How to clean wood laminate floors?

clean wood laminate floors

Wood laminate floors are often used in kitchens and bathrooms because they’re inexpensive, durable, and clean easily—although you still need to take care of them with regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking as good as new.

It’s also essential to know how to clean wood laminate floors before you begin your project, so you don’t end up damaging them instead of cleaning them! Here are five tips to help you start your wood laminate floor cleaning project.

Properly sweep the floor

Dust particles, pet hair, and leftover food get stuck in the small gaps and grooves in the flooring. This can leave a thin layer of dirt sitting on top of the floor as it lays dormant.

This dust is abrasive, so when you walk on it or move furniture across it, you’ll remove some of that wood’s protective coating with each step.

Our customers have found that these two tools make cleaning their wood laminate floors and grey laminate flooring easy: a broom and a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum as needed

If there are only a few light stains on the floor, you can try cleaning them with a diluted mixture of dishwashing liquid and water.

Using your finger or a damp cloth, rub it into the stain and let it sit for a minute before washing it off with warm water. You can also use an old toothbrush and white vinegar instead of soap.

Apply this with an old toothbrush and leave it for 10 minutes before wiping it off. For really dirty or greasy stains that won’t come out, apply some dishwashing liquid directly onto the stain and wipe with a rag to remove as much of the dirt as possible before going over the spot again with detergent and hot water.

Use homemade cleaning solution

Try this homemade cleaning solution from BHG. Mix 1/2 cup each of water and ammonia in a bucket. Squirt the mixture onto the floor using a trigger bottle and then scrub using a nylon-bristled brush or mop.

Rinse with clear water until the excess liquid is gone, making sure you remove all of the soapy residues that remain on the floor’s surface.

Next, mix 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide, 1 tablespoon vinegar, and 1 teaspoon baking soda in a bucket and pour it onto the dirty area of your wood laminate flooring. Wipe up any excess liquid with an old rag or cloth towel before it has time to dry up on its own.

Clean both sides of the mop

To properly deep-clean a floor, start by mopping on one side of the mop in straight strokes across the room. 

After you reach the opposite wall:

  1. Turn around and go back the other way, creating an X pattern.
  2. Finish with a swipe of wet mop across any spilled dirt or tracked dirt; for specific instruction on how to best get the dirt out from between boards and corners, use our guide, How To Clean Laminate Floors.
  3. If your board is extremely dirty, consider getting a cleaner like Resolve Gel Stick which will break down the stuck-on grime that normal cleaning products can’t reach.

Replace Floor Mop When Needed

To keep your hardwood floor surfaces shiny and debris-free, they must be swept regularly. Vacuum cleaner may also be needed as a supplemental method of cleaning.

However, never use the vacuum cleaner to suck up any liquid spills. When water or any other liquid spills on the floor, always sponge it off immediately with warm water and dry it completely with a cloth or paper towel before letting the floor dry on its own.

What is the best thing to clean my laminate floor with?

Wood laminate is a durable, inexpensive, and attractive flooring that many homeowners like because it’s easy to maintain.

This type of flooring can get damaged if not taken care of properly. Follow these tips for how to clean your flooring safely.

A large water-based cleaner bottle or mop bucket filled with hot water and dish soap is best for mopping. Use one tablespoon of detergent per gallon of water, preferably a citrus-based detergent.

For lighter stains, diluted hydrogen peroxide is an effective choice. Scrub stubborn stains with heavy-duty liquid cleaners like 409 or Fantastic before applying the cleaning solution because they have a stronger disinfectant content than soaps.

Can I use Swiffer wet on laminate floors?

Swiffer wet can be used on any hard flooring. LAMINATE FLOORS are a type of hard flooring. Therefore, yes, you can use Swiffer wet on LAMINATE FLOORS. In addition, Swiffer wet may also be used on hardwood floors and will not leave streaks behind.

How do you keep laminate floors clean and shiny?

Keep your floor dust-free with a regular and consistent dusting routine. If you have area rugs, vacuum them often, as this will also pick up debris from your floor.

You can spot clean spills and stains using a soapy water solution or another all-purpose cleaner. After you’ve treated the spill, blot the area dry.

Suppose your floor is already looking dirty or worn and needs refreshing. In that case, there are several products you can use, like an all-purpose cleaner, baking soda and water paste, a vinegar and water solution, or our Pine Sol ‘No Mop’ Hardwood Floor Cleaner Solution.

How do you deep clean laminate wood floors?

Laminate flooring is the most cost-effective option for anyone with a room that does not get much foot traffic. Regular cleaning will help maintain the integrity of your floor, protecting it from scratches and spills.

To deep clean your laminate floor, mix 2 cups warm water, 1 tablespoon liquid dish soap, and 1 teaspoon olive oil in a bucket.

You may add 1/2 cup white vinegar if you want an extra-shiny finish. Use a mop with a microfiber cloth to wash the floor’s entire surface with this solution; be sure to wring out the cloth first so it doesn’t leave any wet spots on your floors!

Final Word

Many people think the easiest way to keep your flooring clean is by sweeping or vacuuming, but this isn’t always the case.

In some instances, dust may not be the main issue regarding dirty and grimy floors. For example, you might have pets in your home that urinate or defecate on your flooring, leaving behind an unpleasant odor and muddy stains on your once shiny and clear surface. You will need a few household items like baking soda or vinegar with water to eliminate these odors.

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