How to Add Music to Instagram Post

How to Add Music to Instagram Post

Did you see someone’s Story on Instagram, doing exercise, and strong thrilling music over their Story? You must have seen it aspiring if you could do that because it is one of the most exciting things Instagram has featured. Give it a read if you want to post such content filled with music and lyrical rhythms.

On June 28, 2018, Instagram announced proudly telling its users that now they can add music to their Instagram stories.

Instagram is now quoted as not a photo and video sharing platform but has given a new trend to social media apps. It has become something resourceful, filled with quality and quantity.

Now, if you have nothing but some thoughts to share, Instagram is very welcoming. Instagram will give your aesthetic sense another shape if you want to share aesthetics.

For educationists, Instagram has become an unravelling site to launch courses or post content related to their subject.

Every other day we see Instagram bringing quality to its interface. It is always working hard to optimize and increase its consumers by giving multiple options on one screen.

In some countries, Instagram launched a music feature in 2018, while many countries could not get this feature update.

Countries that could not acquire their standard license remained deprived of this feature. Well, in 2022, most countries will be at the rhythm of Instagram music.

If you are new to this feature and want to know how you can add Instagram music to your Instagram posts, here is a step-to-step guide which will enable you to master adding music to your content.

Before going ahead with the music feature, let’s see what kind of posts you can add to Instagram music. Instagram has multiple formats of posting content, i.e. Stories, Reels, IGTV, IG Live, and so on.

Instagram music is limited to some of the formats as you cannot add music to each content format. Hence, you can use third-party apps to do this. Within the IG app, you can add music to Stories and Reels.

Well, specifically talking about Instagram music, here is a guide on how to do this.

Instagram Music for Stories:

Step One:

The first step to adding music to your content is to have content. You can add Instagram music to pictures and videos. So, the first thing is to have the content.

After having the content, there are two ways of uploading the content.

i. Directly through Instagram

ii. Uploading from Camera Roll

If you are going to use Instagram to record a video or click a picture, open the Instagram app. After opening the app, you will see a round icon with a + sign on the top left corner of the app.

It will open the camera for you. To click a picture, click the shutter button once after focusing. To record a video, you must keep holding the shutter button.

One can add filters by tapping the stars-like button on the right-side column. You can use a variety of filters available on Instagram to beautify your video or picture.

Step Two:

Once you have the content, i.e. picture or the video, it is time to add music. Click on the square face with a smiley in the row on the right side of your phone.

It will open multiple options. Now, you need to go to the second row. The third option in the second row is the music feature. Tap on it, and it will open other multiple options.

Step Three:

After tapping the music icon, it will open a list of soundtracks. There is a top bar where you can search for the music of your choice.

Right below the search bar, there are two options. One is “for you”, and the other is “browse”.

 “For you” has all the soundtrack most liked by you if you already have used the feature depending on your listening history. It also depends on the region from where you are using Instagram.

For example, if you are in Istanbul, Turkey, you will see most of the Turkish songs in the ‘for you’ section.

The “Browse” option is to search and browse trending music through musician, genre, or lyrics.

You can tap on the ‘play’ button or simply the soundtrack to listen to it. If this is the music you want to put in, follow the next step.

Step Four:

The next step is adding music to your Story. There are options in which you can set the lyrics of the music.

Now you will have some more options. You will see three icons in the middle top of the mobile. One with the exclamation mark is to report the written lyrics if they are incorrect or do not resonate with the sound.

The next icon is again for the music. If you want to change the soundtrack, you can tap that icon, and again, you will have a list of music.

The third icon signifies the colour of the written lyrics. Here you can modify the colour of the content according to your content design.

After completing all the steps, you can press the button “done” at the right corner and upload.

Remember, Instagram only adds 15-second music to the picture. In the video, it depends on the length of the video. One can also mute or unmute the audio from real video by tapping the “speaker” button on the top.

How to Add Instagram Music to Reels:

Adding music to Instagram is not limited to Stories. One can easily add music to the Instagram Reels by following the simple steps given below:

Step One:

Just as one opens for Stories, you will see the option for Reels if you swipe left in the bottom line. It will open the option to record or upload for Reel.

Step Two:

Either you upload a video from Camera Roll or record it by IG app; you can add music after you have done adding the video.

Step Three:

Tap the “music” icon on the top row of your mobile. It will open a list of songs for you with two options, i.e. saved soundtracks and from the search bar.

Step Four:

Options will be available now in which you can change the song by tapping the ‘delete’ button. If you do not need to change the song, press ‘done’.

Step Five:

You can see the video by tapping on the ‘preview’ button. There will be another option, pressing that will upload your Reel.

Adding Your Own Music:

One can add the music from their own library by using third-party apps. This way, you can use the music not available in the Instagram library.

Adding Music to Instagram Feeds and IGTV:

Hence, Instagram’s feature of adding music is restricted to Stories and Reels, but one can add music to their Feed or IGTV by using third-party apps.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Adding Instagram music can aestheticize your content. It would add meaning and rhythm to your content which is much liked by the audience. This will buy social followers for your account, and this way, your account will reach a wider audience and will get a higher reach.

However, remember that overdoing or not doing it decently and appositely can give the wrong direction to what you are trying to achieve.

First, remember your audience. Doing what your audience likes will get your account a better engagement. If you are uploading fun activities, it is important not to use music with a serious tone. Similarly, serious businesses cannot use random music for themselves.

Business accounts must be mindful of their niche, audience, and content.

Final Thought:

Hence, Instagram music is a fun feature that you must use in your Stories and Reels. It will make your page add to the explore page and get recognized with that specific music.

Adding music is a fun added benefit while one must learn its correct usage, and much thought must be given when selecting the music.

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