How to Become a Great Motion Graphics Designer?

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Ask great motion graphics designers the secret to their success, and they’ll tell you it is the skills they cultivated through hard work and patience.

While a motion graphics course can teach you the basic skills to get started, and you can develop your craft through practice. But does it guarantee you’ll become a great motion graphics designer? Surely not.

The truth is, becoming a master at motion graphics takes practice, patience, skills, and a small helping of luck. And the good news is you can optimize your chances for all of the above.

With that in mind, here are our top tips for becoming a master motion graphics designer.

Get a Certification

Getting a formal education is an effective way to get familiar with the basics of motion graphics. You can either opt for a bachelor’s degree in relevant fields or a more advanced motion graphics course from institutes like Pearl EDGE.

They offer a comprehensive 3-months course to help you learn the right techniques needed to create compelling motion graphics. More importantly, they give you a taste of life as a motion graphics designer.

Learn the Right Tools

Once you get your basics right with a motion graphics course, it’s time to master these skills with the right tools.

With certification courses from learning platforms like Pearl EDGE, you can learn to practice with tools like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects to create animations, and 3D visuals, work with Chroma key, and more. Remember, practice is the key to a successful career in motion graphic design.

Understand the Industry

While motion graphics is a fairly new and emerging profession in the design industry, it is a highly dynamic field full of unique challenges.

So as the industry grows, you need to stay on top of the trends and design standards for motion graphic designers.

Following professional artists and leading brands on social media is a good way to keep up with this notoriously fast-evolving field.

Build a Portfolio

Most clients rely on your portfolio to assess your talent. It is a window to your industry knowledge and designing skills.

As a beginner, an effective way to build your portfolio is by providing free services to clients. Actively seek out businesses and potential collaborators looking for similar services. Once you have an impressive portfolio, you can advertise to find well-paying clients.

Apply for Work

Now that you have the desired skills and a solid portfolio, you need to sharpen these skills with real-world projects.

Actively research for new openings – an internship, a training position, or a freelancing job, anything to kickstart your graphic designing career.

By working on different graphic designing projects, you’ll learn about the industry, get inspired by other professionals, and better understand what the industry expects from you.

The graphic designing industry is full of opportunities, thanks to the various learning prospects and technological innovation.

Gain the right skill set with a motion graphics course and prepare for a vibrant career in motion graphic design.

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