How to Do Face Makeup at Home step by step Like a Professional Makeup Artist

Face Makeup at Home

Learning how to do makeup is an art. In reality, there are no rules on how to apply it. but there are some simple techniques that can help make your application long-lasting and effortless.

Here, we shall go through the ultimate tutorial on how to do face makeup at home step by step like a professional.

Even if you are a beginner, you are at the right place as these guide to do festival or party makeup at home. Whether it is a wedding, party, festival, if you read this guide completely follow the same, you can apply it like a professional.

Looking good and attractive is every female desire. Nowadays, every female does face makeup, but before doing it we should know, how to do the right face makeup. We will know, step by step.

Before we go for how to do? We should know the place and type of makeup required. Any occasion, parties, get-together, going for PTM (Parents Teacher Meeting), birthdays, Marriages etc. all need a special type of Face makeup. Few places need light face makeup, and high parties needed high face makeup.

Let’s start

Let’s start with attractive face makeup. Before you go for any makeup, first wash your face with face wash, the face wash will clean your dirt from your face. Tap your face with a napkin.

After face wash, waits for 5 minutes. So that face becomes moist free. Give a tap of moisturizer on the face. 

Go with the make-up Primer. You can find many Primers in the market. Choose the Primer according to your facial tone. Primer allows your make to stay smooth and longer.

It is also the base of the foundation. Many companies make primer. Choose your primer according to your budget.

How to apply

Pour a primer in your fingertips and tap on your face accordingly. Spread it with a brush or hand gently. Primer will save your makeup longer in any type of weather.

If you are in hurry! Primer will work for light makeup and make your face feel fresh for a long time.

Apply Foundation

As foundation gives miracle always. Get a matched toned foundation according to your skin. 

How to select?

You are in a shop to select a foundation. Take a drop in the backside of your hand and spread it smoothly.

If the colour of skin, goes a little up with smoothness, that is the colour of your foundation. Don’t buy too much brighter tone from your skin. It will look horrible.

After Primer, apply Foundation in your face. Foundation works magically and gives you a clean and stunning look.

How to apply?

Take few drops of selected foundation and tap unevenly on your face. Spread gently with the help of a brush. So that patches will not see.

Go for Highlighter

After foundation, use a highlighter on your cheekbones, tip of the nose, and inner corner of your eyes. This will give a mesmerizing look of yours. Many companies make highlighter, go according to your budget. 

A highlighter will enhance your face beauty. It will highlight your cheekbones, give high point to your nose and give you a mesmerizing eye look.

To Contour

Going to a party or wedding, give your face a contour touch. By applying contour according to your face, it will give you a moderate look.

How to use

Buy your toned contour. Which suits your face and occasion, spread it with help of a brush. Apply the contour on the lower side of your cheekbone.

Contour is a face creating the illusion of light and shadow.  Contour will give you a new and glamorous look.

After Contour goes for T-Zone with setting powder and mist your face with a setting and blend it all.

Now you are ready with face makeup, in a Glamorous look. Now give a touch up with lipstick, eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Take a shade of Lipstik according to the occasion. Choose a light colour for small function and dark for the parties. You can also choose the colour according to the weather. It will give a classy look.

Take a brush and make an outer line in your lips with a shape and then fill with the related colour, or you can also use direct lipstick to make the correct shape of your lips.


For the starter, I will advise, do not to go for bright colour, use light shades. That will give you a pretty look.

Eyeliner and Kajal Eyeliner and kajal are the most important part of eye makeup. It will enhance your look. There are many shades for eyeliner, but I will advise if you are new in makeup, go for black. It looks amazing and will go with all attire. 

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You can also use kajal with eyeliner. These are the high makeup tips. For simple and quick makeup, you can go for foundation, lipstick and liner. You are ready to chill outside.