How to Choose the Right Link Building Agency for Your Business

Link Building Agency

How to Choose the Right Link Building Agency for Your Business

A good, well-rounded link profile with high-quality backlinks is an important consideration when you’re putting your off-page SEO together. They’re a great way to boost organic traffic to your site as well as increase your domain authority.

However, it’s all too easy to get link building wrong too. Any quick and easy shortcuts can get you in serious hot water with search engines.

A good link building agency can help you navigate the rocky roads of link building with a carefully constructed strategy and help you find ways to score high-quality backlinks from reputable sources.

If you’ve decided to take the plunge, here are some things for you to consider as you go on your search for a link building agency.

Link Building: The Basics

Link building essentially refers to when other websites link to yours, recommending your website. Search engines richly reward websites they see as reliable; when you score link backs from websites that have high domain authority, you reap the fruits in your SERP rankings.

Precisely because backlinks are basically votes of confidence on your reputation, they can both raise your standing with search engines and bring you lots of organic traffic.

This also means you can reach people in your market niche that might otherwise not have known about you at all!

A link building agency helps you find the right strategy for your business to get high-quality link backs without resorting to shortcuts.

If a website with a high ranking in a certain area of expertise links back to you, that is a massive vote of confidence for your website, which can encourage search engines to believe in your content too.

Of course, sometimes you get bad advice. An inexperienced link building agency might offer to help your link profile by buying up links or listing you in a link directory.

This can be disastrous for your SEO, and you might find yourself penalised or even blacklisted by Google and other search engines.

A good link building agency draws from a diverse range of link building practices to build you a combination that can get you the best returns.

Expert Techniques in Link Building

A study shows that websites are the most profitable channel in digital marketing after social media. When that’s the case, you neglect website building and the potential it has to reach new users at your own peril.

A link building agency performs a complex function with a lot of little things to juggle. That said, when you invest in partnering with a link building agency and do it right, the payoff is great too.

A good link building agency draws from the following techniques to acquire good quality backlinks to your site.

Update Your Content

When you offer the latest content and expertise in your niche, other websites are bound to link to you to find the right information. This is pretty self-evident, right?

However, once you have the latest news on your website, you also have to ensure you promote your content. If you mention people, companies, or websites – reach out to them and tell them!

Link building agencies work closely with your content to ensure that all the right people know what you’ve been up to – and are sharing your good work!

Create Authoritative Guides

While some fields are constantly changing, others can be timeless. When that is the case, creating a large comprehensive guide might work better for you than constantly creating fresh content. After all, how many times can you say the same thing if there is nothing new to say?

Your guide must be comprehensive and include a lot of useful information while being easily accessible and well-formatted.

A link building agency can help you find the gaps where such a guide will work well, allowing you to become the master everyone turns to when they need guidance.

Finding The Perfect Link Building Agency

While vetting a link building agency for your business, two things must rank at the top of your to-do list.

The first: ask the link building agency about their past work. Make sure they have verifiable results from successful link building campaigns to show you.

The second: ask the link building agency about the strategies they plan to use. A good link building agency will tell you about natural and organic ways to get links from authoritative sources with a good reputation.

These link backs will then boost your own standing on SERPs. A bad link building agency, on the other hand, might suggest inorganic ways such as buying links and using link directories.

The line between a good link building agency and a bad link building agency is pretty straightforward. A good link building agency finds honest and organic ways to make your link profile tailored to you.

In comparison, an inadequate link building agency will offer you quick solutions that are as likely to backfire.

The Upshot

Any good link building agency worth its salt can tell you that link building takes both time and consistent, careful effort.

This can naturally present a drain on your resources. This is where an excellent link building agency like AdLift comes in: they will take over the tricky business of managing your link profile for you and do so with organic best practices in the industry. Sounds like a weight off your mind, right? It is!

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