How Long Does Vinyl Wrap Last On a Car?

Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl wraps are a great way to add signage to company vehicles and make your brand stand out. Vinyl wrap technology has come a long way in recent times, with manufacturers like 3M now producing high quality products that can last for years.

In fact, companies supplying car wrap in Brisbane say that good vinyls can last anywhere between 5 to 7 years, depending on how you look after the car.

When it comes to company signage, that kind of longevity is a big deal! There can be a lot of work involved with designing and installing wraps on fleet vehicles, so the longer it lasts, the more value you get for the investment.

To make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, we’re going to take a closer look at the life of car vinyl wraps and what you can do to make them last even longer.

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The Quality of the Vinyl Wrap

The quality of the vinyl is the biggest issue when it comes to car wrap longevity. Opting for a cheap, no-name product might sound like you’re saving money, but it’s going to cost you more overall.

High quality vinyl wraps from companies like 3M or Avery are rated to last for 5 to 7 years. But that’s not their only trick.

Quality vinyls also include other innovations, like UV resistant coatings, special adhesives and microscopic air channels.

Not only does that mean these products last longer, it reduces installation costs and makes the removal process a breeze.

Compare that to cheap vinyls which are difficult to apply and even worse to remove, and it’s clear that quality vinyl wraps are the cost-effective option. Find one of the most affordable wrapping place in Bristol.

How to Care for Car Vinyl Wrap

While 3M says their car wraps last for more than 5 years, you can actually extend that lifespan with proper care.

Especially for businesses with custom signage, increasing the longevity of vehicle wraps can save thousands of dollars in advertising costs.

There are four simple steps to caring for your car vinyl wrap:

  1. Keep the car clean. Just like ordinary car paint, vinyl wraps need to be kept relatively clean. Handwashing with a clean sponge and quality detergent will protect the vinyl from becoming scratched or discoloured by build ups of dust and road dirt.
  2. Avoid automatic car washes. Car washes that use pressure washers and automatic roller brushes can be a bit harsh on vinyl wraps. Stick with hand washing or gentle automatic car washes to extend the life of the wrap.
  3. Clean contaminants immediately. Contaminants like bird droppings, squashed insects, tree sap and fuel spills should be cleaned off the car as soon as possible. Vinyl wrap is often slightly porous, and contaminants may stain if left sitting for too long. In particular, any fuel spills should be wiped away immediately, and then the area should be washed with soap as soon as possible.
  4. Park in the shade. High quality vehicle wraps are very weather resistant, but it doesn’t hurt to park in the shade whenever you can. Like car paint, UV rays can degrade vehicle wraps, causing them to fade, discolour, warp or lift away from the surface.

The Benefits of Vinyl Wrapping Your Car

So the vinyl wrap on your car won’t last forever, but that’s not the end of the world. In fact, that’s usually seen as one of its main selling points!

Many businesses choose to invest in car signage like decals and vinyl wraps precisely because they can be removed. Once you’re ready to upgrade the car, you can simply peel off the wrap without affecting the vehicle’s value.

Vehicle vinyl wrap offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Removable. Vehicle wraps can come off whenever you’re ready. Whether you want to sell the vehicle, change your signage or simply switch to a new colour, vinyl wrap can be peeled away and so you can start again with a blank canvas.
  • Affordable. Compared to the cost of designing and painting custom signage for your fleet vehicles, vinyl wraps are an extremely affordable alternative. One design can be printed multiple times for use across your entire fleet, and the preparation and installation work is far less time consuming.
  • Paint protection. Companies offering car wrap in Brisbane can attest to the effect the hot sun has on vehicle paint over time. The UV rays beating down on your car can cause the paint to crack and fade, effectively ruining resale value. Vehicle wraps are highly UV resistant, and they’re the best way to protect paint from the sun, dirt and rain.
  • Long lasting. Your company cars work hard for your business. They’re always on the road, transporting staff and customers around, and vinyl wraps can withstand whatever you throw at them. With some products lasting up to 7 years or more, quality vinyls can turn your vehicles into moving billboards that last as long as the car itself.

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