How Smart Glass Enables Hotels to Provide Enhanced Guest Service?

Smart Glass

Smart glass in hotels is a creative approach to enhance the customer experience. Find out the ways hotels can improve their capabilities with smart glass integration.

How does Smart Glass Enhance the Customer Experience in the Hospitality Industry?

There is no doubt that hotels are increasingly turning to technology to improve their guest experiences, and Smart Glass industry has become an integral part of this overall perception.

In hospitality industry, one of the most competitive sectors in the world, getting the edge over competitor innovation is crucial because customers want to spend their money on luxury and comfort.

Smart glass is being used in the hospitality industry as an effective way to enhance customer experience. From restaurant halls to the rooms, this is being used by hoteliers to make life easier for their guests.

Let’s find out how this simple but powerful innovation is changing the experience guests have in hotels.

How Does Smart Glass Work?

Smart glass provides privacy on demand when we turn the power on liquid crystals align themselves and create transparency. Liquid crystals made a scatted pattern when we turned off the power.

Different technologies are used in smart glass, including electrochromic, photochromic, thermochromic, suspended-particles, micro blinds, etc.

How does Smart Glass Enhance the Customer Experience in Hotels?

Smart glass is the latest advancement in glass technology and is used worldwide because it changed its state. It gives attraction and satisfaction to customers.

Here we will discuss those features of smart glass that can enhance customer experiences.


While staying in a sharing room at a hotel, customers can switch the glass to a frosted state so no one can disturb their privacy as they provide privacy on demand.


The main factor that attracts customers to a hotel is cleanliness; no one wants to stay in a shabby environment.

Traditional glass or blinds give a shabby look even after the wash. Smart glass can easily be cleaned and always provide a clean and attractive look and enhance customer experience.

Astonishing Appearance

That’s why hostel owners spend a lot on the hotel’s appearance to give customers an attractive look. Think about the hotel whose interior and exterior are made of smart glass. The customer will prefer that hotel to others.

Reduce Cost

Smart glass allows the hospitality business to save many of its energy resources. During different weathers, smart glass is used to maintain the temperature inside the building, so the energy of the heater and air conditioner will be saved.

They may also be used to keep light levels inside the building as everyone prefers natural light over artificial light.


Having space to alter is a luxury and a necessity as everyone prefers natural light over artificial light. Smart glass can change its state, making it the best option for customization.

Make More Space

For customers, the first thing they notice while entering the room is its size, and they feel if the size of the room is small for limited space.

Many hotels are now using smart glass, especially for the bathroom or cupboard. It gives the illusion to the customers, and the room looks more in space.


Why would smart glass be used in hotels?

Smart glass modernize the room, hospitals, hotels, and conference room as they transform. Most business companies use smart glass to maximize the space and maintain privacy whenever they need them.

What is smart glass made of?

Smart glass have many electrochromic layers of tungsten oxides that usually contain lithium ions. These ions help to create a frosted state while voltage is applied.

Are smart glass dangerous?

Smart glass is considered potential to distract the wearer; therefore, they can be harmful while driving.

Final Words

It provides such an experience to the customers that could not be forgotten starts and ends on providing a luxurious environment and comfort. The use of smart glass in hotels reduces the difference between  5 star and regular hotels.

Smart glass technology reduces the cost of hotel owners. While the restroom is not in use, the management can control the inner temperature of the room to save energy and make the room eco-friendly.

Smart glass is used in building along with IoT devices. Those devices will measure the temperature inside the building and alter the state of smart glass.

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Another need that is welcome more in 2020 is smart maps primarily used in hotels, or public places can also be implemented using smart glass.