How to Control Hair fall with natural remedies and tips to stop hair fall

Hair fall

How to Control Hair fall, regrow hair naturally, and tips to stop hair fall

If you are trying to control Hair fall and regrow hair or would simply like to improve the hair that you have, here are some tips for controlling hair fall and try these natural remedies to control hair fall.

Natural remedies’ proven benefits can help to enhance the hair and stimulate growth that you have.

  • Egg Mask
  • Coconut Milk
  • Green Tea
  • Beetroot
  • Yogurt and honey
  • Aloe Vera
  • Fenugreek seeds
  • Onion juice

How to Control Hair fall

Here is a list of natural remedies to help reduce hair loss.

Hairs are our first love and we get depressed by our hair fall. Mostly all women and men are dealing with this problem and using different products to come over this. 

Waking up in the morning or after combing a hair, seeing so many hairs on the floor is like a nightmare. If we did not take care properly, we can lose the quality and quantity of hair. Everything needs care so as hairs too.

Let’s find out why hair loss.

Nutrient Deficiency-Body every part needs good nutrient to work properly, so as hairs. If you are not taking good nutrients in food like- iron, copper, zinc and proteins in your diet, you have to suffer from hair problem. Vitamin D is also good for hairs. Go out for a sun soak.

1. Hormonal Imbalance

All men/women have hormonal imbalance after the age of 30. Women can feel hormonal imbalance after the age of 32. This hormonal imbalance is also a cause of hair fall.

2. Thyroid Issues

If you are suffering from thyroid, and your gland produces an excessive amount of thyroid hormone, this also affects the hair texture and growth of hair.

You will notice if you are suffering from thyroid, you will notice symptoms like weight loss, hair loss, and sensitivity to cold and heat.

3. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) 

If women have polycystic ovary syndrome means she has a hormonal imbalance that creates a higher level of androgens than normal. This disbalance cause hair growth on the face and body, and the head hairs become thinner. This problem also leads to acne and weight gain.

4. Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills also cause hair loss. The pills that suppress ovulation can affect the growth of hair, and result in the fall of hairs. Sometimes it also happens when to stop taking birth pills. Many medicines like a blood thinner, high blood pressure, heart disease also cause hair fall.

5. Stress

This also the main reason for hair fall. Lots of stress takes the peace of mind result hair fall. You can reduce stress by several exercises, do yoga on daily basis, it helps to reduce stress and hair fall.

6. Hair styling Products

Take good care of your hairs. Hairs give grace to your style. Don’t use too many hairstyle products, because the product has too many chemicals that can damage your hair. So always use mild shampoo for your hair. The mild shampoo will not damage your hair.

7. Medical Conditions

Many medical conditions are why hairs falls a lot. Suffering from any type of illness makes us weak from the inside, and that cause hair falls. Ageing is also an issue of hair fall. Eat good nutrient foods and save your hair from fall. 

There is also a genetic problem known as androgenetic alopecia, and this common cause is loss of hair. If your mother, father side has this problem, maybe sometimes kids suffer the same, but it does not happen every time.

Tips for controlling hair fall

  1. Shampoo- use shampoo according to your hairs, don’t go for harsh shampoo because that damages your hair. Wash hair thrice a week. Dirty hair is also a cause of fall. Working women’s have to care more about their hair because of pollution, so choose a natural and light shampoo and wash accordingly.
  2. Conditioner- Choose conditioner according to your hair. A good conditioner works magically on your looks. Dry hair needs conditioner every time you wash, but oily hairs don’t need to be conditioned every time, do twice a week.
  3. Diet and exercise- Your diet should be full of nutrients, proteins and iron. Hair fall mostly depends on your diet. Eat a balanced diet. 
  4. Do exercise daily. Exercise gives blood circulation to your body and head that is good for hair. Include yoga in your daily routine to have a good result.
  5. Oiling- Oiling gives blood circulation to your roots, which is good for your hairs. Remember to message with oil once a week to strengthen your hair. 
  6. There are many treatments in hair parlour with oil. If you don’t have time, go to the parlour. They will provide a good message according to your scalp.
  7. Too many styling products- Don’t go for too many chemical products. They are harmful to your hairs. It will be good if you try natural recipes for hair treatment.

