How many solar panels do you need?

Solar Panel

How many solar panels do you need to install for the proper supply of electricity? To determine this first you need to be clear about your goal.

Do you wish to minimize the carbon footprint? Do you expect a good return on investment? Do you wish to save money and consume electricity in an eco-friendly way? Citizen solar will help you fulfill all these goals by supplying efficient solar panels.

There are certain factors that will help you calculate the number of solar panels you need at your rooftop; the energy consumption for your household use, the installation area on your roof, the temperature and sunlight in your area and the efficiency of Photovoltaic (PV) panels Before you find the answer to all these questions there are some more questions you should ask yourself, which are as follows 

Which factors will help you estimate the number?

The factors that will primarily help are as follows

Your electricity usage

Check out your electricity bill of last 6 to 12 months and decide on that basis how many units you consume in a month. With the help of net metering you can properly size your system.

Your roof space 

Whether you wish to place it on a rooftop or any open area, the place should be spacious. If the place is small the required number of panels won’t fit. A huge number of efficient panels are required to generate electricity.  

Your panel choice 

You might have budget limitations in choosing a solar panel. The efficiency of different types of panels vary. Though the improvements have been made over the years to provide efficient panels at a cost-effective price,

The climate changes and sunlight in your area 

The installation should be at a place where the sun throws direct sunlight the the panel. The sunlight varies from season to season. Sunlight affects the quantity of energy the solar panel generates. 

These factors wil help you take apt decision and on that basis you can choose the panel that meets your personal as well as energy needs.    

How to estimate the required number of solar panels you need ?

You can calculate these terms mathematically. To calculate and determine its effectiveness you can simplify your methods in following ways 

Annual electricity usage 

The amount of electricity is measured in kilowatt-hours(kWH) Units like refrigerator, air-conditioner, lights, kitchen appliances and electrical equipement consume most of them. An ideal solar panel system size offers 100 percentof electricity usage with your solar panels. 

Solar panel wattage 

Panel wattage is the electricity output of solar panel under ideal conditions. The wattage is measured in watts which generally comes between 250-400 of power.   

Production rates 

A solar panel’s production ratio is the estimated energy output of a system. The numbers are never equal i.e 1:1 depending on how much sunlight your system will get based on your geographic location. The production rate varies according to that. 

How much roof space for solar panels ?

On an average, you will need 21 to 34 solar panels which will require a space of atleast 369 to 598 sq.ft. The amount of roof space you need will depend on the solar panels you install.

The more solar panels, the more roof space you will require. Calculate it wisely, call an expert to measure the roof space of your house, multiply the number of panels you need by 17.55 sq.ft which is the common area of all the residential solr panels sold in today’s time. 

Ultimately there are various physical factors that could limit the installation of solar panels, but if you wider your perspective and find effective solutions then you can get it installed.

A qualified solar company will help you determine the ideal solution and estimate the number of panels you require.

Also, they will brief you about the upfront costs, rebate and taxes you quality for. So, why not go eco-friendly with the right expertise. 

Did you know that if you own your home and receive certain benefits you could qualify for a solar panel grant under the ECO4 scheme. For more information, visit Warma UK who can help you obtain a solar panel grant

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