How meditation works against stress and makes a peaceful mind

How meditation works

Meditation is a mind and body practice. That helps to release stress and gives the power of decision making and the power to connect with the universe.

In ancient time our Rishi, Munis and kings used to do meditation to attach with the universe to get mental strength.

They do this practice by sitting in an isolated place with no disturbance and meditate for a long time. Gautam Buddha Also does the same meditation practice.

He teaches people how to live peacefully and calm by doing meditation. Chinese also love the Gautam Buddha saying and his meditation techniques, and they started following Gautam Buddha’s thought and meditation techniques.

Many Chinese, Korean, Japanese follow Buddhism because of his meditation techniques and thoughts.

In India, many organizations teach meditation in different ways but all-purpose is to give a stress-free and happy life.

An organization like Brahmakumaris, Osha, The Art of Living by Sri Sri Ravishankar, Vipassana International Academy Igatpuri, Krishnamurti Foundation Chennai etc. These all organization teaches about how to do meditation with different techniques.

By sitting in meditation, you can build inner cautious, feel relaxed and get the power of concentration.

Many organizations give practice with direct connection to the universe with meditation. They teach how we can connect with the universe or God by doing daily meditation practice.

Now meditation technique of India is influenced by other countries too. They understand the value and goodness of meditation in daily life and started this practice. 

How to Meditate

Meditation is not complicated. You can do it easily by giving time and daily practice. You can do it by following any meditation foundation for deep knowledge or easily do it at your home.

Select a silent place at home or any peaceful place. Where no one can disturb you. Wear comfortable clothes. You can sit in meditation for 5 minutes or an hour.

It all depends on how much you are involved. By sitting in a silent place, close your eyes, straighten your back and get involved in yourself.

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Take your mind out of the body and the world. Feel that you are a soul, and this soul is attached to the universe, and you are happy in the place where you are, up in the universe, feel the happiness, get calm. Do it as long as you can without diverting your mind. 

There are many meditation techniques. 

Mantra Meditation

In this meditation, you will get a peace mantra that you have to repeat in your mind while sitting in a silent place.

This mantra practice will concentrate your mind on one point without any diversion. You have to repeat the mantra continuously by giving and attention to a soul point. This practice will present calmness, concentration and firmness in all field.

Spiritual Meditation

This technique will make you stress-free and connect you with God, and their good words. In this technique, you have to sit in silence.

Straighten your back, Close your eyes and feel like your soul is out of this world to meet the god. Imagine the view with pleasure and love.

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Imagine the universe that God had made for you, and you are a beautiful part of that. After this feeling and indulging in this imagination for ½ hour to 1 hour, you will feel relaxed and stress-free.

By doing daily practice in your routine life, you can involve in this practice and meditate easily, and all solution will be in your hand and mind.

Importance of Meditation

Meditation plays a vital role in our daily life. These days life is full of stress and many mental problems. Every human is dealing with this problem in his daily life.

Whether the problem is in office, business, home or daily news, we saw in news channel. We all get disturbed and get stressed dealing with all this problem daily.

Meditation helps you to become a calmer person and give you the power to deal with all your problems. Meditation teaches you how to handle your daily problems calmly, smoothly and building your inner strength.

Meditation is not any physical exercise. In meditation, you have to sit in a silent place with closed eyes and concentrate on one power.

Vipassana Meditation

This is an inside meditation technique. In which you have to focus on your inner breath. Here you don’t have to do with physical or mental sensation.

Sit in a silent place and concentrate on your breathing. Let all thoughts of emotion, sensation thoughts, thoughts, sound detached from yourself and centralized on your breath by inhaling and exhale, nothing more than that.

Give how much time you can give. After this, you will get a feeling of relaxation. Do this practice daily for better result.

Metta Meditation

Mediation of “love and kindness”. In this meditation practice, you have to deliver love and kindness to all who comes in your contact by annoying their guilt.

It’s a pleasant technique for decreasing anger and increasing positivity around us. This practice is simple and makes you feel relaxed.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath and concentrate on your heart, spread love and gratitude toward people around you.

Start with the close friends and relative then to whom you don’t like, give them love. By this technique, you will feel relaxed and tension free from your all Burdon.

Chakra Meditation

 It is said, that Our body is made up of seven chakras. By meditation, we can control that chakra. In our negativity and daily stressed life, we forget about our body chakra.

If we get alert and give attention to the body chakra, we will get energetic and feel relaxed. In this mediation, we have to concentrate on the body location of each chakra and imagine the seven chakras and their power.

In this meditation, we will understand the power of our life and how chakra works. This meditation gives you self-power, determination and self-love.

 What Visualization Meditation

This is the most powerful meditation technique. Where you have to put some’s picture in your mind. You can achieve things by manifest the things that you want from the universe.

Close your eyes and sit comfortably, bring your mind on thing on the person which you want. Let’s get the negative feeling out of your mind, feel happy and grateful.

In this meditation, you have to imagine your life goal or your needs which you want to be. In daily practice, you feel that you are getting those things. 

There are so many meditation techniques which you can adapt according to your requirement.

All meditation techniques have their power of work. Only you have to indulge in that to make your life full of happiness.

Meditation Benefits for brain

Meditation is all go through the brain. Your brain Naturally releases key neurotransmitters (brain chemical) that help regulate the balance of vital hormones. They influence system throughout the mind and body. 

The main benefit of meditation is to develop the mind against immortal things and manage your mind towards a good human being. It manages your mood and well-being and gave the path of doing right and wrong. 

By meditation, you can now get more focused and give attention to your things. It improves your memory. We often have the problem of the slip of the mind. By meditation, it can be solved.

How meditation works for children

Meditation works for everyone. But for children, it is more beneficial. Children mind is developing mind, and they are new to this world, by learning meditation, we can inbuild a mind power in them.

So, when they came in elder age, their mind will able to handle all rushes of life and can handle easily.

At starting age, meditation help the children in sleeping. They can sleep silently. Do this practice before bedtime.

By meditation practice, they will also get out of fighting manner. They will also start thinking positive.

According to children behaviour, they will not easily sit for meditation. Don’t force them to sit. What you have to do is, you do meditation and seeing you, they will understand, what is meditation? Not at that time, but later they will understand. 

How meditation helps in mental health

It is proved that meditation helps to improve mental health. Psychologically, meditation helps us get out of our way. It gives stability and correct thinking power.

Sitting on a meditation every day will help to get out of this problem. It works on mind phycology and gives relaxation to the mind.

By daily practice, a person can develop stamina of right thinking. Meditation is the best remedy for a person suffering from a mental health problem.

Reduce Stress

These days stress is the most common problem in everyone’s life. Stress generates many other problems related to headache, migraine and some more stress takes you to depression.

So, it is better to solve this problem earlier. Meditation will help to get out from stress. By doing meditation techniques, your mind will be relaxed and stress-free. Take meditation in your daily routine.

Control Anxiety

Meditation also controls your anxiety. By meditation, stress converts into less anxiety.

“Meditation is being in tune with our inner universe”.

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Most Mental problem can resolve by meditation. Involve meditation in your daily routine and see the miracle.