How to Choose Elopement Dress


How to Choose Elopement Dress

The search for the perfect wedding dress can be a lot of fun, but it also has the potential to be extremely overwhelming and stressful.

When searching for the ideal dress to wear to an elopement, there is an overwhelming number of available alternatives, and one must take a variety of factors into account.

This post will emphasize those crucial criteria and also provide some inspiration to some of my favorite designers and sites to acquire a rad as heck elopement dress in hopes that it will help you find the perfect dress for your elopement.

I want to make sure that you have the elopement dress of your dreams—one that makes you feel amazing and isn’t going to get in the way of you having fun throughout your travels.

Being able to breath

This may seem like a no-brainer (for example, don’t we always want to be able to breathe?), but it’s important to note.

But I want you to accompany me on this voyage. Walking, hiking, and other outdoor activities are frequently incorporated into elopements and other forms of “adventure weddings.”

If you do not live in the area where your elopement will take place and/or if there will be an increase in elevation involved, you are going to become winded a lot more quickly than you normally would. Because your body will require more oxygen, you should plan on taking a lot more long, deep breaths as a result of this change.

Combine this information with what we already know about other bridal gowns. There is a lot of internal construction going on inside of a lot of wedding dresses (for example, boning), which assists in keeping the typically heavy dress up.

Your capacity to breathe or to take very significant and deep breaths may be reduced as a result of this. Because of this, my standard piece of advice is to steer clear of dresses that feature an excessive amount of boning.

On the day of their wedding, no one should be passing out (and I say this as someone who has personally experienced passing out due to being unable to breathe properly because of their dress being too tight).

It is a little bit disappointing, to say the least. What about if it’s boiling? Put that out of your mind. Sincerely, close pals. Check that you have enough room to breathe before continuing.

Being able to flaunt

Questions to ponder while trying on gowns are as follows: Are you able to perform a high step? Are you able to rise up from a seated posture without any effort on your part?

What about sitting on the ground instead? Do you have the ability to lift your arms above your head? Does the dress have a weight of 75,000 pounds?

Is the dress strapless, and if so, are you going to have to pull that thing up over your head every meter that you walk?

Is this dress comfortable enough to wear for rock climbing, hiking, running, and dancing? On the day of your elopement, the ability to move around freely is quite vital, so be sure that the dress you choose allows you to have fun in the changing room while also passing the movement test.

Try some of these dance skills out in your bridal salon. Climb up onto one of the chairs. Put your bottom on the ground (or squat).

Raise both of your arms. Dancing should be practiced. Do all in your power to restore your mobility as soon as possible. On the day of your elopement, the last thing you want is to feel constrained by your clothing in any way.

Choose comfort

Hello! This is kind of a combo of the two previous considerations, but selecting your elopement wedding dress is so crucial that I wanted to be explicit about it.

Is the dress easy to move around in? Does the lace irritate your skin? Does the zipper irritate your side when you move it?

Is the bodice covered in a lot of beading that causes your arms to become itchy? Does the dress need you to continually modify it or lift it up? Because you will be outside and probably doing some sort of activity, these are some things to think about.

Vibes matching with you… love it

Yes, each of them is a vital consideration, but the “most important thing” is that you feel confident and beautiful in the clothes you choose to wear.

There are no expectations or “shoulds” in this situation. If you want to wear a dress the color bright yellow, then wear a dress the color bright yellow.

Put on some pants if that’s what you want to do. If you want to wear jean shorts, go ahead and do that. If you want to wear a massive Cinderella ball gown, then by all means, go ahead and do that.

Put simply, you should dress whichever you like. On the day you simply eloped, I want you to have the experience of feeling like the most badass person who has ever walked the surface of this planet. The time when you felt the most like the real you.

So! It wouldn’t be right for me to write about wedding dresses without discussing with your vendor whom you are taking elopement packages. They can suggest you best.

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