How Massage Affects the Nervous System?


The neurological disorder doesn’t work alone to make the body suffer it also affects its related ones. Just like the nervous system consists of not alone the brain but also the spinal cord.

Both of them work together to make the body able to perform a task. This is why when one suffers it also affects the other.

People with physical body pain and neurological disorders are shown improved conditions after massage therapy.

People with these issues suffer a lot but there may not be many procedures to help them through. Where massage therapies are worth a try at a reasonable rate to your pocket.

The therapists of these massage centers are well qualified to treat you in the exact way your body needs.

What Is a Neurological Disorder?

The nervous system of a human gets a disease related to the spine or brain that causes a neurological disorder.

The neurological disorder involves various diseases like these such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, strokes, etc.

These diseases can disable the ability of the body to work. In a condition like this, the human mind might not work properly because of the loss of brain signals.

What Does a Nervous System Consist Of?

Mainly the nervous system is called the Autonomic nervous system which consists of two subdirectories. First sympathetic and second parasympathetic nervous system.

·  Sympathetic Nervous System:

Massage therapy is known to calm down the sympathetic nervous system. This part of the nervous system activates when the body feels danger around it. The heart rate of the body increases and the body allows more oxygen to the lungs.

· Parasympathetic Nervous System:

This part of the nervous system is the opposite of the first one explained. This part of the nervous system activates upon the massage therapy.

Generally, a Swedish massage is said to be better for people new to the idea of massage therapy. The reason is the gentle and full-body treatment of the body which is beneficial to calm the nerves in stressed hours.

How Does a Massage Help the Physical Body?

If a normal healthy person receives the benefits of massage therapy, they can feel the value difference. The disturbed nervous system can show many physical disabilities.

The daily household tasks which you could do without even thinking now seem like pushing a mountain.

For instance, lifting some cardboard boxes wasn’t an issue back in good health. But after a neurological disorder, it is difficult even to slide and set them in a straight line.

These strokes or epilepsy conditions reduce your range of motion to a great extent. The reason is the stressed muscles of the body which don’t let the body perform efficiently.

If the body works in the opposite, it would cause a lot of pain. If kept doing so, it can damage the muscles and tissues permanently.

Massage therapy is one of the most efficient ways and sometimes the only way to deal with these issues.

A massage therapist can enable the body of the patient to perform their daily tasks easily. But it might require a longer time to regain the flexibility and quick reflexes of your body like before.

Following are some benefits massage therapies provide to the human body to regain the control of life:

·  Post-Surgery Benefits:

After surgery, the body tissues and muscles are in a no aligned manner. This reduces the chance of the body healing in time.

The tissues of the body after the surgical treatment are damaged. The more the tissues are damaged the more pain they will cause for muscles to move.

They need to be in an aligned natural format where they can stretch enough without causing any pain. This would let them do their tasks in a healthy and improved way.

·  Chronic Pains:

These pains are mostly developed in a body because of continuous wrong posture. The people who work behind a desk are most likely to get into these random pains.

Because sitting for hours straight is the normal prescription to invite these pains. Plus, if you sit for hours in the wrong posture, it is even more dangerous to come back.

· Blood Circulation:

Message therapy can increase the blood flow in the body which is responsible for increased immunity. The therapist uses gentle long strokes on the body to relax the stressed muscles of the body.

The relaxed veins and muscles will provide more space for blood circulation and will remove any blockage in the veins. This will also help in reducing the swellings on various parts of the body mostly in the hands and feet.

What Are the Psychological Benefits of Massage?

When the body is relaxed by massage therapy it endures many reliefs in both physical and mental aspects.

The nervous system experiences a valuable change in its body. The body starts to feel empowered again and the brain also boosts up its working.  This gives the patient a new window to see their fully confident new self.

To understand briefly how massage helps the body internally following are some key points:

·  Tissue flexibility:

The tissues of the body which are either damaged or are under increased stress are healed with massage therapy.

Tissues are considered flexible if they allow the body a long range of motion without pain. This ability of the body is required in various parts of a normal human being.

The pressure on the muscles generates heat from the muscles and provides improved blood circulation. Generally, it is considered that this heat makes it easy for the tissues to start healing more quickly and be more flexible.

·  Happy Hormones:

Massage therapy is known to trigger the production of some chemicals in the body like dopamine and serotonin.

These are known as happy hormones of the body because of their ability to reduce stress signals. In other words, these chemicals are the reason why you feel happy by heart.

The production of endorphin is directly related to the feeling of relief and happiness. On the other hand, its absence or low concentration than normal can increase the sense of tension and anxiety.

It is said that the presence of other chemicals also proves to be valuable for the pleasure of humans. Serotonin is responsible to provide the feeling of pleasure and relief.

While the increased ratio of dopamine in the blood can give you enhanced motivation and confidence. This feeling promotes a positive way to live an independent and confident lifestyle on your own.

This positive attitude will help you make your way without any disturbance. Unlike the other way around where you will struggle at every turn with your negative attitude and might lose hope.

·  Excretion Of Toxins:

Massage therapy can increase the release of toxins and waste products from the body. Massage involves a lot of fluid loss in the body.

The process can increase the blood flow by increasing the space in the veins and cardiovascular for the blood to flow.

This can decrease the pressure on the walls of the veins making them relax. The increased flow of blood means increased blood carrying oxygen in the body.

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