How do you give fresh flowers as a gift?

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Flowers have a magical way of brightening our day and bringing joy to our lives. They are not just a gift; they are a symbol of love, celebration, and heartfelt emotions.

And when it comes to presenting flowers to someone special, the wrapping plays a crucial role in making the experience even more memorable and enchanting.

In this blog, we will delve into the intricacies of wrapping fresh flowers with creativity and elegance. Once you have researched flower gift ideas, be it flower gift ideas for birthday or anniversary, you must present flowers beautifully.

Whether you are preparing a bouquet for a loved one, a special occasion, or simply to add a touch of beauty to your home, we will guide you through the steps to create stunning floral packages that truly captivate the senses.

Join us as we explore various techniques, materials, and design ideas to elevate the presentation of fresh flowers.

Cut The Wrapping Paper to The Necessary Size

  1. Cut the wrapping paper into a rectangle measuring 20 inches by 26 inches. Adjust the size if needed, considering the dimensions of your bouquet.
  2. Lay the cut wrapping paper with the design side facing down on a flat table or surface.
  3. Take the tissue paper and carefully place it over the entire backside of the wrapping paper, ensuring it covers the entire surface area.
  4. Remember to handle the materials gently and be mindful of any delicate details or patterns on the wrapping paper.

Place The Flowers Diagonally On The Wrapping Paper

  1. Place the wrapping or Kraft paper face down on your work surface.
  2. Rotate the sheet diagonally so that one of the corners is facing upwards.
  3. Take a square of tissue paper and carefully position it over the wrapping paper, ensuring that it covers the entire surface of the paper accurately.
  4. Slide the tissue paper over the top corner of the wrapping paper, so that approximately an inch of tissue paper extends beyond the pointed edge. This will create a decorative contrast when the flowers are wrapped.
  5. Hold the bouquet in your hand, arranging it in a visually pleasing manner. Start with the greenery at the bottom, followed by the flowers on top. It may take some practice to find a comfortable grip for holding the bouquet.
  6. Place the arranged flowers diagonally onto the tissue paper, aligning them with the angle of the wrapping paper as shown in the photo.
  7. Take a moment to review the positioning of the flowers in the bouquet and make any necessary adjustments to achieve the desired arrangement.

Fold The Wrapping Paper Around the Bouquet

  1. Take the left corner of the outer wrapper and tissue paper, and gently fold it diagonally towards the center. Be careful not to create any wrinkles or creases on the underlying wrapper and tissue paper, as shown in the photo above.
  2. Ensure a smooth and neat fold, maintaining the overall presentation of the bouquet.

Fold The Wrapper and Secure with Tape

  1. Once you have folded the left corner diagonally towards the center, fold it once again over the flowers.
  2. To secure the folded corner in place, use clear tape. Place a small piece of clear tape on the underside of the folded corner, ensuring it adheres to both the outer wrapper and the tissue paper.
  3. The clear tape will help keep the folded corner securely in place while maintaining the elegant presentation of the bouquet.

Fold The Right Corner of The Wrapper Diagonally Toward The Center

  1. Next, fold the right corner of the outer wrapper and tissue paper diagonally towards the center, mirroring the fold made on the left side. Refer to the photo below for guidance.
  2. Ensure that the fold is done neatly and without causing any wrinkles or creases on the wrapper and tissue paper. This will help maintain the overall aesthetic appeal of the wrapped bouquet.

Secure The Back of The Wrapped Floral Bouquet with Tape

  1. After folding the right corner diagonally towards the center, wrap it once again over the flowers.
  2. Secure the wrapped corner to the back of the package by using clear tape. Place a small piece of clear tape on the underside of the wrapped corner, ensuring it adheres to both the outer wrapper and the tissue paper.
  3. Optionally, you can also use a stapler to secure your floral package. Carefully staple the wrapped corner at the back of the package, ensuring that the staples are hidden from view.
  4. Using either clear tape or a stapler will help keep the wrapped corner securely in place, providing a tidy and secure finish to the floral package.

Fold The Bottom Over and Secure with Tape

  1. With the floral wrapper, there will be a pointed end at the bottom. Flip the flower package over so that the pointed end is facing upwards.
  2. Fold the pointed end upwards, tucking it in towards the back of the package.
  3. Secure the folded point in place by using tape. Apply a small piece of tape to the back of the package, ensuring that it holds the folded point securely.
  4. This step ensures a clean and finished look to the bottom of the floral package, providing stability and a polished appearance.

Tie Pretty String or Raffia Around the Wrapped Bouquet

  1. Take a pretty matching string, ribbon, or raffia and tie it around the floral package. Choose a material that complements the colors and style of the bouquet.
  2. Securely tie the string, ribbon, or raffia in a neat and decorative manner, creating a charming finishing touch to the wrapped flowers.
  3. Once you have completed the tying, present your beautifully wrapped flowers to someone special. Observe their faces light up with joy and delight as they receive this thoughtful and visually stunning gift.
  4. The addition of a string, ribbon, or raffia not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the floral package but also adds an extra touch of elegance and thoughtfulness. It completes the presentation, making it a truly delightful and memorable gift to share with loved ones.


There are innumerable unique flower gift ideas you can look for, including wedding flower gift ideas. The art of wrapping flowers transforms a simple bouquet into a captivating and meaningful gift.

With careful attention to detail and creative flair, you can elevate the presentation of flowers to new heights, creating a memorable experience for both the giver and the recipient.

The joy of sending and receiving flowers is further enhanced by the convenience of flower delivery services, especially in bustling cities like Mumbai.

With same day flower delivery, the gesture of gifting fresh blooms becomes even more special and timely.

Whether you want to surprise a loved one, celebrate a milestone, or simply brighten someone’s day, flower delivery in Mumbai services offer a seamless way to convey your sentiments.

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