How #TeachThemYoung campaign by Glad U Came and Carmesi garnered a reach of 2mn


~by Uniting Influential Voices: The organisation teams up with Content Creators and Celebrities to Amplify the message~

June 2023 – This Menstrual Hygiene Day, Glad U Came, an award-winning PR and Influencer Marketing agency teamed up with Carmesi, a leading period care brand, and launched the #TeachThemYoung campaign.

This collaborative initiative aimed to create awareness and promote menstrual health and hygiene among children. 

Celebrities like Ankita Lokhande, Kishwer Merchant, Ridhi Dogra and many more used their influential voices to talk about this initiative.

Menstruation is a natural and important part of a woman’s life, yet it remains shrouded in myths, misconceptions, and stigma.

The #TeachThemYoung campaign seeks to break this silence by focusing on educating children about menstruation from a young age.

By providing them with accurate information and fostering open discussions, their aim is to empower the younger generation with knowledge and understanding. 

Glad U Came and Carmesi recognized the significant role of mommy influencers on Instagram in shaping opinions and driving conversations.

With the understanding that change begins at home, they collaborated with influential mommy influencers to create compelling content for the #TeachThemYoung campaign.

Leveraging their reach and credibility, these mommy influencers became powerful advocates for menstrual education for children.

“We believe that menstrual education should start early, as it lays the foundation for a future where periods are not taboo but embraced with understanding and empathy,” says Maddie Amrutkar, Founder and CEO of Glad U Came.

“Through the #TeachThemYoung campaign, our aim was to create a positive impact by equipping children with the knowledge they need to navigate menstruation confidently and without shame.”

Carmesi, with its commitment to providing safe and sustainable period care products, brings its expertise to the campaign.

“At Carmesi, we are passionate about women’s health and well-being. By partnering with Glad U Came, we are able to extend our mission to educate and empower the next generation,” says Tanvi Johri, Co-founder of Carmesi.

“We firmly believe that when children are educated about menstruation, they are better equipped to make informed choices and lead healthier lives.”

The idea behind the #TeachThemYoung campaign was to encourage parents, educators, and society at large to engage in open conversations about menstruation.

By normalizing discussions and providing accurate information, we would be able to break down the barriers and eliminate the stigma associated with periods.

The Carmesi website also has The Period Guide especially for kids to learn more about periods and hygiene.

About Carmesi: 

Carmesi was founded in 2017, with a mission to make periods safer for women. The brand has grown to become one of the most prominent start-ups in the feminine care industry in India.

Carmesi has challenged many stereotypes of the feminine hygiene industry by constantly innovating and vocalizing women’s issues.

The brand has a huge array of natural period products – right from sanitary pads to menstrual cups, tampons, panty liners, etc, all of which have been designed using the safest natural ingredients.

The brand is also the first one in India to get its pads certified 100% rash-free by a gynecologist, period rashes being a monthly problem faced by about 90% of women in India.

Apart from its website, Carmesi is readily available across many online channels comprising Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Purplle, Big Basket, Zivame, Netmeds, Pharmeasy, etc.

Carmesi has very strong advocacy amongst its users, and the brand’s Instagram handle is strong proof of the brand’s efforts towards empowering women by bringing periods to the forefront of women’s issues.

About Glad U Came: 

Glad U Came is a leading and fastest-growing PR and Influencer Marketing agency. The young and budding communication specialist boutique offers PR and Celebrity Management Solutions, Influencers Marketing to Luxury, Fashion, and Lifestyle.

Glad U Came is confident enough and believes in innovation that works best for building brand relations.

The agency aims to build a long-lasting relationship with brands and celebrities and bring them a memorable experience.

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