How to Choose the right Packaging for your Product

Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions

7 Tips for Choosing the right packaging for your product

Tip One – The Correct Packaging For The Product

You may be one of the retailers that supply bargain goods that appeal to discount hunters. Your packaging might only need to be used for money materials in order to keep your shipping costs to a minimum.

Or perhaps you sell products of quality to discerning online shoppers. The eCommerce packaging should reflect these expenses with a bit of branding and great quality packaging from Plastech.

This could also offer you the chance to use the type of packaging that your customers really like when the items you are selling warrant that extra expense and effort.

Tip Two – The Correct Size Packaging

To keep costs down your packaging should be the correct size for the items they encase. Packaging that is too big can add to your freight costs and packaging that is too minimal could result in damages, generate expensive refunds and returns, or even attract poor reviews.

Tip Three – Environmental Packing For eCommerce

Too many fillers and packaging will not impress environmentally-conscious consumers. Stay away from the plastic-based tapes on cartons and rather choose natural gummed-paper tapes like BondTape which is far more effective.

You can also choose Kraft filler and paper wrappings. These are the latest plastic-free bubble wrap products made from a die-cut Kraft paper which doesn’t require tape for securing the wrap.

There are also biodegradable post bags on the market. Some of these are made out of plant cellulose, meaning your customers are offered the opportunity to safely dispose of this packaging using home composters.

If your business generates lots of cardboard waste, you should invest in a shredder to crimp and shred the excess cardboard so that you can use the end product to make eco-packaging carton wraps and fillers.

Recyclable packaging will boost the green credentials of your business.

Tip Four – Increase The Pace Of Your Packaging Processes

To increase your packaging pace buy ergonomically designed tape dispensers. In this way, you can avoid repetitive strain injuries caused by lengthy packing sessions. Choose packaging that is quick and easy to assemble.

The flat-packed boxes will take up less storage space in your warehouse, and if you choose the ones with a crash lock base they only take a few seconds to assemble.

When your production line starts to increase, think about buying carton sealing machines to add to the efficiency of the line and to make the process much faster.

Tip Five – Returnable Packaging

When it comes to returning items, provide your customers with reversible packaging. You can also add extra seals for the boxes. Including return address labels and prepaid postage is going to prompt attempts to return any faulty products before they decide to leave a poor review.

It also gives customers more assurance that if they decide to buy again from your company that they will enjoy the experience. It also gives an indication that your business cares about keeping your customers happy.

Tip Six – Branded Packaging

Some companies build awareness about their brands by adding the colors and logo of their brand to tapes and packages.

It provides a positive impression and often circumvents the blandness associated with ordinary packaging.

The drawback of branded packaging has to do with the costs. It can also encourage theft or take longer to produce.

Exterior packaging and branding can also alert handlers of what is inside the box. This could create a lot more risk when you are shipping appealing and valuable goods.

The easiest way to avoid this would be to print your branding inside the packaging. You could also add logos, stickers, and leaflets inside the package.

Tip Seven – Tamper Proofing

Today there are many tamper-proof packaging options that you can buy in bulk. Poly courier bags are the more common types.

These are white and strong and when tampered with, it shows up immediately. If you are shipping cartons, gummed-paper tape is also a highly effective tamper-proofing product.

The gummed paper will bond to the inner corrugated layer of a carton. This creates one of the most effective seals that will stop hands from slipping inside.

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