How Do I Get A New Passport For My Trip Overseas?

New Passport

If you intend to travel to a particular country but do not have any travel papers for your journey, then it is necessary to acquire a passport or visa. Passports are relatively quicker and easier to obtain than visas.

Obtaining a new passport sometimes takes days or weeks to complete because you will have to contact one of the embassies from the US passport agency.

The procedures are numerous as regular visits/phone calls have to be made, which makes it stressful. However, you can evade the stress by utilizing the services of an expedition agency. 

A trustworthy organization that provides rush papers for people who are in urgent need of traveling overseas is Passports and Visas.

This company is capable of obtaining a new US passport for any resident of the United States within a short period of 24 hours. During this time, updates are given regularly to assure you that the process is progressing as expected.

There are two major types of passport documents that can be acquired according to the age of the applicant.

They include an adult and child passport (for people who are not up to 18 years of age). Furthermore, certain requirements must be provided to commence a new passport application. They include:

  • DS-11 application document
  • Confirmation form
  • Proof of Citizenship (Birth Certificate)
  • Proof of Identity (Driver’s license/ID card)
  • Two Passport-style photos
  • A Passport Approval Letter

Four Procedures Followed When Expediting A New US Passport

When you are applying for a quick passport with the company, a series of stages are often followed before the process comes to completion. The steps are:

  • Initiate an online application: Passports and Visas offers people different services to choose from on their website. These services include both passport and visa expeditions. On the application page, you will be instructed to specify which of the packages you need.
  • Selection of new passport service: Simply click on the option requesting a fresh passport. After making your choice, an application form will be provided for filling and you will also be asked to provide the necessary documents for the commencement of the procedure. On submission, an account manager is assigned to you who help to organize the whole process for quicker approval. There are three main packages to obtain an expedited passport and they include:
  • Standard service
  • Economy service
  • Saver service
  • Process of application: You will be kept informed periodically on the status of your application while you are waiting for the passport. Your account manager plays this role to ensure you are at ease during the delay.
  • Passport Delivery: When the entire passport application cycle has been completed, the passport papers will be delivered to you through secure FedEx service.

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With the above information, getting your new passport expedited at an affordable rate shouldn’t be complicated to achieve. Simply contact any of the agents for the expedition, apply online or visit any of their 11 offices around the country to get started.