How Can I Get a Mainland License in Dubai?

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How Can I Get a Mainland License in Dubai?

For investors and business establishments, mainland company formation in Dubai can be a very lucrative process. Mainland companies are permitted to function and administer within the borders of Emirate jurisdictions.

Business owners can enjoy maximum freedom and flexibility to grow and operate their businesses by possessing a Dubai mainland license. So how can I get a mainland license in Dubai?

UAE gives the freedom for the entrepreneurs to extend their business to other parts of Dubai as per mainland company formation. To own a license in any of the categories such as commercial, industrial and professional is the primary requirement of all the business activities in the UAE.

For obtaining a Dubai mainland license, A&A Associate provides business consultations and helps to start the business in the most demanded locations of the UAE. 

The Process of Getting a Mainland License in Dubai

For the businesses located on the mainland, the UAE government has allowed for 100% foreign ownership.

Earlier 51% of shares belonged to the Emirati sponsor and the expatriates were only allowed to own a maximum of 49% ownership of their business.

An Emirati shareholder or an agent is no longer needed by foreigners to open a company in Dubai under changes to UAE company law.

The process of starting a business on the mainland complicates getting a trade license and taking care of many other formalities.

There are different types of variables involved in this process that start from understanding the requirements of a business trade license in Dubai to the types of trade license available and opting for the right one. The entrepreneur must take care of all these variables for acquiring the mainland license.

To attain a mainland license in Dubai, the following are the main steps that need to be followed by business entrepreneurs:

Choose a Business Activity

Whether commercial, industrial, or professional, choosing a business activity is the basis for selecting the legal form and type of license.

Entrepreneurs must choose a business activity that they wish to do in the Dubai mainland. The business person should try to understand the practicality of the trade activity. They should also enquire whether it is possible to carry on such activity on the mainland.

Choose a Local UAE Sponsor or Partner

The most central aspect of getting a business license in Dubai is by finding a local UAE sponsor. The business owners will get messed up with their business if they end up finding the wrong sponsor. It would also create difficulties in regulating their company.

Select Legal Form or Legal Structure

Legal form is the basis for identifying applicable laws and regulations and depends mainly on the business requirement.

It is a must for all businesses in Dubai to have a legal form or structure. Dubai Economic Development implies this legal form and it must be followed by all business organizations.

Reserve Trade Name

An entrepreneur must decide on a name for their company or business. This would regulate an identity for their business.

A trade name differentiates one business from another and also reflects the nature and form of the business. 

The business person should reserve the trade name concerning Dubai Economic Development after finalizing it. They can apply for the trade name through its website or mobile application.

They should also obey the processes according to the disclosure of Dubai Economic Development. If the name has already been selected by another company, Dubai Economic Development has the right to alter or discard the trade name.

There are some provisions for selecting the trade name. A trade name must not violate the public morals of the country and should be followed by the business structure acronym.

The name should not be registered previously by other companies and should be compatible with the required type of business activity.

The trade name should not contain the names of any governing authorities, logos of any external bodies, or names of any religion.

Apply for Initial Approval

After the entrepreneur has received their initial paperwork, they can apply for primary approval with the Dubai Economic Department.

The entrepreneurs are allowed to start their businesses in Dubai after the initial approval. An initial approval points to the fact that the government of the UAE has no objection to the business being established in the country. However, the initial approval does not grant the entrepreneur to practice the business.

The business owners can also apply simultaneously for other certificates as provided by Dubai Economic Development.

Get External Approvals

Not only is the approval from Dubai Economic Development needed but also business owners might require approvals from the Dubai municipality, ministries, and other judicial bodies. For companies to get licensed, getting approvals from external authorities is important. They must be also followed by the commercial entity.

Acquire Paperwork and Documentation

Depending on company to company, there will be requirements for additional paperwork and documentation.

Supplementary paperwork is required by various types of businesses depending on where and how the entrepreneur would like to set up their business in Dubai.

Rent an Office

It is essential and sometimes mandatory for business entrepreneurs to have an office to rent in Dubai. Under some circumstances, if they are planning to incorporate a new business, having an office space is crucial.

Other affordable options such as Flexi Desk are also considerable. However, having an option of just a desk space cannot be contemplated by every type of business. They might require having an office space for rent in Dubai.

Get Ejari for the Office or Commercial Space

Ejari is an initiative sponsored by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) that means “My Rent” in Arabic. In the Emirate of Dubai, RERA regulates the leasing and renting sector.

To get their business license from the Dubai Economic Department, business entrepreneurs need to showcase their Ejari.

Make the Relevant Payments

To license the company in Dubai, the Dubai Economic Department and other various relevant authorities involved charging a fee to the entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur can collect the business license from the service center of the Dubai Economic Department or through their website after completing all the above steps.

For getting a license for all legal forms, documents such as the initial approval receipt and all the previously submitted documents are required.

The entrepreneur must get a copy of the lease agreement duly confirmed by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in Dubai.

They should also have the documents concerning the approval from other government entities, duly attested Memorandum of Association, and duly attested service agent contract.

Within 30 days of receiving the payment voucher, the entrepreneur has to pay for their trade license. The application will be canceled in the event of non-payment in a specific period.

Although the tasks may seem daunting, partnering with a leading business consultant in Dubai like A&A Associate can make things so much easier for you.

Contact A&A Associate to get their company licensed in Dubai most cost-effectively. They help the entrepreneur get the Dubai mainland license in the easiest, most accessible, and hassle-free manner.

They ensure that the business is licensed by Dubai Economic Department and saves the entrepreneur’s time. They also reduce the Dubai trade license cost.

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