Natural Remedies to treat hair fall

  • Egg Mask- Egg is a good source of protein and also conditioned your hairs. It has Sulphur, phosphorous, selenium, iodine, zinc and protein, which is good for growth and helps to reduce hair fall.

Method to prepare mask

 Take an egg white in a bowl and add a teaspoon of honey and olive oil. Beat the mixture and apply it all over your hair from scalp to root. Rise after 30 minutes. If you feel like smelling, you can also go for a mild shampoo

  • Liquorice root- This herb is good for hair damage and helps from hair fall. Use it in form of powder.

Method to make a hair pack- Make a paste of the herb add a tablespoon of ground liquorice root and a quarter teaspoon saffron to one cup of milk.

Apply this pack to your scalp and hair length and leave it overnight. Wash your hair in the morning. You can use this twice a week for a good result.

  • COCONUT MILK- Is good for hair and is full of protein and essential fats that are good for hair to prevent hair loss.

Method to prepare mask- Grade a coconut and put it on a pan to boil. After boiling strain, and cool it. Crush black pepper, fenugreek seeds and mix milk in the mixture, apply to the scalp and hair. Rinse it after 20 minutes and do shampoo.

  • Green Tea- is rich in antioxidants. It is good for hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Method to prepare mask- Take a pan with 3 cups of hot water, dip a tea bag in it. Let the water cool down. After cooling down, tap the mixture on your scalp and hair, and massage gently. Later wash it with cool water.

  • Beetroot- this is rich in vitamin-C, b-12, folate, potassium all are good for hair, and help from falling hair.

How to prepare hair mask

Boil 7- 8 beetroot and grind it with mehndi leave. Apply the paste on your head or scalp and leave it for 25-20 minutes, then rinse it with warm water.

  • Greek Yogurt and honey- Yoghurt is good for health and helps to stop falling hair.

Method to prepare a hair mask

Take a 2-table spoon of yogurt and mix it with Honey and Lemon. Make a mask and apply it to the head and scalp. Leave this pack for 30 minutes and then rinse it from normal water. 

  • Aloe vera cool and –  use aloe vera gel, as it is good for hair and also a good home remedy for hair loss.

 Method to prepare a hair mask

Take a stalk of aloe vera and take-out stalk from its leaves. Apply it on your hair scalp. And leave about 45 minutes. Rinse it, you will find a beautiful result.

  • Fenugreek seeds- This is the most effective of all remedies. It helps the regrowth and fall of hairs. The follicles also help to regrowth the hairs.

Method to prepare hair mask-

Soak the seeds at night and grind them in the morning. Apply the pack on the scalp, leave the pack for 30 minutes and after that rinse it. You will find beautiful hair.

  • Onion juice

Onion smells, but it is good for your hair. It does not only help to stop hair fall but also helps in re-hair growth.

Method to prepare hair mask-

Grate an onion and take out its juice. Dip the cotton ball and apply it on the scalp, do shampoo after 30 minutes. For best result do this treatment once a week.

Note- These treatments will help you to reduce your hair-fall problem. Take good care of your hair, if you want strong and shiny hairs.

Can chemical and Ayurvedic products be used together?

It is better if you opt. one treatment at a time. As Ayurvedic treatment didn’t have any side effects and you can take it with chemical treatment but, it’s better to opt. one treatment at a time to get a good result.

How to stop/control hair fall naturally at home?

Message your hair gently with oil and put it overnight, wash it with cold waters. Intake Amla regularly in any form, as Amla is available in the market in many forms, like- powdered, sweet Amla, dried Amla or you can eat green amla. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which is good for healthy hairs.

What is the main reason for hair fall?

The main reason for hair fall is stress and uncared. Stress affects your body and also your hairs. If you have a lot of hair fall, work on stress.

Another reason for hair fall is uncared hair. If you will not wash your hair in time, or not care about them they become dull and full of splints. So, take good care with a message and use packs according to your hair, it will reduce hair fall.

Which oil is the best for hair fall?

Use coconut oil, and massage gently in a week and rinse it in the morning.

Can we stop hair fall permanently?

No, we can’t stop hair fall permanently. We have to take care by using packs and message. By this, we can reduce hair fall and can strengthen your hair.

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