How to Earn Money online in India as a Student – Online Business Idea

how to earn money online in india

7 Best ways to earn money online in India as a student without any investment

We are all experiencing structural changes around us – the transition towards everything online.

Due to this pandemic economy has come to the backseat and our regular job came to scarce and do this all people are looking for some side earning which can be helpful for Beginner, Housewives, Students, Retired person, Jobseeker. 

Earning online is putting your time into things that will payback.  Since working from home has become the next big thing certainly it will be easy to switch to online jobs.

But the question arises how can I make money online? In this situation, if you are looking for the answer to this question to earn money online or ways to earn online money, read on.

1. Blogging:

You have probably heard about blogging is one of the most popular ways of earning money online.

But hold on it’s not easy just writing content and publishing on website right way just don’t pay back you but it also needs a lot of effort from writing to publishing, adding graphics in the blog to make your content more readable, marketing, handling technical problem and many more.

Best Business Ideas that make money

you can be one of them too for that you need to generate a lot of traffic towards your blog with proper strategy and management, hard work as well.

Blogs are written mainly on websites to know more how blogs to be written on digital marketing website you can visit any Best Social Media Marketing Agency

2. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is about promoting and recommending a product so another could purchase it.

Affiliate Marketing can be done by any platforms like social media channels, through Youtube, By website also. Just the need is of promotion and the right affiliate program to promote the product.

In this program, you will earn when the person on your recommendation purchase the product you will get profit as a commission This type of earning is also called passive income.

I have the product of a course which you can see on Best Social Media Marketing Company in Ludhiana you can use for affiliate marketing also.

3. Freelancer Writer:

Freelance writing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn online money. You have known 3 points to become freelancer writing.

1. Choose the niche as per your interest so you can make good content.

2. Set up a profile where you can display your sample work.

3. Join Platform like Fiver, Upwork you will find a genuine client who is interested in hiring you.

Once you grow you can quote a rate for your writing as well. It makes to build your profile and the client will come to you first. By viewing the profile  

4. Graphic Designer:

This is another online job that is purely digital. Graphic Designer laptop and editing software. People who love animation, sketching, cartoon, design can choose this job. Graphic Designer creates a visual aspect, they create designs of Banner, magazines, report.

You need to have such below skills for graphic designer:

1. Creativity is one of the most important skills for graphic designers.

2. You should have knowledge about software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and many more.

3. Interactive media

5. SEO Expert, SEO service:

SEO is the most important part of the Digital Marketing area. To become an SEO expert you should know how search engines work and can begin to develop the skills for SEO. SEO course can be beneficial to you. For more courses, you can learn from any Best Social Media Marketing Company 

 You can make a website and add blogs. by using your SEO skills you can rank the website as traffic increases you can reach your potential client which you will get paid.

6. Social media Influencer:

If you are active on social media. Yours are having a good no of followers then you can use the media to influence also. Social media pay a good amount to influencers to promote their business as well.

How to Start Digital Marketing Business

Social media is all about photography and presentation. The more you make creative content with graphics, video the more people will attract to your profile and page.

Once you have a good number of followers you can collaborate with the brand in exchange for money.

7. By starting a YouTube Channel:

YouTube paid to individuals who upload their videos on YouTube and depending upon no of viewers YouTube paid to individuals. But first, you need to start making videos.

The video can be of anything likely mostly videos are about, beauty product, cooking, painting, dance, product review, and many more. You need to make your video more explanatory and creative also. 

Most Profitable Businesses in India for entrepreneur

Once your channel monetizes and has more views then you can apply for Google Adsense. Publisher will allow playing the Text ad and video ads and you can earn those who click on those ads but you have built your audience continuously increase the viewers of the channel. 

Many more are the job like online tutoring, social media strategies could be learned from Social Media Marketing Company in Ludhiana, video editor I had explained some of them in detail.

Advantages and Disadvantages of working from home:


1. working from home doesn’t require any dress code. 

2. you can spend more time with your family and can work without any social disturbances.

3. you can work peacefully by staying at home and can work in flexible hours at whatever time you would like to.


1. As working from home has been easy it is quite interesting as well but at some point, you will get bored working at home alone.

2. you will cause health problems as there was no fixed schedule to wake up. Indirectly your sleep timing will also lead to changes make more effects on the health issues.


Those who find it difficult to get out of home due to some reason could find the best way to earn online.

But the secret behind is time and effort and patience, commitment to grow your work so that you will be payback.

Working online sitting in bed sounds good and happening but you have to work hard to start earning from a small amount as well with patience and commitment.

You should clearly have enough passion to start making a coin. In such an increasing inflation rate, you should always look for multiple sources of income through online platforms and jobs.

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