How is Shilpa Jain transforming the lives of tech employees through her BeGiG platform?

Shilpa Jain

Interview with Shilpa Jain, CEO & Founder of BeGig

Shilpa Jain is a successful entrepreneur and CEO of BeGig, a platform that empowers freelancers and connects them with businesses.

Professional journey of Shilpa, her vision for the company?

Shilpa Jain: In the initial stages of her career, Shilpa was one with the most enthusiasm for the work she wanted to do.

With Godrej Properties being her first-ever corporate experience, she received mentoring from some of the greatest professionals in the field of sales and marketing and successfully started her journey towards making sales her forte.

When she felt that she was ready to take on more responsibilities and accountability, she moved on to start her own venture, in the proptech industry, called HouseThat.

A venture that gave her real-time, invaluable experience of working to make an impact & one that made her want to improve her expertise further by doing an MBA.

Following that, she went on to do an MBA in Entrepreneurship, and that gave her an advancement in the hard and soft skills required to lead and solve problems at a larger level.

From being a freelancer herself during some part of the early years to then finding out a platform like BeGig, Shilpa was immediately drawn to the idea and wanted towards making it a success.

We’re now constantly working towards building a platform that brings in greater autonomy to the freelancing space while empowering freelancers to maximise their earning potential by working on projects that they deeply resonate with.

We want to assume the role of a synergist, help freelancers through their journey from finding their first project to gaining total freedom from 9 to 5 jobs while also helping & assisting the businesses in identifying the right resource to help them in bringing their vision to life.

What inspired the creation of BeGig, and how does it aim to bridge the tech skill gap across all industries?

Shilpa Jain: In the wake of the post-pandemic world, the gig economy and remote contract work have surged, presenting exciting opportunities for tech professionals in the industry.

Enter BeGig, a visionary platform that streamlines the hiring process for reliable remote workers, addressing the pressing issue of talent reliability head-on.

Our mission at BeGig is to empower freelancers, especially those impacted by layoffs, by providing them with stable work opportunities that safeguard their interests.

Our platform is dedicated to creating a fair ecosystem where freelancers have access to invaluable resources for building successful freelance careers and achieving their professional goals. Here’s how BeGig bridges the gap in finding tech talent for all industries:

  • Breaking geographical barriers: BeGig enables clients to hire skilled freelancers regardless of their location, expanding their talent pool far and wide.
  • Tech expertise matchmaking: With a team of specialists, BeGig deeply understands clients’ tech requirements and connects them with suitable resources possessing diverse tech skills and expertise.
  • Niche skill fulfillment: Companies can fulfill their specific skill requirements by leveraging freelance hiring through BeGig, enabling them to scale their tech workforce, save time and money, all without long-term employment commitments.
  • Comprehensive support: BeGig is committed to providing gig teams as a service, offering overall support for startups and non-tech industries in determining tech specifications and finding the perfect resources.
  • Quality assurance: We prioritize quality by rigorously assessing, reviewing, and rating freelancers, ensuring that companies are matched with the best-fit techies for their projects.
  • Streamlined selection process: As a tech freelancing platform, BeGig facilitates quick freelancer selection, reducing recruitment processes and costs, while maintaining an accelerated speed that keeps businesses agile and competitive.

At BeGig, we believe in the transformative power of gig talent and aim to revolutionize the way tech professionals are discovered and engaged. Together, we are shaping the future of work.

How is BeGig helping small startups with tech solutions?

Shilpa Jain: At BeGig, we understand the struggles small startups face when trying to compete in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

That’s why we offer tailored tech solutions through our network of tech experts, empowering small businesses to take on high-impact projects without breaking the bank. Our freelancing model allows startups to access top-level

solutions while minimizing their commitment spends, enabling them to address critical tech challenges and automate processes with ease.

Whether it’s boosting platform security through cybersecurity challenges, streamlining operations through no-code development, or implementing AI-driven solutions to cut costs, BeGig’s platform acts as a seamless bridge, connecting startups with skilled professionals who bring innovation and expertise to the table.

At BeGig, we believe in empowering small startups to succeed by providing them with access to top-level tech solutions and expert talent, allowing them to compete with the big players in their industry.

Can you tell us more about BeGig’s hand-picked, premium talent pool of skilled techies, and how it helps enterprises save time and money?

Shilpa Jain: At BeGig, we strive to build an inspiring community of exceptional tech professionals through a rigorous onboarding process, including role-based tests, we curate a pool of highly skilled, experienced, and motivated individuals who are driven to meet the unique needs of our clients.

From AR/VR developers to Unity masters and Blockchain innovators, our diverse range of niche skilled techies are the catalysts for brilliance, capable of surpassing expectations and making a lasting impact.

Working with freelancers in the tech industry provides companies with numerous benefits such as, including cost savings on overhead expenses such as rent and equipment, increased productivity and quality work within a set timeframe, flexible project-based hiring

without long-term commitments, no need for extensive training, and access to specialized skill talent. In today’s ever-changing tech world, freelancers offer a cost-effective and time-efficient solution for companies to complete specific projects without the need for full-time tech employees.

With the gig economy growing rapidly, what are some of the biggest challenges that BeGig faces, and how do you address them?

Shilpa Jain: While the journey is full of discoveries, to strive for always being ahead of the curve and work in a space that still needs more awareness has its fair share of challenges.

To start with the basic and general problems – the current jargon of hiring managers and HR associates is far from being ‘freelancer-friendly’.

There’s a major gap between where we are today, still thinking in stereotypical ways and giving the sanctity to 9 to 5 jobs that we do, and where the industry trends show the economy is moving.

To instil more openmindedness in managers today and bring more accountability towards the freelancing model is something we are constantly working for.

Since we are planning and working towards tapping the global market, from identifying the right segment of consumer population in other regions to how the payment mechanism will work – various nuances of the business need to be looked at.

From a product optimization point of view, we need to have robust communication and collaboration tools in-built on our platform as those are imperative to smooth management and successful completion of projects and we’re exploring ways to provide that with greater efficiency.

Additionally, to have a flawless dispute/ grievance resolution process is also something we’re working on.

How does BeGig plan to create a tech community for the future, and what impact do you hope to have on the gig economy as a whole?

Shilpa Jain: Our goal is to create a skilled community of passionate tech professionals who collaborate, learn, and grow together.

We want to create high power teams that can achieve groundbreaking results and unique products. The future vision is to create bigger and better gig teams who don’t only contribute individually.

At BeGig, we practice what we preach by building our own product using a team of freelancers from our tech pool.

We have faith in the growing demand for the gig economy, and we want to empower tech professionals to build successful freelance careers while creating innovative products and enjoying the freedom to live life on their own terms.

Freelancing enhances productivity and fosters new ideas through multiple collaborations. We want to make companies believe that working with freelancers is the best solution to the ever-changing tech landscape and work cultures.

What do you see as the future of the gig economy?

Shilpa Jain: The gig economy is evolving with interesting trends. Upskilling platforms are popular for freelancers to develop the necessary skills.

Collaborative gig teams handle entire projects, fostering complexity. Wallet systems empower freelancers with direct payments, reducing commissions.

The demand for freelancing work expands beyond metros as the startup ecosystem grows. The future of the gig economy holds promise for increased opportunities and collaboration.

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