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Home Business Ideas for Women

Home Business Ideas for Women

Every woman has to do something, not only for money but to make her identity. Because when you work, you gain confidence, and this confidence makes you stand for yourself. So do something for yourself.

There are many home business ideas that you can do from home in your spare time after completing your home task.

So, be prepared for this and choose any home business idea that suits your interest or you can do with your interest.

Here is a list of home business ideas for women entrepreneurs in India with low investment and high profit. Any ladies can start small business from home and earn money.

List of Home Business Ideas for Women

There are plenty of home business ideas for women entrepreneurs in India. You can start a business from the comfort of your own home, and with very little investment. Here are some great ideas to get you started: Here are a few examples:

1. Beauty Salon

If you are thinking to find out a business idea for a beauty salon, then you are in a right place. The idea of opening a Salon is the right decision but before you jumped up to a decision, you need to be properly planned out with good preparation. 

With the right skills and marketing, you can start offering beauty services. This could include hair styling, makeup, and skincare services.

Nowadays, everyone needs to be good-looking and stylish, and if it is a function, occasion, party, make-over, hairstyle we rushed to a salon to get the best look. It is men or women who all want to look different and find the best salon for that. 

So, if you want to open a salon you have to attract the client. You have to provide good service, a knowledgeable employee, a pleasant atmosphere, and an understanding of what the client wants.

You have to maintain the status of your salon, then you can attract a cream public to your salon. There are many salons in every 1km, but cream public attracts towards the best service, for looks they don’t want to compromise and will pay accordingly.

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If you have perfect management for your salon, your business will rock and you can earn a good amount.

Now before opening, decide which type of salon you want to open and invest according to that. Salon that is franchise base or your own. 

Franchise-based need more investment and you have to work according to instructions. On your own, you have to establish from starting to end.

Beauty Parlour

Survey the market before taking any decision. See how other named Salons are working and what servicing they are giving. How they interact with the client.

Marketing is the important part that every business needs. Give a unique name to your Salon and do marketing.

You can do the marketing online. Make a page on Instagram and Facebook with daily updates in it, and can also make your web page so that customers can see your services and easily contact you.

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Upload videos of your work, that will give a clear vision of your work. Later, clients can decide the right place for them. 

Give a grand opening with some offers, by this people will come to avail the offer and visit your salon. This technique helps to make a client. If they love your services, will visit again.

License and registration are also necessary according to the government act. You can easily do registration online by submitting papers in 5 to 10 days or you can contact CA for this, he will take his fee and will get the license.

Finding the right place for your salon is also important. You can take your shop or can take in a rent. Find the shop in a good marketplace so that clients can approach your shop easily.

So go for a salon for good business. This is one of the most profitable home business ideas for women entrepreneurs in India.

2. Chocolate Making

The only name tells the whole story. Chocolates are very popular among kids. But young and old one likes too.

Chocolates are the favorite of all. It is best in gifting as like by all. Without chocolate, all festivals and occasions are not complete.

This is the business that you can start from your home on a very low budget. Nowadays chocolate is presented in a different style.

There are many favored chocolates too. Develop the flavor with style to make your business different from others. 

Give stylish packing to your chocolates because packing attracts clients, and looks attractive for gifting.

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Style of gifting matters. So, create and develop an attractive design to stay in the market. And start this business with a boom.

Let’s start with marketing strategy. Give a chocolaty name to your business and start with social media marketing.

Make a page on Facebook and Instagram for marketing and post your different styles of chocolate products with smart packaging.

You can post your samples on Whatsapp also to reach the clients. If your chocolates are good, mouth-marketing can also work. Different marketing strategy is necessary to cover the market. 

Create a yearly plan according to the festivals and days. And make chocolates according to that.

Like In valentine’s day, make heart-shaped chocolates in bouquet style or make a chocolate basket with attractive decoration. On Diwali, make products according to Diwali gift, etc.

To gain a good profit, buy products from the retail market, so that you can save a good margin.

If you are supplying your product in a large quantity, you have to contact the health department to approve your production facility’s cleanliness and sanitation.

Later, if you are doing business from home, you don’t need a license and registration. If you planned for a shop then you have to apply for the license and registration.

The registration you can do online by providing necessary documents, or you can contact a CA, who will deal with legal work and will license your shop.

So go ahead, and do this business if you have an interest in chocolate making. This is another profitable home business ideas for women entrepreneurs in India.

3. Fashion Designer

A most popular business is Fashion Design. If you have an interest in fashion or you had completed any designing-related course. Then this is the right business for you.

Every fashion comes out from a fashion designer. As we think, the job is not that much easy. You have to work hard and be unique and stylish in the market.

Because customer needs something unique that makes them different from others. If the client trusts you. Your business is going to rock.

