How Authindia became “Vocal for Local” for Indian Artists and Craftsmen


Startup Story of Authindia, Indian Handicrafts, Indian Paintings and Handmade Jewellery made by local Artists

Behind every art and craft. lie thousands of unspoken words and emotions. It is almost as if they are a form of communication with people.

Many tourists visit India just to observe the art and craft and understand their meaning which gives them a different perspective on life altogether.

For the same reason, art and craft play a huge role in boosting India’s economy’s revenue because of its richness.

It also acts as a gateway to understanding the beliefs, feelings, traits, etc. of an individual or a society.

Authindia became “Vocal for Local” for Indian Artists and Craftsmen

There are a lot of things that one can learn by simply observing and understanding the arts and crafts of that society.

Unfortunately, artists are not given the recognition that they deserve. Many artisans and craftsmen face issues like uncertainty in financial security, digital awareness, high production costs, no recognition, fewer market opportunities, etc.

It is for the same reason that we don’t get to see many people in this field. Even if they are talented, they lack the means.

If such artisan and craftsmen are given a platform to showcase their products with proper exposure, then the world would know many more creative artists & craftsmen.

Thinking of this, in the year 2015, an idea hit Kush Verma which marked the beginning of Authindia, a digital platform for artisans and the handicraft industry.

His main motive was to bring all the people belonging to that industry some exposure and work security.

After starting up at his own risk, Kush was joined by Rajkamal and Saurabh Sharma who assisted in examining issues related to the drop-shipping model of e-commerce that the local craftsmen are going through.

With time, the company caught the attention of local artisans as well as craftsmen, and over 200 of them registered on the website to sell their products across 20+ categories.

2017 was the year when the government of India decided to bring the concept of GST into action for its citizens.

This led to the website of Authindia being put on hold because it was quite difficult for the local craftsmen to adapt and they didn’t even agree to register for GST initially.

For this reason, Authindia did not resume its work. It was until Covid hit that they got back into action, this time stronger than ever.

In the year of the outbreak of COVID-19 in India i.e. 2020, our honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi Ji tried to create awareness among people regarding the situation and how by standing up for local businesses and supporting one another, there could be some improvement in India’s economy.

His idea of “Vocal for Local” encouraged the usage of local products more than foreign manufactured goods.

It slowly gained the spotlight and ever since things have changed greatly for the local businessmen.

As mentioned earlier, the motive of Authindia had always been to support local artisans and craftsmen and the perfect opportunity hit them during the 1st lockdown.

In April 2020, they decided to re-launch their digital platform to create a stage where the talent of Indian artists and their traditional art form was in the show.

The artists and craftsmen were also given total freedom to represent their geographical culture through Authindia.

Opportunity comes to everyone but only a few make use of it. Relaunching at the perfect timing in April 2020, the growth has increased to manifolds.

Authindia is now a digital platform with a supportive community of 75,000+ people on social media. Every month they get more than 5 million impressions across social media platforms.

Not only this but the website has also been recognized by the Startup India program and presently showcases 20,000+ products of art and craft from all over India. You can check their website for more info:

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So, we hope Authindia startup story will continue to shine in life even more and motivate the Indian startups. Sugermint wishes to emulate her on the path of success.

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