How to Choose the Right Planter Pots for Your Home

Planter Pots For Home

Picking the right plant potsis akin to choosing the right dress for a person. You need to see what fits, looks good, and is the right color. 

The best way to go about picking the right things for your planter pots is through mastering the rule of thumb, which is to size, drainage, and material.

Once you are aware of what you need, it’ll be easy to pick out the right pots. However, these things are not the only factors when it comes to picking up the right plant pots for your home. 

Picking the right plant potsis akin to choosing the right dress for a person. You need to see what fits, looks good, and is the right color.

The aesthetic appeal of the right pot and a plant is an understated aspect of home decor. In this article, we shall try to clear up some doubts and help you understand the nuance of what it is like to pick the right planter pots for your home.  

Getting the basics right 

Before we discuss aesthetics it is important to take a look at the basics.  

The size 

Before we look at style, the first thing we need to take a look at is the size. It’s a plant, it will grow and when it does you don’t have to be stacking pots.

If your plant is new, you should get a pot of the same size. If it is outgrowing the previous pot it was planted in, it is time to take a look at new plant pots, much bigger ones.

Ideally, a pot that is 1-2 inches bigger in diameter should work. However, if you already have a big pot, one over 10 inches in diameter, you need to look at pots that are 2-4 inches bigger.  


Now that you know the size, it is time to take a look at the materials for your pot. Generally, terracotta and ceramic pots are the best.

They are porous and allow for easier air flow and seepage. They also dry far more evenly than wood or plastic. There is also the matter of specific plant pots; orchids require garden pots that are specifically designed for them. Find out if your plants need specific pots.  


The ever-important aspect of drainage, plants cannot survive if their roots are not free of water. Therefore it is a must to look out for plant pots with good drainage.

If you cannot find one, you can layer it yourself. By placing drainage rocks and activated charcoal that can absorb water, you don’t need a pot with drainage if your plant is young. It is a good idea to get ceramic pots Dubai. 

The right pot for the right plant!

Now, onto the pot selection. When you are looking for pots, you want to make sure that the pot itself accentuates well with the colors of your leaves as well as the foliage. You do not want to buy a pot that can take away all the attention from your plant. 

A good rule of thumb would be that for brightly colored leaves, try buying pots with muted colors and designs. For more intricately patterned leaves, try to look for pots with solid colors. This is just a general guideline, here are some more parameters you should consider when buying plant pots. 

Playing with Colors

If your plant’s beauty lies in the colors of its foliage, you need to understand contrasting. Whether it is bright and bold colors or pale dull colors, you can highlight your plant by getting plant pots that contrast well against the colors of your foliage.

If your plant flowers and bring out bright colors, get dull ceramic pots Dubai that won’t clash with the colors of your plant. 

If you don’t have a plant, you can start by purchasing the pot first and then looking for plants that will contrast.

You might just find a pot that is extremely eye-catching in that instance you do not want the plant to be the center of attention. The key here is to find plants that do not take away attention from the beauty of your pot.  

You could also get a pot whose colors blend with that of the plant, doing this can help you contrast the plant pot combination against something else, say another bold-looking plant. It is all about mixing and matching, seeing what you think looks good, and taking measures accordingly. 

Foliage and shape of the pot 

Another very important feature is the foliage and shape of the plant. If your plant is more about structures, and leaves, and does not rely on color, you might be better off trying to accentuate it. Be careful as contrasting and accentuating can sound similar but are drastically different things. 

A key difference between this and contrasting is that in the latter you are looking to differentiate the plant from the pot.

Contrasting is more about the color. Whereas, accentuating is more about highlighting the features of the plant, say its leaves or its structures. 

Now two plant pots can do a similar job of highlighting the plant, here things like plant and composition play a key role. 

Plant and pot composition

So, two different pots can help highlight the same features of the plant but in different ways. When buying plant pots, you need to think of where they will be placed, then accordingly think of the composition.

Your background matters. Is the pot going to be against a wall? On a table? Or in the garden? Alongside garden furniture? Whatever the answer, you need to think of how the plant-pot composition works against the background before buying it. 


This article is a preface to choosing the right planter pots for your home. Whatever garden pot you want to place in your house, you now have a good idea of what you need to look out for.  

Now that you are well aware of what to look for when choosing planter pots, you can head to boutiques like Royal Garden Center.

It is the right kind of place where you can find the right decor and plant pots for your home. They also have an incredible array of garden and home decor.

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