How Ashna Vaswani is redefining elegance through Avant-Garde Fashion

Ashna Vaswani Zyana

Avant-garde fashion designers have been instrumental in redefining elegance by challenging traditional norms and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Through my innovative designs, I have introduced new concepts, materials, and aesthetics that break away from conventional notions of beauty and sophistication.

Born in the beautiful land of Rajasthan, I always had a deep connection with my roots. Hailing from the pink city, I have always been fascinated with the city’s royal heritage, its vibrancy, mirage of colours and well entrenched art and craft.

In my collection for ‘The Rajasthan Fashion Week 2018’ I crafted a tribal pret wear collection “BHATT-GHAR” inspired by the beauty and grandeur of Rajasthan. In this collection I have used Khadki which is handmade in Rajasthan and highly sustainable.

The idea behind the collection was to support local Artisans and to create an impact and create a couture line out of block printed fabrics showing that its scope is not limited to casual wear.

So use of textiles completely depends on a designer. As soon as you hear couture why do only sequins, bling, georgette, silks, and shiffons come to our mind. I feel the scope of a fabric is unlimited. It’s all on their creator and how you use it.

By combining the traditional art form of block printing and gorgeous Rajasthan manufactured fabrics, we created pret & couture wear with a contemporary feel which has this humble fabric & modern makeover.

Best suited for today’s day bride and pre bridal functions. I used traditional block printing techniques in the garments.

By combining the traditional art form of block printing and gorgeous Rajasthan manufactured fabrics, I created pret wear with a contemporary feel.

Through exploring non-traditional materials, such as industrial fabrics, recycled materials, or unexpected combinations of textures, to create unique and unconventional garments.

By employing these materials in unexpected ways, they redefine elegance by questioning the conventional luxury associated with traditional fabrics.

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