How To Buy The Right Geyser For Your Bathroom

Geyser For Bathroom

Rain or the colder months of the year signal the start of the need for warm showers. When you switch on the water heater for the first time this season, it feels great on your skin.

If you don’t have a water heater at home, now is the time to get one because the weather can be severe and cruel.

Geysers are essential in modern households

Water heaters, often known as geysers, are not a luxury. It is an essential requirement. They are in charge of heating water and ensuring that hot water is consistently delivered to showers, sinks, tubs, and appliances.

They make our life simpler, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. However, we require it in the restroom.

Bathing, cleaning (washing dishes, clothes), and cooking are all common uses of hot water in the home.

If you happen to reside in a colder climate, your water heater might account for a significant portion of your monthly utility bill.

Consequently, it is critical that you carefully select water heaters for your home. There are multiple brands available in the market. Like Havells, Godrej, AO smith, Bajaj etc.

When purchasing a water heater, keep in mind two crucial factors: it must not only meet your family’s daily hot water needs, but it must also drastically lower your energy expenses. Also if it gets damaged don’t forget to contact bajaj geyser service center in Kolkata for a quick repair.

Which type of Geyser is best for the bathroom?

Because choosing a water heater between Instant geyser vs storage geyser might be difficult, it’s a good idea to know how much storage space you’ll need and what fuel type will save you money on your energy costs.

Unless you happen to live in a huge house with a large family, you must also consider another factor: the water heater function. It necessitates familiarity with the many types of water heaters on the market as well as their applications.

Different Kind Of Geysers

  1. Conventional Storage Water Heater: Water heaters of this sort are the most common. Storage water heaters provide a ready supply of hot water that is released when the tap is turned on.

    They are either electric, which uses electricity or gas-powered, which is less expensive. They require constant heating and are equipped with an electrical thermostat that switches off the power supply to the heating coils once the desired temperature is reached.

    It has a significant standby heat loss and is consequently more expensive to maintain because it takes energy to keep the water hot even when it is not in use.
  2. Instant Geysers: On-demand water heaters, often known as tankless heaters, do not require a storage tank. Tankless water heaters are gaining popularity around the world as a viable alternative to traditional storage tank devices.

    When you switch on the hot water, it activates an electric-powered heat exchanger (which you can see in action here) that swiftly heats the water.

    Tankless units tend to heat water only when it is required, rather than constantly heating water in a storage tank.

    Consequently, they use less energy than traditional storage water heaters. On the flip side, a tankless system can be substantially more expensive than a conventional water heater.

  3. Instant Gas Geysers: LNG or liquefied natural gas and LPG or liquefied petroleum gas are used in these tankless or on-demand water heaters (LNG).

    When you switch on the hot water, a gas-powered heat exchanger heats the water swiftly. They are even more energy-efficient than electric water heaters that heat up instantly.

  4. Heat Pump Geyser: A heat pump is a type of geyser that uses electricity to transfer heat from the air to the water. It accomplishes this by absorbing energy from the surrounding air and returning it to the heat pump’s water tank.

    Because it uses power to transmit heat from one location to another rather than generate heat.

    It consumes a fraction of the electricity used by other water heating systems, and its operational costs are also reduced. To put it another way, they are three to four times as efficient as electric water heaters.

Storage Capacity of Geysers

Yes, it is essential to take into consideration the storage capacity of the geyser as the bigger the consumption, the more volume at more frequency will be needed.

It means that a bigger family will need more hot water in their bathroom than a couple living together. Thus, keeping it in mind when buying a geyser is of utmost importance.

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A smaller capacity water heating equipment will not meet the necessary if the consumption is a lot. Similarly, have a huge capacity geyser for a single person may not be advisable due to its power consumption.

How Much Does A Geyser Cost?

Indeed, the best in class will be costly, but it will be worth the money spent on it. There are many brands available in the market, which claim to offer the best at a low price.

However, it is not the reality, and a consumer must never fall for cheap items with big promises.

Buying a geyser that is reasonably priced as per its features would be a wise thing to do. However, some geysers with advanced features will undoubtedly cost more, but they will also be power-efficient and safe to operate.

Shape of Geysers

The shape of a geyser is also of utmost importance because a big sized oval geyser may not be suitable for a small bathroom. A rectangular geyser will suit well there.

Similarly, some geysers can be placed outside the bathroom while their connection is given inside. It would save space as well as also keep big capacity geysers function well.


Each brand has few models that have star ratings in terms of power consumption. The better the geyser, the higher the star ratings.

This is easy to identify and recognise because an international agency bestows the star rating after meticulously checking the machine.


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Buying a geyser is a big step towards getting a comfortable and warm bath in the house. Hence, it has to be chosen well and thoroughly aware of its needs to cater to.

Having a bit more capacity will not harm but could come in handy when the usage frequency increases or guests are at home.

Nonetheless, they are to be used with caution and as they are supposed to be, while for any specific assistance.