How To Choose A Mixer Grinder For Your Home?

Mixer Grinder

A mixer grinder is a quintessential appliance for an Indian kitchen. But when you set out to buy a new mixer grinder, you will definitely be bogged down by the infinite number of choices available.

Amazon itself shows over 6000 results when you search for a Mixer Juicer Grinder. That is why we bring to you a buying guide to help you decide how to choose the right mixer grinder for your needs.

So let us delve into the most important aspects you need to consider when buying a mixer grinder.


Mixer grinders used for homes are available with motors having power between 500 to 1500 watts. But 500 and 750-watt Mixer Juicer Grinders are the most common in the Indian market.

Of late, mixer grinders from Sujata and Bosch which have 900 and 1000 watt motors respectively are also gaining popularity.

When it comes to choosing the right mixer grinder, you need to analyse your usage pattern and decide what to choose.

When you analyse the difference between a 500 and 750-watt mixer grinder, you understand that a 500-watt Mixer Juicer Grinder takes too much time for grinding and that in turn can affect its durability.

So, if you use a mixer grinder for just making chutney, grinding onion masala, ginger-garlic paste, smoothies and milkshakes, then a 500-watt mixer grinder would be enough. They are priced more economically too.

But if you use a Mixer Juicer Grinder every day in your kitchen and grind idli/dosa batter, make spice powders and masala on a daily basis, then, you would need at least a 750-watt mixer grinder. They are available at a price range starting from Rs. 3000 onwards.


Motor power alone doesn’t guarantee efficient grinding. For that, you need to have mixer Juicer grinders with blades that are suitable for the job.

Ideally, the blades of the chutney jar should be as close as possible to the bottom surface of the jar. Simple two-prong blades are usually efficient for wet and dry grinding jars.

Some Mixer Juicer Grinder have blades with 4 or 6 edges. But often, they don’t provide superior grinding performance compared to the ones without it.


Most of the jars available in the market come with a stainless steel body. Depending on the price range, they either have polycarbonate lids or plastic lids.

Plastic lids tend to get loose after a while. So, it may not fit correctly on the jar. However, they don’t stain when you grind masala. Polycarbonate lids on the other hand are more durable.

But they are prone to developing scratches. To make the best of both, it is better to opt for a Mixer Juicer Grinder that has polycarbonate lids for its wet grinding jar and a plastic lid for its dry grinding jar.


Mixer grinders are available in the market starting from Rs. 1500 onwards. Just like everything else, you get what you pay for.

Cheaper mixer grinders priced under Rs. 3000 come with a 500-watt motor and they often lack durability.

They may be suitable for bachelors or homes that use Mixer Juicer Grinders occasionally. But, if you cook on a daily basis, then, it would be better to opt for a mixer grinder that is priced between Rs. 3000-6000 depending on your budget.

Though they cost higher, these Mixer Juicer Grinders have excellent durability and grind quickly saving you time and minimizing any hassles.

Brands and Aftersales Service

Preethi is the best selling mixer grinder brand in India. Their products are mostly in the mid to high-end segment.

They have a wide network of after-sales service centres in South India. But, lack them in North India. Philips, which owns the Preethi brand has a better presence in North India.

Their products are priced more economically. As they both belong to the same parent company, you find a lot of similarities in the design and motor of their mixer grinders.

Havells, Prestige, Bajaj and Butterfly are some of the brands that sell low to mid-segment Mixer Juicer Grinders.

And on the other end of the spectrum, Bosch and Sujata sell high power mixer grinders. Sujata does not have a wide network of aftersales service centres.

But, just like Preethi, you get the spares even from local shops. Bosch, on the other hand, offers excellent after-sales service.


Most of the mid to high-end Mixer Juicer Grinders come with a 2-year product warranty and a 5-year warranty on the motor.

During this time frame, the brands service and repair the mixer grinders free of cost. But, you have to take the product to their service centres. OnSiteGo and other providers offer extended service plans too, which provide hassle-free service at your doorsteps.


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A mixer grinder is an investment that lasts for a decade. It is important that you diligently analyse the various models using this article as a guide to decide the one best suitable for your needs.