Ethical Fashion

Before opening a business, make a good business plan. So that you should know the correct investment, material needed, from where to buy raw material.

All things should be properly planned so that all things will be in your mind that what next step will be coming.

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Find out the right place for the shop. Find the place in the market area. As most people visit the market place for shopping and can easily visit your store. Make a grand opening or give some offer in starting, to attract customers.

The next step is, if you want to design, your sale design or you can sell other designer clothes in your shop. The decision is yours. You can sell mixed products too.

Give a name to your brand with an attractive tagline. Make a logo with the help of a graphic designer.

Now, you can start marketing for your boutique. opt social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp by making pages and do daily updates on the internet. This will hike your brand and make you popular.

The most important thing is to do the License and registration of your brand. It can easily be done in an online portal or hire CA for this. These steps will help you to open your designer store.

4. Marriage Bureau

There are lots of marriage bureau in India If you are planning to open a marriage bureau then it is one of the best home business ideas for women entrepreneurs.

Because in this business you can earn a good amount of money. In this service, a candidate registers his/her name to find a life partner, and the bureau suggests a name related to the candidate’s requirement. 

In this process, the Candidate has to give registration money. They have their whole package around 5000 to 10000 where they find a different and suitable candidate.


So, if you have interest, you can open your marriage bureau, the investment is also not much. But before opening a bureau you have to things well planned. If things are planned, you can easily run your business.

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Investigate the market, how are others running this business, and how to find the customer? What things are necessary for this business?

First, find out the right place for your Bureau. It should be in a marketplace where clients can easily contact you.

Second, give a name to your bureau, that shows your work with an attractive tagline.

Third, make a different attractive package with the different amounts to show the customer, which he can select accordingly. Let him select what package he wants to go with. Like yearly package, monthly package, etc.

Fourth, is most important. Make a website, where you have to give full information of your packages.

Nowadays most of the work is done online. Where they can submit candidate photos with all details and can also deposit the company charges online.

The website should be well designed with all the questions and answers that are needed to find a partner. 

Do good marketing for your company to attract the customer. As marketing plays the main role to high-rise the business.

So, open your marriage bureau, this is a good business that you can do.

5. Yoga Instructor

Health is wealth is an old phrase. By yoga, you can maintain your physique with good health. This is a famous and unique style of exercise, that is famous all over the world. Because of its many benefits, Yoga International day is celebrated all over the world. 

If you love doing yoga and know the benefits of it. You can work as a Yoga Instructor. This is a low investment business. That you can do easily.

Yoga Teacher

Before entering the business, plan it properly. Because when things are properly planned things will be complete smoothly.

So, first plan out what type of yoga instructor you want to be, according to your interest. Because there are many types of instructors like Yoga instructors, therapists, Advisor, specialists, researchers, Aerobics instructors, consultants, etc. You can choose anyone related to your interest and studies done for this. 

Many colleges provide these courses. They provide short-term courses, that you can do for more knowledge. A Certified education gives work more perfection.

The government is also promoting Yoga and there are many good jobs for Yoga Instructors in school, institute, in-office, etc. that you can join or you can open your yoga classes. It’s all upon your interest and knowledge.

If you are planning to start your yoga classes, give a decent name to your class that reminds the work. Also, give a tagline related to health.

The one more important thing is finding the right place for classes where you are going to instruct.

You can do it from your home also, or find a rented place near residential areas. Where people can easily approach you.

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Many people call the instructor at their home also and give a good fee amount. In case you are a mom and can’t manage time to go outside, you can try to become an instructor on online yoga apps and can make other moms do the yoga. 

Marketing is one of the most important things, that every business need. Start doing marketing in social media, users can use Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp for daily updates of your yoga style.

Upload benefits of Yoga daily in your portal. This will encourage people to join Yoga.So, go ahead you are planning for a good business.

6. Cooking Classes

Food is a daily necessity that one has to deal with it and it is a matter of food everyone wants to eat delicious food. 

You want to make a cooking professional, like to make delicious food at home or want to learn different and stylish recipes of different cultures and styles, then you can join cooking classes.

So, if you have an interest in cooking, like making different dishes, and enjoy teaching cooking you can open your cooking classes.

As many people don’t know cooking and want to learn different types of cooking styles, will approach you.

Before opening cooking classes, a business plan is needed, so you can run your business smoothly.

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Plan out your budget and decide what type of food you are going to teach like Daily cooking, continental, bakery products, Punjabi food, Marathi food, Italian, etc. People will contact you accordingly. 

Make a list of different courses with an attractive name and their charges. If you have a place in your home, you can start the course from home later you can go to a shop.

Take a shop near the residential area or can also go for the market area. A place where people easily reach you.

