How to Choose the Right Username for Social Media – A Beginner Guide for Entrepreneurs

Social Media Optimization

If you’ve ever had an online presence, you’re probably well aware that producing the perfect username for various profiles is only half your work done.

To ensure that what you’ve come up with isn’t already taken, an online Social Media Name Checker is the perfect tool for the job.

Why Does Having the Right Name Matter?

Whether you’re using social media or other platforms for connecting with friends, sharing content, or revenue, having the proper credentials to be able to do so requires that people recognize you online, particularly if you’re operating accounts on multiple platforms.

These include networking sites like Twitter, image-sharing platforms similar to Pinterest or Instagram, video-hosting sites like YouTube or Vimeo, or e-commerce stores such as Etsy or eBay.

Across these platforms, having a consistent set of profile titles is important to distinguish yourself from your competition and establish your brand as instantly recognizable in the digital realm.

Getting the Right Username Is Difficult

If you’re setting up accounts for multiple sites, your first choice of username might be denied if it’s unavailable on either one, a few, or all of the platforms you’re registering for.

The reason for this is simple: there are too many people currently using accounts on web-based services, and some of them are bound to have already used the username that you’re after.

This includes usernames that are modified from your own name which someone else might have or another name that someone else. And as more people join the internet, the chances of these clashes only get more frequent.

Another reason for this could be due to individuals operating multiple accounts on a given social media or content-based platform.

While it can be difficult to know for sure why they have multiple profiles, if any of them already use the name of your choice, it is no longer available in that scenario as well.

Getting Around this Issue

Generally, not getting your first choice of username is not really that big of a deal. Most accounts do just fine with a different title as long as they keep things simple. Nonetheless, if you insist on being known by a certain username, a few things can be done.

If you’re hoping to name the account after yourself, you can simply modify it by either adding or omitting certain characters.

This includes using underscores or hyphens between words, forgoing middle names, using nicknames, using initials, or adding numbers that signify your date of birth, home address, etc.

If your account is for an official social media page or channel where you intend to attract a wider audience other than close friends, you have other options like adding “real” or “official” around the title. For commercial accounts, versions of words like “org”, “ltd”, or “inc” might be the way to go.

Why You Need Name Checking Tools

While selecting a different username sounds straightforward enough, sorting through each option across various platforms to find one that works for all of them can be tricky. Even if the username is usable for one website, it might be unavailable elsewhere.

Going through each username on each website individually is tedious and time-consuming. What people need is a resource that allows them to simultaneously test each option across all platforms in one click. Luckily, you can do exactly that through username-checking tools for social media and other platforms.

How to Use Social Media Username Checkers

Name-checking tools generally have a search bar and icons of the various online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, Reddit, WordPress, and many more. To use these tools, you need to

1)      Type the username of your choice.

2)      Click “Enter” or the on-screen search button

3)      Wait for the page to load.

4)      See if the title is available on the platform of your choice.

If the username is available to use on the websites you’re after, you should be free to use it as such. But if there is a red cross next to your choice of platform, it means that it is unavailable, but don’t worry, you can just choose a different or modified name and start again with step 1).

Benefits of Name Checker Tools

There are a number of online tools available for checking username availability. The benefits of using the best ones include

  • Access to username records across all major platforms
  • Easy to use
  • Quick and accurate results
  • Free service
  • No registration required


Picking a username for profiles across multiple online platforms can be challenging given how many people are using it as well as variations of it on the platform(s) in question.

But it’s relatively easy to choose a different one that works, and with Social Media Name Checkers, you can assess your choices across these platforms with amazing speed, precision, and convenience.

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