How do shows on Netflix earn profit? streaming TV, movie subscriptions


How Does Netflix Make Money?

The new age is all digital. People run to social media for everything. The concept of television is becoming old school now.

Who would sit and wait through the advertisements for a 20 min episode or a 30 min tv show when you can just skip ads and enjoy your favorite shows online.

As we know that on television, the ads between a show help the makers earn money. In the same way, online shows are monetized.

This means that optimized ads appear during the videos but unlike television, we can skip some of them. A few popular streaming websites also generate revenues by per click strategy on the ads.


Netflix also being a streaming website has a different way of working. Netflix has no ad interruption and no appearing links. So the question is how Netflix makes money?

Netflix subscription plan:

Online sites and companies are dependent on advertisements and subscriptions for making money but Netflix only offers subscriptions with an ad-free experience.

If we talk in general, Netflix has a three-step subscription plan(basic, standard, and premium) which helps the site make money. 

A large amount of money is generated through subscription plans which helps Netflix to pay for copyrights and royalties of movies and tv shows to stream on the site.

Netflix buys content:

The movies and shows that partner with Netflix for online streaming make a great amount of profit from the channels they are aired on or theaters/cinemas in the first place.

But there is a range of amounts that Netflix pays to movies and shows. Netflix pays about 250 million dollars as a license fee for blockbuster movies and even more when a new movie is to premiere on Netflix. The fee for TV shows and seasons vary from 300 to 500 million dollars.

Shows earning a profit on Netflix:

Till now we have explained how Netflix manages to stream shows and movies from different production companies, now we can explain how these shows earn a profit after partnering with Netflix.  Although no rules are publicly discussed by Netflix, we can assume.

  • Whenever a person watches a show the company will get the money from the money you invested in subscribing to Netflix.
  • To put it in easy words a person watches 3 episodes from season one of the Friends in one month so at the end of the month its production company will get the money.
  • For example, if Netflix has 100 subscribers and 12 shows, each subscriber pays 4$, so the money from subscriptions (i-e) 400$ is divided among the number of shows. This means that Netflix pays 33.4$ to each TV show monthly.

Netflix Investments:

As we have said earlier that Netflix pays for royalties, licenses, and copyrights of different shows, there is one more thing that Netflix invests in some new shows predicting the success of the show.

Categorizing Profits:

When several shows are being streamed on the site how will the site know which show is bringing more profit?

For this purpose, Netflix owners look for a show that is trending and popular. Then they analyze the number of subscriptions that increased during the airing period of that show.

Many factors add up to the profit that shows, series and movies make from the Netflix platform.

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