Give a name to your cooking classes. People will know you with your class name.

Marketing strategy is also needed to give your business a hike. Use social media portals like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp to reach more people.

Attractive offers can also attract customers and they will reach your place to avail offers.

License and registration are also needed for your business. You can do it online or can hire CA for it. So, open your cooking classes this will going to be a profitable business.

7. Day Care Services

Kids are the most beautiful gift given by God. They are sweet, naughty, and loveable. Taking care of kids is joyful and sometimes a little hard.

If you love kids and feel happy surrounded by them, then you can open your Daycare services. This is a profitable business with less investment. You can open your Daycare business at home too. 

Nowadays parents are busy earning money so that they can make a good life for themselves and their kids.

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As parents have to leave home in the morning for the job, so they need Daycare. Where they can put their kids in safe hands and kids also learn new things over there.

The Daycare services have a facility of toys, books, food, etc. and it is up to you what other facility you can give to your services, to attracts parents. The charges are according to the services you are providing.

So, plan out all the things properly, so that you can make your business more attractive and profitable. Survey the market and check how other -0daycare services are providing services with good management.

Little decoration is also needed, according to the kids. Kids attract to cartoons and colorful things. So, make it attractive for kids.

Give a name to your services, the name should be related to the work with a good tag line. Marketing is also necessary for any business. Use different online portals for marketing. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp.

Do daily updates by uploading daily pics of kids playing in your daycare. This will make famous your daycare. So, by planning you can easily open your daycare services.

8. Hobby class

Hobby classes are most finding classes for kids, now elders are too interested to learn things related to their hobbies.

Hobby classes give perfection to your hobby and you can use this hobby professionally. Like, if have a hobby of sketching, you can learn sketching in these classes and by this, you can improve your skill and get new methods to improve yourself. 

So, if you are creative and full of different skills, you can open your hobby center. For opening a hobby center, you don’t need to know all the things, you can appoint a teacher for different courses.

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First, start the center from home later you can own your shop. This is a low investment business plan.

Make a proper business plan, so that you can run it smoothly. Plan out different courses and their fees. Survey the market, what courses are most liked by the children.

Find out the retail shop from where you can buy your all stuff for class in less money so that you can get a good margin. Give a name to your hobby center, so that kids and parents will know about your classes. 

9. Papad Making

For a small and profitable business, this is the best home business that you can do. For a long time, some ladies have done this business, this home business is a very popular business style. Many women are indulging in this business and getting good profit.

So, if you have an interest in doing this business, you can start this business.This is a small business that you can easily start from home. But before you start, make a business plan. So that you should know the investment and things needed for this business. 

Papad Making Business

First, decide which type of papad specialization you have like, Potato papad, Urad dal papad, etc. If you have specialization in all, start with the one style of papad later, after little is established you can start with more varieties.

Secondly, survey the market, what type of papad mostly asked by the customers? Find out the dealers and contact wholesalers by which you can spread your business.

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Third, give a good name to your business related to your work with an attractive tagline. Your business will be known by the name of the company.

Marketing is also necessary because people will only know when they see the name and the work you are doing.

You can make pamphlets and distribute them with the morning paper. Or you can also do online marketing with different portals like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

By regular posting with business updates, people will know more about your work and you can do a profitable business. So, start a profitable business with low investment.

10. Personal Chef

There are many people who are very much concerned about their food from morning to evening, they are always eager to know what is going to prepare in morning, afternoon and in evening, that people are called foody. They didn’t compromise in their food.

So, if you have a hobby of cooking or you like to make variety of food you can be a personal chef. This a good business idea that you can start with less investment.

Nowadays many people have personal chef because they can get different style of food in a good hygiene. Out side food is not healthy and also not good for health. So, people mostly prefer personal chef for different food style in home.

If you want to be a good cook, you have to check your cooking style, and to be learn different style of food. The salary of the cook is deciding according to his skills, what he makes and how he manages things in kitchen in proper way.

Being a personal chef is a responsible job as you have to take care of all likes and dislikes of your master. This is a good earning business.

You can be at a time of 3 or 4 people personal chef. This is all about how you manage your time. This is a good business that you can start.

11. Career Counseling

The most demanding business in current scenario. There are many people who have done their studies or doing their studies but they didn’t know the which line they have to choose.

They didn’t know what stream they choose to make a good career. So, they need a guidance of someone, who can give them a good direction.

Nowadays there are different option of career. It’s not like before when parents and student set their mind that they will become doctor, engineer and lawyer.

Career Counseling

Now, things are totally changed. There are many options for career. Only you have to choose the right stream according to your interest and potential.

So, if you have a knowledge of different job opportunities, what is good for students according to their taste and different courses that are new and best for students then you can choose career counselling business.

This is a most wanted business that you can choose.

