How Elemento Labs, Gurgaon Startup is helping children to teach robotics at home

How Elemento Labs is helping children teach robotics at home

Build your own robots using Arduino Robotic Kits with Elemento Labs

Robots are a big part of our future – most jobs will require a deep understanding of them. In countries like China, the US, and Singapore children are already learning their important skills. Teaching robotics to children is a great way to foster a love for science.

With this thought, Garima Goyal launched Elomento Labs in the year 2017 in Gurugram to teach robotics to children.

Garima Goyal, founder & CEO of Elomento Labs born in Uttaranchal. She herself taught her children about robotics at home. She wanted to teach robotics to her children and started giving and making small projects. Later, he decided to start a company. Garima looks after the overall curriculum design and delivery.

Elemento Labs is an education company that easily teaches robotics programs to children at home where children can build their own robots using Arduino Robotic Kits. This startup company delivers a box to your home every month (up to 3 months). Each box contains content for multiple projects.

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At Elemento Labs you will get unlimited teacher support provided on all equipment including sensors, electronic components, connectors, chassis, robocar wheels, etc., phones and a book for step-by-step guidance. The startup company also helps them to develop an interest in Engineering, Science, Technology, and Mathematics. Here, Children learn basic and advanced programming, robotics, and electronics.

Elemento Labs Curriculum:

  • Junior Robotics program (Age 5-10)
  • Senior Robotics program (Age 11-18)