How to build your office culture at a Coworking Space

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How to build your office culture at a Coworking Space

In today’s cut-throat world, companies strive to maintain their unique work culture and maintain their own brand identity. Be it budding startups or established organizations, it is important to have a strong culture.

A company’s workplace values determine its perception amongst its clients, employees and customers alike.

Your office space plays a vital role in determining the workspace culture too. Here coworking space can help you to not only have a well-designed workspace and a great ambience but also allow employees to work peacefully, collaborate with other employees, and have fun in game zones.

Thus, the role of office space for rent in a company’s culture is huge. You may have your doubts about: How to develop a distinct company culture in a coworking ecosystem? Investing in good culture and nurturing it may seem difficult in an office space for rent.

To maintain your company’s work culture in a shared office space, you need to be sure you emphasize on the following points:

Mission and values of the company-

A company’s mission statement provides a focal point that helps to align everyone. It also helps everyone to work towards a common business objective which ultimately enhances a company’s efficiency and productivity.

Having a clear idea of the company’s goals, philosophy, function, markets, and competitive advantage helps in creating a lasting impression on the clients, customers and employees alike.

To maintain your company’s mission and values in a clear manner within a shared office space need not be challenging.

All you have to do is to convey your business needs to the workspace provider and choose the product that suits you – whether it is a coworking space, manager’s cabin or a fully equipped managed office.

Engage in community-building events and team recognition

Team building has many benefits, including increased communication, better skill management, motivation of employees, and encouraging collaboration to build a strong network.

Also, conducting fun activities will help employees see each other in a different light and connect in a different setting.

You can do that easily in a coworking space. But without disturbing the other members. In a serviced or managed office, you can conduct any team building activity though you will have to regard the privacy and work of others working out of the same office space for rent.

Creating regular opportunities for team members helps improve their performance, resolve conflicts, and increase respect for each other.

As a company, it is important to recognize more talents and help them do better in their work areas to connect outside the office.

Some workspace providers like iKeva regularly host community engagement and networking events for a vibrant community experience. These community events are for teams of all sizes, from 1 to even 500+

In addition, make sure your team feels connected by regularly highlighting employee accomplishments and contributions.

Create time during team meetings for shoutouts and appreciation, make a plan for how you celebrate team birthdays and anniversaries, and create branded employee gifts that also contribute to a sense of identity.

Collect ideas and feedback from your team

Creating and establishing a company’s work culture should be a collective effort. Employees’ interests and ideas should be noticed if a company wants a strong culture that is responsive because when your colleagues feel heard and seen, they are more likely to enjoy their work as they  feel like they’re part of the team.

Engaging a team and building a culture even though the team is small, working together will help. To do so, you can:

– Seek ideas for building culture in team meetings and even engage with teams working remotely or in other cities or other parts of the world. Coworking space in Mumbai offer you fully equipped meeting rooms having world-class audio video conferencing equipment and high-speed internet to facilitate your meetings.

– Form a “culture committee” with representatives from different departments, to get team input, and help with planning cultural activities

Retain your brand’s unique identity

It may seem difficult to retain and maintain your brand’s identity in a shared office space which is home to many different companies working together.

However, by simply conveying your specific business requirements clearly to your workspace provider, you can maintain your own brand identity such as displaying signage, having doors and walls in your brand colors, having furniture with brand colors and a separate workstation with restricted and controlled access. In fact, managed and serviced offices offer you complete privacy too.

Summarizing it all

Coworking spaces will have great infrastructure, with all the services, and it also provides flexibility, opting to work from a shared office space you can also network and collaborate with many enterprises working in the same place.

Hence, a strong work culture is crucial to creating a great employee experience and attracting and retaining top talent no matter your company’s size or phase.

Plug and play offices like iKeva help create a coherent company culture, further enhanced by working with hundreds of companies across top cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

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