How Much Does It Cost to Paint a House Exterior?

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a House Exterior

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a House Exterior?

Painting your home’s exterior can seem like a daunting task, but it’s one of the more accessible painting projects you can do yourself if you follow these steps and use these tips.

You can save hundreds of dollars by hiring someone else to paint your home’s exterior by following these steps.

The cost of paint, supplies, and services varies depending on where you live, so here are some rough estimates for painting your home’s exterior in different parts of the country.

Please keep in mind that prices may change due to seasonal labor rates, vendor pricing, and currency exchange rates.

What factors affect the price of a painting?

The number of coats you want is probably one of your biggest concerns. Like most home improvement projects, exterior painting is not cheap, and it can be hard to predict how much you will need until you are past a few steps in your project.

You don’t want to end up with too little paint or have leftover material. Here are a few factors that can affect what you should expect from the pricing.

The cost of paint

In addition to your time, one of your most significant expenses will be painting itself. The average gallon of exterior paint costs between $30 and $50, but prices vary depending on where you buy it, so get more information about painting costs from buddy paint. How much you pay depends on several factors:

  • Whether you use flat or glossy finishes.
  • Which type of sheen is applied.
  • How many gallons do you buy at once?
  • Whether they’re high-quality paints.
  • If there are any additional materials like filters or rollers involved.

Exterior paints are cheaper than interior paints—the price difference is about 30%. Some paint companies offer discounts for large quantities of paint purchased at once, so if you have several rooms that need repainting, consider purchasing all your paint at once.

The cost of materials

When you’re planning on painting your exterior home, it’s essential to consider all of your options. While interior paint may cost as little as $15 per gallon, exterior paint can run upwards of $60.

The difference between interior and exterior products also stems from how you will use them. Interior paints tend to be softer and used for less impactful applications like walls or trim.

In contrast, outdoor paints are formulated for strength and moisture resistance to protect surfaces subject to harsh weather conditions like rain or sunlight.

Because they are designed with more durability in mind, they tend to have fewer additives resulting in fewer instances of peeling or cracking over time.

The cost of labor

Every region, neighborhood, and the city is different. The labor cost in these places is also different, which means that every painting project will be more or less costly depending on who you hire to do it.

To determine how much you can expect to pay for paint contractors in your area, call around and get assessments from at least three organizations.

You’ll need to ask whether any fees or deposits are required when payment is due (most contractors prefer payment at the end of each job) and if any warranty protection is offered. 

What are the most common mistakes people make when estimating the costs?

If you’re remodeling, it’s essential to know whether you’ll need a painter for both interior and exterior work.

If so, make sure your contractor is going to charge accordingly. The average cost of an interior paint job is $2,500. The average cost of an exterior paint job is $4,000-$5,000. 

A professional painting contractor will provide you with a detailed estimate before they begin work on your home or business property. This can help ensure no unpleasant surprises down the road; everyone will be on the same page regarding costs and expectations before any work begins. 

  •  The size of your property 
  •  The scope of your project (i.e., complete exterior paint job or just touch-ups) 
  •  The quality of materials used (i.e., high-end paint vs. cheap paint from big box stores) 
  •  Your geographic location (i.e., rural vs. urban areas typically have higher prices due to labor and material costs). 
  • Your timeframe for completing your project (i.e., expect higher prices if you need a quick turnaround).

What should I consider before getting an estimate from a painting contractor?

Before you get an estimate from a painting contractor, you need to know what factors affect the price. If your house is big and has windows and doors with lots of surface area or color changes, it may cost more. For example, when painting wood siding that’s not stained or painted already:

You have no choice but to remove all of it. That means stripping off up to 60% of its finish before any paint can be applied.


The average cost of painting an exterior surface (roof, siding, trim) is $2,000. The average cost of painting all sides of a building (roof, siding, trim) is $4,500.

The most expensive paint projects are also among those with high labor costs; every additional side you paint adds about 20% to your bill.

Likewise, adding extra layers onto surfaces can dramatically drive costs: Painting one 3-layer wall can add 40% to your account.

Please note that adding multiple layers and caulking can exponentially bump up labor time, especially on stucco and brick homes that require special care in preparation for painting.

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