundamental to what it stands for. We believe that the ingredients we use determine the authenticity and calibre of our products.

We work with vendors that are as dedicated to delivering ingredients of the highest calibre as we are. We have put in place stringent testing procedures to guarantee that each product satisfies the highest standards for efficacy and purity.

Suppliers who follow transparent sourcing procedures are given preference. We select vendors that share our commitment to morality and environmental responsibility. We give preference to suppliers that share our beliefs and emphasize sustainable and eco-friendly practices. We establish enduring partnerships with our suppliers that fulfil our rigorous quality requirements, punctual delivery timelines, and moral standards.

We make sure that every raw material used in AS-IT-IS Nutrition products reflects our commitment to authenticity, transparency, and quality by following these standards.

The health and fitness industry is dynamic. How do you stay abreast of the latest trends in sports nutrition, and how does AS-IT-IS Nutrition adapt to these changes?

Himmath Jain: A key component of our strategic approach is keeping up with the most recent developments in the ever-evolving health and fitness market. Our dedication to innovation and flexibility encompasses a number of crucial procedures.

Constant investment in market research is one of the most important strategies for comprehending changing customer preferences, new trends, and the competitive environment.

Since our customers are the center of all we do, their opinions have a significant influence on our products and services. Direct communication with customers not only yields insightful information about their wants but also enables us to modify our offerings to satisfy changing demands.

Our decision to make collaboration with Sonu Sood, Ravindra Jadeja, and Ravi Dahiya was a calculated one. Their prominence in their respective fields helps us grow our customer base.

We place a high priority on informing our staff and customers about the most recent developments in sports nutrition. We can adapt to the shifting dynamics of the industry and create an atmosphere where everyone can make informed decisions by cultivating an informed community.

As entrepreneurs, what advice would you give to aspiring individuals looking to start their own business, particularly in the health and wellness sector?

Himmath Jain: Genuine passion for encouraging a healthy lifestyle drove us to enter the health and fitness business. From my perspective, your business should be an extension of your goals and principles. Driven by passion, one may remain resilient in the face of adversity and remain inspired to improve the lives of others.

Undertake comprehensive market research to get insight into the dynamic health and wellness sector and to pinpoint opportunities and fill in gaps in the market. A solid foundation of industry knowledge will support your well-informed and smart business strategy.

Within the health and wellness sector, trust is a vital component. Build a brand that is loyal to enhancing the lives of people and represents openness, honesty, and transparency. Support your assertions with science and research to differentiate yourself from the competition while maintaining authenticity.

The main tenets of your approach should be investing in product development, working with specialists, and staying ahead of the curve in terms of new trends and technology.

Maintaining awareness of evolving technology, market trends, and customer preferences requires constant learning.

Never stop innovating, whether it’s in the form of improved operational efficiency, marketing tactics, or product creation. Maintaining a leading position in innovation guarantees that the brand will always be relevant and competitive in the ever-changing market. 

Try to create a community that revolves around your business and promotes shared values and a sense of belonging. This strengthens brand loyalty and makes a substantial contribution to the brand’s sustainability.

Make prudent financial decisions. Make wise financial decisions, keep an eye on cash flow, and establish a sound financial strategy. Stability in one’s finances lays the groundwork for resilience and progress during difficult times.

Working together is ultimately what makes a business successful. Ensure that the group you put together is strong and has the same goals. If you have a committed and well-organized staff, navigating difficult situations becomes easier.

It takes perseverance, commitment, and time to build a successful business. Maintain your vision in mind while you continue to learn and grow via fusing a dedication to constant progress, strategy, and enthusiasm. By doing this, would-be company owners may build profitable companies that also enhance the quality of life for their customer

Can you share any upcoming plans or expansions for AS-IT-IS Nutrition? Are there new products or partnerships on the horizon?

Himmath Jain: We are dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of our customers. We’re actively working on expanding our product line through ongoing research and development initiatives. Our focus is on introducing innovative formulations that not align with but also elevate our commitment to authenticity and quality.

We believe in providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions that enhance their athletic performance and overall well-being. While we can’t reveal all the details just yet, we’re looking into new ingredients, advanced delivery systems, and personalized solutions tailored to individual fitness goals.

Our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends is unwavering.Strategic partnerships are a key element to our growth strategy. We’re actively exploring collaborations with like-minded influencers, celebrities, and experts in the health and fitness field.

Our goal is to forge partnerships that bring together expertise, innovation, a shared commitment to advancing health and wellness. These partnerships will not only enhance our capabilities but also broaden our reach within the community.                                                                                                   

In addition, we are proud to announce that AS-IT-IS products will soon be available in 40 countries, which represents a significant milestone in our mission to provide authentic nutrition on a global scale. Excitingly, we are set to launch a nutraceutical range (offering a comprehensive approach to health and wellness) and women’s range sector, which caters to the dietary needs of women.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our audience about AS-IT-IS Nutrition or your journey as entrepreneurs?

Himmath Jain: AS-IT-IS Nutrition’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. We are really grateful to our amazing client and the larger community for their unwavering support since the beginning. Our progress has been fueled by their loyalty and encouragement.

It is impossible for us to compromise on our dedication to honesty, excellence, and customer satisfaction. These values underpin all we do; they are more than just catchphrases.

Being an entrepreneur has been a very gratifying and demanding adventure. In this fast-paced field, we’ve learned the importance of dedication, passion, and adaptability. Our teams have been essential to our success; their dedication, ingenuity, and shared commitment to our mission is invaluable. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished together; it’s really been a team effort.

We’re incredibly excited about the future of AS-IT-IS Nutrition. We’re exploring ways to enhance our product offerings, expand our reach, and contribute meaningfully to the well-being of our community. Our journey is shared, and we invite everyone to be part of the exciting development that lie ahead.

In conclusion, the conversation with Mr. Himmath Jain, the Co-founder of AS-IT-IS Nutrition, has been nothing short of enlightening and inspiring. His unwavering dedication to authenticity, quality, and customer satisfaction serves as a beacon of excellence in the sports nutrition industry.

Through his visionary leadership and relentless pursuit of innovation, AS-IT-IS Nutrition has not only redefined industry standards but also empowered countless individuals to achieve their fitness goals with confidence.

As we bid farewell to this insightful discussion, we are reminded that with passion, perseverance, and a commitment to integrity, anything is possible. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Himmath Jain for sharing his invaluable wisdom and wish AS-IT-IS Nutrition continued success in its mission to fuel the aspirations of fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

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