How Much Does a Bounce House Cost and What Factors Influence Cost

Bounce House

How Much Does a Bounce House Cost and What Factors Influence Cost

A bounce house is a large inflatable device where children can jump and play. With a multifunctional piece, kids can play slides, balls, and other games, motivating them to explore a fun experience.

It has become the favorite entertainment for many families. When it comes to making a purchase, how much does a bounce house cost is always a concern. However, briefly expounding its cost doesn’t work, as many factors influence the price.

Factors that Influence How Much Does a Bounce House Cost

An inflatable jump house can be cost-effective or costly, depending on size, function, bounce house accessories, and delivery fee.


The overall size of a bouncer is an influencing factor in how much does a bounce house cost. The larger the bounce house is, the more expensive it is.

As to large bounce houses, most of them cost at least $1000. Their exorbitant price may discourage those who want to make a purchase.

Another alternative, small bounce houses, which can accommodate under 5 young kids, may be the ideal option.

They can totally satisfy the need to hold indoor events or small backyard parties. The best thing is that they are much more affordable, with the price ranging from $100 to $500 on average.


How much does a bounce house cost? The answer also hinges on single or multi-functions. Their prices go up accordingly for jumping bouncers with extensive decorative items and playing fixtures included, such as inflatable basketball hoops.

Bounce House Accessories

The answer to how much is a bounce house is related to the accessories. The common bounce house accessories include an air blower, lawn stakes, a repair patch kit, and a storage bag.

A reliable bounce house supplier will include all these accessories when you purchase. Meanwhile, it costs you more with all these complete accessories.

However, it is worthwhile because they are useful to keep the working of a bouncy house and save you a lot of time searching for these necessities in other stores.

Delivery Fee

When wondering how much does a bounce house cost, you should think about the delivery fee. The delivery fee is not included for some bounce houses, meaning you must pay for the expense.

The packaged weight of a bounce house can reach up to dozens of pounds, so the delivery fee is not a small expenditure.

If you don’t want to afford the extra fee, selecting a bounce house vendor that can offer free shipping is better.

How Much Does a Bounce House Cost: A Commercial Bounce House Vs. Backyard Bounce House

There is also a big price gap between different bouncers for kids, mainly categorized as commercial bouncy houses and backyard bounce houses.

A commercial bounce house may cost you $300~$800 or even more per day, while a backyard bounce house is more affordable, ranging from $100 to $500.

You may want to know why there is such a big difference in their prices. That’s because they are made of different materials and used for purposes.

A commercial bounce house is usually made of heavy-duty PVC vinyl, which is more resistant to tearing.

But it also brings inconveniences, such as heaviness. Usually, it is suitable for people who want to start up a bounce house business, such as a rental company.

The residential bounce house for kids is mostly made of nylon or polyester fabric. But some residential bouncer suppliers also use PVC material for their products to make them more durable.

Most parents purchase a bounce house for their kids to have fun, so if you are one of them, a backyard bounce house will never go wrong.


Now you know how much is a bounce house, it’s time to figure out where to buy bounce houses for your kids!

You don’t need to search “where I can get the bounce house near me” anymore, as Action Air can meet your demands.

Focusing on designing the best bouncy house, they have already provided many families with premium bouncy houses with copyright protection.

Another good news is that they offer free shipping for people located in the US. Contact them to learn more about their bounce houses!

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