How to Clean the Inside of a Car Windshield?

Clean Car Windshield

Driving with a dirty windshield is not only difficult, but it may also be dangerous to one’s life. As a result, it is critical to keep your windshield clean. However, this very significant component is frequently overlooked by the general public.

For those who find themselves driving with oil and filth obscuring their vision, it’s time to clean your car’s windscreen; it will give you a crystal clear vision of the road ahead.

It is recommended that you wipe the inside of your windshield once every few weeks in order to remove dirt and dust from the inside of your vehicle. This will enable you to see more clearly and lessen the likelihood of being involved in a car accident.

What Makes Your Car’s Windshield Dirty?

There are a variety of factors that makes your car’s windscreen dirty from the inside, including smog, smoke, road filth, fingerprints, and other local environmental toxins. However, one of the key reasons is the off-gassing from automobiles.

Another problem arises because of the frequent use of oily cleaners on the dashboard. It evaporates and forms a film that further coats the automobile glass, which is especially problematic in hot and humid conditions.

Various plastic and vinyl interior components contribute to the new car scent that gradually breaks down and becomes trapped within the vehicle, leaving an oily residue on the glass. Likewise, there are numerous such reasons that simply add to the dirt and dust on your car’s windshield.

What Shall You Do to Clean Your Car’s Windshield?

You need to clean your car’s windscreen on a regular basis. Let’s see how you shall do it…

Things you’ll need to clean the inside of your car’s windscreen

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Vinegar
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Good quality glass cleaner (preferably Ammonia-free)
  • Spray Bottle

Make sure to buy an auto-specific glass cleaner for the optimum results. Usually, markets are swamped with ammonia-based glass cleaners, which are not a good option at all. These cleaners can harm vinyl, leather, and tint.

Procedure to Clean the Inside of Your Car Windshield

  • First and foremost, take the spray bottle and combine 50% rubbing alcohol, 50% water, and a capful of white vinegar.
  • Now, sit in the passenger seat for easy access to the windshield glass.
  • Take the clean and dry microfiber cloth/towel and use it to wipe down the glass surface first.
  • Following that, degrease the glass using a fresh towel and the mixture that you made with all the ingredients.
  • Spray glass cleaner on the rag/cloth, and use it to clean the windshield glass in circular motions. Keep cleaning the windshield in circular motion, switching to a different side of the cloth or grabbing a new one.
  • Replace the towel as soon as they become filthy.
  • To finish off the glass, use up-and-down wiping strokes to ensure that the windows are entirely dry for a streak-free shine.

When and How Should You Perform the Cleaning?

Well, this is crucial. Know that it really when, where, and how you perform windscreen cleaning procedure. So, here is what you should do to achieve the best results:

1. Always perform your car’s inside cleaning after you’ve washed the outside of your car. After the outside of your car, wipe down the inside of your vehicle. You should clean the windshield last.

2. Make sure to wipe down windows in the shade or at a cooler temperature. Doing so will help you avoid the rapid evaporation of window cleaner.

3. Use only soft and clean clothes to wipe your car’s windshield and other glasses. Avoid using clothes that have been used for other cleaning jobs on your windshield, even if they have been thoroughly washed.

4. Make sure to clean your windscreen every weak so as to maintain your windshield in good condition, as well as avoid accidents.

5. If at all possible, make sure to park your car in a shaded or sheltered place to avoid dirt, dust, and unwanted threats to your car’s windscreen.

What Shall You Do When Your Windshield Has a Crack or Chip?

Aside from keeping your car windshield spanking clean, it is also crucial to keep it in healthy condition at all times.

Your car’s windshield is an important component of your vehicle, and it should be in great condition. Not only does it protect you from external weather conditions and other elements, but also it maintains your car’s structural integrity.

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So, if your windshield gets a crack or chip, you should always take your vehicle to a reputable auto glass company and get car windshield repair or replacement done. Delaying the repair or replacement process can exasperate the condition and can lead to severe problems, including accidents.