How to Develop Content for Every Phase of Customer Journey; A Start-Up Guide

How to Develop Content

Those who are highly familiarized with the marketing world have a profound understanding and meaning of the Content.

What is it? How does it work? And why it is the backbone of the brand image and an essential aspect of customer engagement.

Gone were the days when traditional marketing strategies were all the rage. Nowadays there is a new way to do things and that is content marketing.

How Do You Define Content Marketing?

Content market is a strategic and intricate style of digital marketing that is highly data-driven, is an approach focused on creating as well as distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content that will attract and hold on an audience that is radial and clearly defined.

All this will ultimately lead to the generation of sustainable profits in the long run. Content marketing is not an on the nose kind of marketing, it is more of a forum where you educate your customers regarding the services that you are providing.

All this makes your users more research-driven and intelligent. Because now they have a profound sense of a certain service and thus can better decide for themselves whether the service that they are betting on is worth it or not.

Healthwire; A Successful Digital Healthcare Startup

Healthwire is a digital healthcare platform that thrives to make e-health not only accessible but also approachable without any barriers for the national audience.

With the right and content-driven strategic actions and their software services such as hospital management software, they are leading the game in this context.

Thus, it is in every context and concept been proven that the words of Bill Gates “Content is King” has stood the test of time.

Draw Out What Your Customer Expects from Your Services

One piece of advice that is consistent in the context of all startups is that they should have a rudimentary sense of what their customers want and what they are advocating for them.

Startups need to feed on the information such as what their audience is? What do they like? And how they are going to perceive your services as well as how your audience is evolving.

That is why knowing their journey along with keeping track of their needs and wants is not only necessary, it is plain right inevitable.

That is why today we will be shedding light on the aspect of the customer’s journey and the evolution of the right and suitable content side by side.

Get To Know Us

This is the first phase of business where people are starting to become aware of your existence and then to get their undivided attention embroiled with rightful retention is the primary goal. Startups need to design their content in such a tempting manner that it derives attention to their strategies.

Types of Content for this Strategy 


This answers the common queries of the customers and the challenges and other difficulties that they are facing. This type of writing also boosts the traffic and thus helps with SEO (Search engine optimization).


Paid marketing strategies lie in this one. Where the startups are encouraged to pay out to certain sources or social media platforms so that they can drive some traffic towards their website


Another mode of rightful communication does not only educate the spectators but also paves way for retention. It engages the audience and gives them a real-time insight of the brands’ image and its services.

Social Media

Another means of communicating with the audience is this one. Social media is a great way for providing a useful look into what the brand is focusing on and what they intend to do to engage the users.

Like Us Stay with Us

After establishing a first-hand basis then comes the task of properly communicating and providing ways so that the customers keep coming back to you for your services.

Types of Content

Specific Blog Content

This one is a given. First, you have to write the general blogs and then you have to give them the right and specific information for them which will be highly useful.

Social Media

The social media of the brand also has to be very specific and service-driven.


This type of content has been all the rage in these decades and will be a game-turning moment even in the coming ones.


Use the power of websites and make sure to advertise your services to a global audience virtually.

We are Trustworthy

The next step between the business model and consumer is this one. You have their trust and make sure to keep it. Building trust might be difficult but maintaining it is quite the task. It is a marathon, not a sprint. Make sure to be in it for the long run.

Types of Content

  • Client testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Ebooks
  • Client readiness packets
  • Case studies
  • Webinars

The Ending Note

Digital marketing is pretty much the essence of startups and content takes the central stage.  The key is that you do not always have to start things from the zero point especially when it comes to content progression.

You can make the best use of the old and previously written content. All you have to do is breathe life into it with the right strategies.

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