How Augmented Reality is Going to Facilitate Business Growth?

Augmented Reality

The advent of Augmented reality somewhere in the middle of the year 2017 brought a revolutionary and impactful change in the business world.

It has allowed experiencing the real-world environment through computer-generated or implied inputs.

It remakes the bulk of interpreted input data into 3D imagery and animations overlapping the real world.

Earlier Augmented Reality was majorly used by gaming applications for giving real-world experience to the user which successfully boosted their sales but now Augmented reality has gained a wider significance and identity.

It is now put to use for more effective response and interaction with customers and also to improvise the diversified range of business settings. 

It’s important to thoroughly compare VR headsets before making an investment in virtual reality technology. Take into account features like tracking capabilities, resolution, and field of view to select the headset that will provide the most immersive experience for you.

How is Augmented Reality different from Virtual Reality? 

The basic difference between both features lies in their names themselves — Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Despite their contribution in the same range of fields, both terms are distinguished in their implementation. 

Augmented Reality 

  • Employs the modifications in the real-world setting. 
  • Gives the benefit to the user of the control to their real-world presence.
  • It can be accessed on any device. 
  • It enriches both virtual and real world experience 

Virtual Reality 

  • Only effective in the virtual world. 
  • No real world changes and virtual reality does not give control access to the user. 
  • It requires a specific set of devices like headset devices for its use. ● It only has the ability to intensify fictional reality. 

However, they both portray a rising tendency to enhance potential in the coming future in the range of diversified marketing segments including gaming, retail, education etc.

Benefits and Applications of Augmented Reality in Business: 

Augmented Reality has been around in existence since a long time but gained popularity amidst 2017 with applications such as Pokemon Go and others.

The potential of Augmented Reality has been unveiled with time and no longer secluded to the gaming world. It has moved many business segments to opt for it based on its promising results. 

Here are some benefits that made many businesses realize why Augmented Reality is a need of the hour: 

  • Replaces the complex manual, operation and training procedures with simplified, easy to use superimposed service instructions. 
  • Enhances and fixes the information delivery system. 
  • Also restructures and manages the data to be delivered to the customers.
  • Gives 3D imagery and animation to the real world. 
  • Enhances customer interaction by improvising and delivering real world experience and access control 
  • It reduces the burden of bridging both the physical and digital world and does so simultaneously to create a real and improvised visual operational effect. ● Rapid absorption, interpretation and delivering of data that makes efficient execution much easier. 

Augmented Reality has been implemented by various business segments including:

Interior Designing: It enables easy iteration of designs and execution on 3D models as per the blueprint to real world format. 

Furniture & Decor: It enables the user to easily analyze the different furniture and decor products based on their requirement using the features of AR.

Fashion & Beauty: It enables the user to easily view the clothing or beauty item and products in 3D format giving a better hassle free experience and greater sales. 

Medical & Healthcare: It enables the user involved in the medical field to easily understand the difficult medical procedures using 3D models and other real world experiences which creates a better impact and training. 

Education: It uses AR to simplify the learning process by enhancing the format using 3D models. 

Retail: It allows users the benefit of a customized way of shopping by giving them access to viewing the products in 3D format.

With such applications of Augmented Reality when put to use have boosted the growth and sales of these business firms.

Thus, grabbing and withholding the demand and inclination of business in opting for Augmented Reality for their own business to flourish.

It needs creativity and a unique concept to distinguish one business model from another and Augmented Reality, if wisely included, could help achieve such objectives in no time. 

How has Augmented Reality helped certain Businesses to reshape them? 

Technology has always been a key factor in shaping the business. It provides the opportunity of simplifying the task and procedures, getting more efficient and being an important part in revolutionizing the way a business works and should work.

The superposition of 3D models onto the physical world space boosts and strengthens sales and marketing products.

Augmented Reality has made installation of features easier, simplifying the operation and execution.

Not only this, Augmented Reality allows users through social media platforms to easily interact in the 3D world, giving them real world experience without needing to do so in the physical world.

All this has certainly decreased the burden and improvised the methodology of reshaping any business using Augmented Reality. 

Why Every Organization Needs an Augmented Reality strategy? 

With numerous benefits attached to Augmented reality and its growing need in today’s time, Every organization needs to have an Augmented Reality strategy if one wants to flourish their business and build a strong customer base.

Using Augmented Reality as a business tool requires understanding of the reason why you are choosing to use it to connect with real world experiences. It is a never ending learning process that not just 

needs inclusion of animation of the real world but also requires unique concepts and factors that makes the business stand out from the ocean of numerous business firms.

Also, a special emphasis should be laid on providing extra additional features including the access to sharing the reviews and experiences on numerous social media platforms.

This would not only build strong customer relationships but also help gain more exposure, promotion and branding.

How Augmented Reality may change the way we work? 

According to Forbes, smartphone users have increased from 2.5 billion to 2.87 billion in the past two years.

Based on the above analysis, we all know Augmented Reality works on any device. Hence, it ultimately gives the business owners an opportunity to modify their business model and establish their strategies based on Augmented Reality focusing on customers.

Since the number of smartphone users probably increases every year, that also indicates a possibility of growth in business.

Technology has played a key role in modifying the world and modernizing for the better. It allows one and all to live an easier life by simplifying the complex procedures and technicality.

With Augmented Reality put to business, it has been like a cherry on top for businesses to gain leads and customers for expansion, development and growth. 

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