Believe in Stock Market, how this entrepreneur Mr. Maya Sharan Singh developed a multi-million Algo Trading Firm

Maya Sharan Singh-Lares Fintech

Interview with Mr. Maya Sharan Singh, entrepreneur and Founder of Lares Fintech

Mr. Maya Sharan Singh is an Indian entrepreneur and pioneer of Algo trading in India. Always been a bright academic & Postgraduate from IIM Nagpur in Finance and technology.

He has worked in top Fintech companies in a managerial position and earned years of experience. But he was always passionate about doing something in the Fintech industry.

And after years of knowledge and hard work, he Worked on Strategy & Software. So he left his well-earning job to initiate a venture in Fintech in India.

His entrepreneurial journey started by establishing Algo Trading & Fund Management company. Mr. Maya Sharan worked with compassion and hard work to develop it into a multi-million algo trading firm.

The entrepreneurial journey of Mr. Maya Sharan Singh & formation of Lares

After leaving his well-earning job as Finance Analyst in a big Fintech firm, Mr. Maya Sharan was considered to bring a change in the investment market by using a combination of human intellect and Artificial intelligence.

At that time Algo trading was not commonly used. Algo Trading was first introduced by SEBI in India in the year 2008.

With an encouraging team and his willingness to draw the change, Mr. Maya Sharan Sigh became one of the initiators of Algo trading in India and started his successful journey.

The years of hard work and his experience in his journey made the young entrepreneur an industry expert.

Mr. Maya Sharan with the help of his team successfully developed in-house AI-based Algo trading software & Strategies. With a high success rate and ROI, today it is one of the most successful Algo trading Company in India.

Evolution of Lares Fintech from a dream to multi-million Fintech Company in India

Apart from Algo trading Lares Fintech also provide Hedge fund management schemes, Prop-desk management, quant-based trading, and market-making services.

Lares Fintech is a successfully running Fintech company with a huge user base. It is still growing and achieving more and more every day.

The software developed by the Fintech company is high in demand and works efficiently in different market conditions.

Mr. Singh with his great compassion, and vision to understand the market created a multi-million brand, Lares Fintech. Starting at a young age and gaining a lot of experience in his educational and working career, the young entrepreneur grew into an industry expert.

Mr. Maya Sharan Singh is the director of Lares Fintech a successful, multi-million Fintech company in India.

Maya Sharan Singh played an important role in Algorithmic Trading Evolution in India. After its introduction in the year 2008, it was later adopted by the mass because of its potential.

The director of the Fintech company Mr. Maya Sharan Singh still holds hope of revolution in the field of Algo Trading.

Algo trading has been introduced in the year 2008, in India. A lot of moderation has taken place since then.

The director of a Fintech Company Lares Fintech played an important role in this new adoption by their in-house software at that time. He still holds hope of a revolution in this Algo Trading technology in the upcoming years.

Tell us a little about yourself or your company

Maya Sharan Singh: Lares Fintech provides the best Algo trading software. It is based on the quantitative previous market data and market behavior which works on a set chain of commands.

What service(s) or product(s) do you offer at Lares Fintech?

Maya Sharan Singh: Algo Trading, Market Making, Quant Trading, Prop Desk Management, Automated Trading, Hedge Fund Management

What is your mission and vision at the outset?

Maya Sharan Singh: Our Vision at Lares Fintech is “To become a strong leading holder of modern trading strategies and systems to capture the huge potential of automated trading software laying in financial markets”.

What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?

Maya Sharan Singh: We at Lares Fintech have refined our understanding of how to value, trade, and hedge complex securities.

We at the automated trading company enhance the user experience and make our process more effective and reliable.

What was the inspiration behind turning an entrepreneur or Startup

Maya Sharan Singh: Lares Fintech concentrates on prospects that offer risk-adjusted returns, strict compliance, disciplined due diligence, a professional team approach with operations and investment partners, and the use of creative, efficient, and customized solutions.

Your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs and startups

Maya Sharan Singh: We have grown every year in our team, capital, and global presence while enhancing our expertise in technology, operations, and trading.

We safely navigated the dotcom and subprime excesses, staying true to our core focus rather than following the herd.


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