How to choose an electric shaver ? Which One Is Best For You ?

electric shaver

Some people wonder if there is a big difference between certain electric shavers. The answer to that question is, yes!

The first step in choosing the right shaver is deciding what you want it for. If you are African-American or have coarse facial hair then you will need to invest in an electric razor with round blades and a pivoting head such as Braun Series 7-790cc Pulsonic Shaver System . 

On the other hand, if your skin tends to be sensitive or you shave infrequently, choose one of Panasonic’s wet/dry razors such as the ES-LA63-S Arc4 Electric Razor , which has 4 blade cutting system and ultra thin vibrating outer. 

Thanks to advanced technologies like Braun’s Pulsonic Technology , you can now have a smooth skin without irritating it.

This shaver makes 10,000 micro vibrations per minute and captures more hair thanks to the titanium coated blades.

These technologies will help you achieve a comfortable shave that is as close as a traditional one. You can even use shaving cream or take a shower with your electric razor !

Cordless And Corded Razors

The only difference between cordless and corded electric razors is their power source. If you choose a trimmer with a cable then this means that its motor works when it is plugged into an electrical outlet via a cable.

The advantage of choosing a shaver with a cable is that they tend to be faster than cordless ones, but this also depends on the type of battery it uses.

Charging Speed

The charging time is also important if you want to know which shaver will suit your needs. A rechargeable electric shaver can last 90 minutes after being plugged in for 8 hours, while a cordless one only lasts 40 min after being charged for an hour.

Which Shaver Is Best For The Head ?

If you are searching for the best solution for shaving your head, then you should choose either a foil or rotary electric razor depending on the density of your hair and different preferences.

On the other hand, if you have sensitive skin, look for Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor 4-Blade Cordless with Wet/Dry Shaver Convenience .

This product has hypoallergenic blades so it prevents irritation even during frequent shaving sessions.

Some people even claim that this is the only electric shaver they have used which didn’t give them any skin problems.

The best way to do that is to use a pre-shave oil or even a pre-electric shave cream.Trimmers are perfect for longer beards since they cut better than other products, but you need to take special care of your skin if you are using them on a regular basis.


In order to have the perfect finish, you will need a good quality shaver designed for dry shaving. In other words, it must be waterproof so you can use it with water and soap as well as having an electric cable.

If you travel a lot, choose one which is lightweight and easy to carry around – Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Electric Razor Men’s Shaver . It has a stylish design and components which make the product easier to clean.

You should also take into consideration the different attachments that come with your electric shaver. If you want to be able to trim your sideburns, choose one which comes with an attachment for this purpose.

If you are looking for a beard trimmer, take a look at Philips BT9285/32 Series 5000 Beard Trimmer.

This product is perfect if you need more precision since it has an adjustable comb and 5 length settings so it can mimic the effect of scissors.

Final Words

The market is full of different types of electric shavers to choose from so it can be difficult to find the perfect one for your needs.

It is important to take into consideration the accessories, cordless vs. corded features and different technologies.

If you take your time to read the specifications of each product, then you will definitely find one which suits your needs.

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