How to Choose an Appropriate Hyperbaric Chamber for Yourself

hyperbaric oxygen chamber

The HBOT industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. Five decades ago, you could count facilities that had HBOT chambers.

They were not up to thirty. That figure has risen to over 2000 facilities, with health facilities and non-health facilities installing the units.

That figure does not take into account hyperbaric chambers used by individuals at home. The increasing number of HBOT units also means more investors are coming into the market.

But with the ongoing trend, there is just one challenge – potential users don’t know which HBOT unit to go for.

As such, this article will be looking at some factors you should consider before purchasing an hyperbaric oxygen chamber unit. Let’s start by defining HBOT for the benefit of those that are still new to the technology.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is an oxygen-based therapy that is not only used for correcting certain health anomalies but also works perfectly for ensuring a healthier lifestyle.

HBOT uses a simple principle – constant oxygen supply to the user’s body tissues. The user inhales the oxygen inside a pressurized chamber.

Inside the chamber, the oxygen is efficiently driven around the user’s body because the pressure is slightly higher than atmospheric pressure.

Hard-shell Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers

The hard-shell chambers are almost becoming the standard for HBOT units. Most companies only design and manufacture hard-shell chambers.

One such company is OxyHelp. And unlike most other products, OxyHelp has ensured that their pressure is kept at a safe level of 2 ATM.

Extremely high pressures have been the challenge of some hard-shell hyperbaric chambers. Thankfully, you do not have to worry about such issues when using OxyHelp hard-shell HBOT units.

The percentage of oxygen delivered inside a hard-shell HBOT chamber is also worth considering. The air you breathe in the system contains a higher percentage of oxygen when you compare it with the 21% in the atmosphere.

OxyHelp hard-shell chambers are designed to be moved from one place to another. The level of portability is what determines the exact type of chamber that will be best for you.

Soft-Shell Chambers

There isn’t much to say about soft-shell HBOT chambers because the world seems to be evolving beyond that stage.

This type of chamber was initially developed for other reasons. For example, it was normally used by mountain climbers and divers.

It was never intended for health purposes. Soft-shell chambers were strictly for providing oxygen to users in areas where the gas is limited.

Soft Chambers could only guarantee a maximum pressure of 1.3 ATM and deliver 24% oxygen at the highest.

These chambers do not have much to offer to people who intend to use HBOT units for wellness reasons.

No studies have been carried out in that respect. On the other hand, hard-shell chambers that have attracted the interest of many researchers.

Countless studies about how hard-shell chambers can help users in the area of health and well-being have been carried out. Again, if you want a reliable hard-shell HBOT chamber, look at what OxyHelp has in store.

Monoplace Chambers

Hard-shell HBOT chambers exist in two basic categories – monoplace and multiplace. In this section, we will discuss some of the notable features of the monoplace chamber.

We are particularly going to be looking at OxyHelp’s monoplace chambers, so you know what to expect.

As you may have rightly guessed, monoplace chambers are designed for a single user at a time. The unit cannot accommodate more than one person.

OxyHelp Monoplace Chamber Features

  • The system is air-filled with oxygen.
  • Safety mechanism to guard against over-pressure on both sides.
  • Does not require any oxygen cylinders.
  • Operates with zero noise.
  • Automatically depressurization should there be any power failure.
  • A quick button to stop the machine’s operation.
  • Air filters with double layers.
  • Antibacterial interior
  • Users can be seen, heard, and monitored at all times.
  • Ear-pressure equalizer.
  • Emergency depressurization functions are present inside and outside.
  • Usage time is between 60 and 300 minutes.

Multiplace Chambers

Multiplace hyperbaric chambers are for multiple users. They offer everything monoplace chambers offer and even more. Multiplace chambers are designed for different scenarios.

Recall that OxyHelp develops multiplace hyperbaric chambers that can be used in wellness and spa, fitness centers, sports centers, chiropractors, beauty salons, , and for private use.

Features of OxyHelp Multiplace Chambers

  • Requires little or no supervision given its low-floor space ratio.
  • Five people can stay inside.
  • Users can control the chamber from inside without any interference from outside.
  • Low maintenance and running costs.
  • Affordable cost for the different models.
  • Excellent ROI.
  • Can serve practitioners for many years.
  • Safe for people in all age brackets.
  • Users can start seeing results in no time.

Who is HBOT Chamber for?

There are several opinions online regarding who the HBOT chamber is for. The technology has also been mistaken for regular oxygen therapy methods.

HBOT is an advanced form of oxygen therapy. It is not like oxygen therapy that can only be used by some people. HBOT is safe for all its users.

However, to avoid complicating your health, one needs to speak with a doctor before proceeding with the therapy.

For instance, various reports show that the chambers bring about low blood pressure for diabetics. So, you must speak with your health advisor before doing anything in this regard.


HBOT chambers are more common now than they were many years ago. Sometimes you can get confused about which product to go for.

But, after reading this post, I am sure you are now intimated with some factors that can help you choose the best products.

Weigh your option with the above factors and you can be sure of getting a suitable hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber.

OxyHelp is also a preferred and trusted brand. Their chambers are of high quality and built according to industry standards.

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