12. Freelance Writing

Sitting in a home, but don’t know what to do. Seen many women who had done good education, but after marriage they don’t know what to do.

Sitting in a home ideal make us depressed, and after completing education it is very difficult to sit at home without any work. As we don’t have much amount to invest in any business.

There are many ideas of business that we can start from home and one of them is Freelancing writing.

You can start your writing business as freelancer. You don’t have to go outside for work, just sit in home and show your writing skills.

If you are getting started as a Content Writer or simply if you write anything online, you need to take care of Grammatical errors and punctuation.

And no need to worry about these things because Grammarly does the job for you. ProsperityforAmerica.org offers a Flat 25% Discount on Grammarly plans for all freelance writers. You can check them and grab a deal.

First, give a name to your company, design a logo for it and start writing blogs and articles in different subject and post on your website or in social media. Slowly you will get good experience in writing.

Content Writing Service

Later you can also work under any online company for blogs, article, website content and testimonials.

As freelancer you can work under different companies. So, start your work as freelancer writer, and you can earn good amount of money by sitting in a home. Use free receipt maker for making invoices.

13. Cake making

Cakes are the favorite of all generations. Kids find it more tempting and they love to eat this anytime. cakes are the main attraction of the parties. It is kids or elders; all eyes are on the cake.

So, if you can make delicious cakes and you love making cake, then this business is best for you. You can start your cake-making business from home with less investment.

First make a business plan, so that you can run your business smoothly with no obstacles. Check the investment, that you can do to start your cake making. See, from where you can buy the wholesale products for the cake. So that you can take good margin in making.


Survey the market, check! What types of cases are mostly asked by the customers? Mostly chocolate flavor is commonly asked by the customers. 

There are many types and flavors of cakes. You have to update about all designs and flavors.

The most important is, give a smart name to your company. With an attractive tagline, customers always remember the name with the tagline.

With few smart steps, you can start your cake-making business.

14. Rakhi Making

Rakhi making is a seasonal business that you can start partime. In India Raksha Bandhan is a festival, where a sister ties a knot with his brother. 

If you are creative and have different ideas for Rakhis, then you can start a partime Rakhi business. At the time of the festival, there is much demand for the product. 

There are different types of Rakhi now, show your creativity to attract people or customers. 

Before you start the business find the place from where you can buy the product at wholesale price. By this, you can make a good margin from the customer.

How to Start Rakhi Making Business from Home

Find the perfect place where you can sell your product. The place should be in the market area. So that people can approach you easily.

So, with these few smart steps, you can easily start your Rakhi-making business.

15. Biscuit Making

Biscuits are the most demanding snacks and are asked by the kids the most. From morning tea to evening snacks, biscuits are an all-time favorite and loved by each generation.

This is a business that you can start from home with less investment. If you love baking things, then this business is best for you because biscuits are always in demand.

So, before you start a business a perfect business plan is needed. Because in well-planned business you can get a profit. 

Survey the market, what type of biscuits are more liked by the customers, as there is a different type of customers some like sweet and some salty biscuits.


So, you have to work according to the customer’s likes and dislikes. Check how other companies are connecting with clients and giving attractive offers. 

Marketing is the most important in any field of business. This is a digital world and most people are connected with this world.

So, you can use social media marketing for your product advertising. Later you can also work on your website, as people can see the type of biscuits you are preparing and their cost.

The next most important thing is the name of your biscuit company. By which your biscuits are going to famous with the name. These are the few tips, that will help you to make your business successful.

16. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing does not require a big fancy office and can be done by women from the
comfort of their own homes.

Affiliate marketing does not require a big fancy office and can be done by women from the comfort of their own homes.

All one requires is fast and stable internet access and a good knowledge of SEO. Affiliate marketing means you have a site that reviews, ranks, and lists multiple brands of a single domain (like VanityWagon for beauty products, Booking.com for hotels and homestays, and MyOnlineCasinos India for best casino sites), and then when a reader makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you make a commission.

But in order to make money out of affiliate marketing, you will need to have strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that your reviews and pages can rank high on Google.

This is not a side hustle but a full-time job that will require at least 5-6 dedicated hours of your time every day.

Affiliate marketing offers numerous benefits for businesses and individuals looking to monetize their online presence. Some of the key benefits of affiliate marketing include:

  • Cost-effective
  • Expanded reach
  • Increased brand exposure
  • Performance-based results
  • Cost-effective advertising
  • Targeted marketing
  • Scalability
  • Mutual benefit for affiliates

Overall, affiliate marketing offers a win-win situation for both businesses and affiliates. It provides businesses with a cost-effective way to reach a wider audience and drive sales, while affiliates can monetize their online platforms and earn income by promoting products or services they endorse.

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