How this Gujarat-based entrepreneur set up Rs 10 crore company

Kunal Raiani - FEMVY Company

Being the son of a jeweler, he was not financially strong so he started a business by borrowing money

Everyone’s dream is to become rich. A person works hard all his life to earn money. Some people make a lot of progress at a young age.

Nowadays internet has become an easy way to make money in the form of home business e-commerce. With a computer and internet connection, you can easily reach your customers with your e-commerce business.

The same has happened with surat-based entrepreneur Krunal Raiani. After studying diploma engineering , he quit his job as a marketing and started his own online business of selling textiles and embroidery.

Surat is currently dominating the e-commerce business. This entrepreneur from Surat started his own company with only two persons. Earlier, he started a marketing job at a hardware company. As a child, he decided to grow up to be an entrepreneur and made this dream come true.

Today, Kunal Raiani has embarked on a journey from zero to hero as the CEO of FEMVY Company.

Entrepreneurial journey from zero

Krunal Raiani, 24, owns a company in the village area of ​​Surat. After doing engineering from Surat Gandhi College in 2015, he was working for only six and a half thousand rupees.

After working for 11 months, he came up with the idea of ​​doing business. But being the son of a jeweler was not financially strong.

After borrowing Rs 2 lakh, he started a business of making kurtis with one machine. Today it has about 100 machines and about 100 employees.  He sells kurtis to large companies involved in e-commerce. The company’s turnover in 2015 was around 3 million.

With a lot of hard work and dedication, he ventured into the e-commerce business in the year 2018. He started selling saris, gowns and kurtis by tying them up with an e-commerce company like amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.

In 2015, his company had a turnover of Rs 3 million, which has now reached Rs 100 million. His entrepreneurial journey started from Surat has now reached all the states of India and he is now aiming to reach international business.

His company, which started with just 2 individuals, today it employs 100 employees. He believes that the success of the company is due to the cooperation of his employees.

Today he is ready to help their employees in insurance, term plan, medical emergency and any kind of difficulty in family life.

Even in Corona pandemic, they have not laid off their employees. In addition, the employees have been paid full salary from the company’s profit money.

He claims to be with God’s blessing behind everything they are today. Equivalent to God, they are equally indebted to their parents. With their cooperation and love, he has been able to achieve this goal.

He is the best example of “Vocal for Local”. He also provides free training and direction to other young entrepreneurs who want to enter e-commerce.

“I will tell the young entrepreneur to think that you do not have money,” Krunal said. Because of that you can’t do business. Everything can happen if morale is capable.

Today, at the age of 24, I own a company with a turnover of Rs 100 million and want to do more in the field of e-commerce in the future.

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So that I can make other people self-reliant too. No one in my family has done business. My father was a jeweler and no member of the family was involved in textiles.