How I Built a 6 figure digital marketing agency

digital marketing agency

With the advent of digital technology and the internet age, professionals around the world have more opportunities than ever before. In addition to saving people time, they will no longer need to congregate in an office for work.

Many professionals, including myself, find that working remotely is just as effective. Although I work more than 40 hours per week, I can work from the beach because this allows me to travel the world.

When there is an internet connection, I am able to travel without having to give up my job, as I can live in different cultures and experience different cities.

The thing is, I’m no different from the rest of them. It can be done by almost anyone. It took me just eight months to build a 6 figure digital marketing agency from the ground up, and I will explain how I did it.

Rank your business on Google’s first page

You need to establish a presence online if you wish to establish a successful business. It is exceptionally difficult to rank for a few keywords that are relevant to your business on the first page of Google.

The struggle to do this takes many businesses many years, and many do not succeed at it at all. However, not us. Hard work, good coordination, and righteous teamwork allowed us to achieve this feat in just a few months.

In order to implement our strategy, we took three steps:

Step 1. Inventory Growth

First and foremost, we needed to prove our worth as a blogging outreach company. Our first step was to create some amazing blog content that would be SEO friendly.

We began approaching other blogs once we proved ourselves. The challenge of updating posts for those who run content-based sites is constant.

One way to achieve this is to invite guest posters who will constantly add new perspectives and styles.

Step 2. The skyscraper content

For blogging, the skyscraper model is fairly straightforward. To begin, you must determine what posts generate the most traffic in the area of interest you are interested in. In the skyscraper, these are the people who set the standards for content quality.

Exceeding that standard is the next step. Produce more and better results than they are already doing.

In the course of establishing a network of blogs you link to, and they link to yours, you will feel more confident in your blog.

Step 3: Convert your business to one centered on outreach

There is no doubt that Step 2 is challenging. Getting over this initial hurdle opens up a world of opportunities.

When your blog is the site where quality content is produced, you will be able to focus less on creating content and more on serving as a virtual middleman, connecting not only other blogs with other blogs.


It is easy to outline these three steps to success, but hard to execute. This isn’t impossible, but it isn’t easy. Eight months later, we were done.

One caveat must be mentioned before I explain the whole procedure in detail. As an example, some of the best minds in digital media today are creating crazy complex SEO strategies that don’t make sense to us.

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That wasn’t something we did. The ranking of keywords was instead the basis of our SEO strategy. Our focus wasn’t to ignore other data, like traffic, but this was our main concern.