How technology is making you adopt a healthy lifestyle


How technology is making you adopt a healthy lifestyle

Technology has swiftly made inroads in our life, so much so that today we cannot imagine our life without it.

You want to order groceries? Craving for a snack in the middle of the night? Need to get medicines delivered at home?

Need to consult a doctor? Well, you just have to find the right technology, right app and it will be there.

While, it helps us in everyday life, one can also use the innovative technology to live a healthy life. In Covid times, we have all understood the essence of living a healthy life, as it becomes our saviour in difficult times.

Listed below are some ways you can use tech in your life to become healthier, and ready to fight whatever comes your way.

Fastest and Healthy Cooking Device

Research has proved that the longer your food is on flame, the more nutrients are lost. So, one must find an ideal way to cook food quickly, which will save time as well as energy.

On2Cook, the fastest cooking device that uses a combination of induction, flame and microwave to cook food is your saviour. It saves 70% cooking, time, 50% of energy and retains the water-soluble nutrients, preserves colour, texture as well as consistency.

It is ideal for domestic as well as commercial kitchens, and undoubtedly aids healthy lifestyle in the best way possible.

On2COOK India Pvt Ltd is helmed by Sanandan Sudhir, who is a serial inventor and has many products to his credit.

Health and Fitness App

How about having a fitness coach accessible to the you 24×7, who can guide you at every step, show you the way forward when you falter or binge eat.

It can correct the path with the help of right diet and exercise so that you are not just lean, but have a better metabolism rate, and are active and raring to go.

HealthifyMe is one such very popular app that provides calorie tracking as well as advice on fitness and nutrition.

It creates a personalized meal plan by the expert nutritionist and exercise routines customised by certified fitness coaches.

The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices as well as wearable devices like smartwatches and activity trackers.

Smartwatch for smart people

There was a time when it was said that the rich and elite could be identified with the watch they were wearing.

In today’s time the humble timepiece has become a smartwatch that has a multitude of features, and is within the reach of masses too.

Pebble’s Cosmos Grande, the latest smartwatch on the block, has a massive screen size of 2.1 inches, something that beats the competition.

The BT calling device comes with ‘Track Your Moves’ feature with GPS Trajectory Display that enables the user to map their distance while walking, running or cycling.

It also has an updated Health Suite with Heart Rate Monitor, SpO2 Monitor, Sleep Monitor as well as a pedometer to count your steps, to ensure that you are in complete control of your health.

Smart Fitness Equipment for home

Long gone are the days when just running on the treadmill or lifting dumbbells or a workout on the static cycle was all that was needed to be fit.

At max, you could time your exercise and that was all that you could do. But Flexnest, a personal fitness brand brings to you smart exercising equipment that can be connected through the app to reach your desired goal.

Their best-selling products like treadmill, Flexbench, Flexibike are a rage amongst consumers who understand the need to be fit.

Their treadmills come with in-built Bluetooth speakers so that you can groove to your favourite tune, has more than 50 virtual walks through cities like Paris and New York and has the option of more than 500 workouts on the same treadmill.

There are Live classes too, to make the most of the equipment. So, get fit and healthy, right from the comfort of your home.  

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