Interview – Ms. Hiral Sheth Gandhi, Director – Marketing, Sheth Creators

Hiral Sheth Gandhi

About Ms. Hiral Sheth Gandhi

Ms. Hiral Sheth Gandhi is deeply rooted in her family-owned business, Sheth Creators. Her profound industry knowledge has been responsible for the company’s successful journey. She has an insightful experience of almost a decade in the domain of real estate marketing.

This is the interview of Ms. Hiral Sheth Gandhi, Woman Entrepreneur and Director – Marketing, Sheth Creators.

Being known in the real estate industry for its ingenuity, what sets Sheth Creators apart..

Hiral Sheth Gandhi: Pillared by decades of experience and a path-breaking approach, an aspect that distinguishes the company’s rich legacy is our emphasis on increasing the occupant’s well-being though our wellness offerings.

Our residential spaces reflect the finesse of contemporary design synchronized with the comforts of modern technology.

Being the second generation of one of India’s foremost business families, you have achieved a vast body of experience at a very early age. Kindly tell us about your entrepreneurial journey

Hiral Sheth Gandhi: Stepping into the field for me was challenging as I didn’t enjoy the luxury to take on an internship to leverage my industry experience like the others.

I believe life is an exceptional teacher and the lessons that I have learned have not just shaped my personality but also the way I approach things be it personally or professionally.

I have always been inclined towards creating residential developments and lifestyle patterns that offer more than just spaces to live and operate out of.

Keeping this vision very close to my heart, the desire to lend customers with excellence and precision through our projects drove me towards taking on this entrepreneurial role. 

Elaborate on how you managed to create a differentiator for yourself in the real estate industry

Hiral Sheth Gandhi: Throughout my journey I have firmly stuck to the conviction that originality is the game changer for the advancement of any business.

Deeply rooted within our DNA I am of the opinion that innovation that is productive and facilitates in refining quality of life has always been and will be appreciated by privileged customers and potential home buyers.

I believe it is very important to be positive and fervent about your craft. There should be no dead ends when you are driven to succeed. My only secret formula is to just go for it and take the risk since without it there is no gain. 

How do you cater to the demands of modern-day conscious consumers?  

Hiral Sheth Gandhi: Consumer demand has today become the epicentre of real estate growth. In the wake of the pandemic buyer preferences are evolving dynamically in terms of high demand for spacious homes and preferred amenities with wellness being at the forefront.

Keeping these protocols in mind, Sheth Creators has been catering to consumer choices through our innovative offerings. Our aim has been to assimilate every family into a more inclusive community. 

How do you build a successful customer base?

Hiral Sheth Gandhi: The focus has always been around building life-long relationships with our clients by offering discerning buyers with a quality product that suits their needs.

Our aim is to be able to personalize and go that extra mile ensuring that our consumers are getting more than envisioned.

We as a brand have grown very organically with most of our clients coming to us through word of mouth through hearing the positive experiences that our existing clients have had with us.

Additionally, an active social media presence has also an important role to play in contributing towards creating more brand recall which in turn helps in increasing our consumer base.

Real estate has been witnessing the younger generation shaping the property markets. Has the market perceived a stir due the millennials taking the lead? 

Hiral Sheth Gandhi: The real estate industry has no dearth of opportunities to plunge into if one has the ability and determination to thrive.

It’s noteworthy to witness an influx of the younger generation having the verve to outperform, shaping the industry’s growth.

Playing key roles in the real estate industry these young and successful players are carving a niche for themselves by standing out among the crowd and setting the path for others to follow. 

Big vs small apartment configuration seems to be the upcoming debate in real estate. Throw some light on buyer preferences towards these trends

Hiral Sheth Gandhi: Small ticket-size or micro residential spaces are currently acquiring acceptance in the Indian property markets.

The pandemic-imposed consciousness about home ownership is responsible to spur revival in this residential segment.

The millennial community in particular are now highlighting aspects like home investments and are increasingly opting for cost-effective homes that fit well into their budget.

Factors like property location, an increase in the nuclear clans and the steady growth of luxury micro-homes have strengthened the preference for smaller configurations as opposed to bigger apartment size.

Buyers have been showing more inclination to capitalize in small, cost-effective spaces that don’t negotiate on offering an enhanced lifestyle.  

Amidst the pandemic, real estate has been considered to be a safe investment bet offering steady returns as compared to other investment options. Kindly give us more clarity on the same. 

Hiral Sheth Gandhi: The pandemic might have triggered an economic slowdown, but it has also thrown the spotlight on significant aspects like home ownership among buyers who previously shied away from it.

The speedily spreading virus, subsequent lockdowns, and an urge to lessen transmission risks have stressed the importance of residing in high-rises that offer functionality without negotiating on comforts and wellness aspects like breath-taking views, peaceful ambience, seamless connectivity and location advantage with a steady ROI prospect.

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These factors contribute towards making real estate a safe investment bet offering steady returns as compared to other asset classes.