How to earn money through Affiliate Marketing?

earn money through Affiliate Marketing

In this article, we will look at the knowledge of how to earn through affiliate marketing. It is stands between sellers and buyers. As an affiliate marketer, the person creates a link and shares it with his audience. 

If any interested person buys the product from the generated link, the marketer earns a fraction of the amount from each purchase. Affiliate marketing is just an easy step-through through which one can earn a huge profit.

Let us drop light on some topics: “what is affiliate marketing”, “different Payment criteria”, “how to make money through affiliate marketing”, “youtube affiliate marketing”, “ideas and methodologies to be followed to earn more profit”, “list of some affiliate marketing programs”.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the oldest marketing practice which help marketers to gain a commission in the case of a sale based on a recommendation.

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates a third party to generate traffic, leads or sales to the company product. 

It is one of the easiest ways of marketing as you do not need to create, design, present and sell a product.

The only thing to do is enable links to connect the sellers with the buyer and take your commission when the sale is made through the generated link. No additional price is added to the sold price of the product. 

The next important step after creating the link is to target the audience. Many big companies or startup companies enhance their sale of products such as makeup, shoes, clothes and domain service companies by offering an affiliate program. By signing the program, one gets his uniques id/link. 

There are different criteria of payment offered by different companies like ‘pay per click’ in which payment is counted when a person visits the page. ‘pay per sale’ includes when a person buys an item and completes the purchase.

The whole affiliate marketing includes three different parties- the consumer, the affiliate marketer and a seller.

How do affiliate marketers get paid?

The different payment criteria followed by different big companies to pay marketer:

1) Pay per click/ visit:

Every company wants to get their website monetized and earn through google add. Monetizing a website can only be possible when the website holds a good amount of traffic and it is possible if there are visitors over the website.

Thus, pay-per-click criteria have been introduced. In this criteria, the marketer must ensure many connections to visit the website through the link generated.

Whenever any visitor visits the website or clicks over the link then the marketer is eligible to get paid. This is how the complete payment criteria for pay per click works.

2) Pay per install:

In this payment criteria, the marketer has to make sure to install the app or software by his connection by directing him/her to the website. If the per install bid ensures Rs 10/- and 1000 installs are made then 10 * 1000 = 10,000 would be the earning price of the affiliate marketer. 

3) Pay per sale:

This is the standard structure of affiliate marketing. In this criteria, the merchant will pay the marketer according to the number of sales done.

The percentage of consumer sales done through the link generated comes in the criteria of affiliate marketing.

If the consumer purchases an item through the link generated then the marketer would be eligible to get paid for his/her fraction of the amount. 

Youtube affiliate marketing:

Youtube is the second largest search optimization after google. Over youtube, one can do affiliate marketing in simple-wise steps. Making a Youtube account Would be a first step.

Then make your video to be trending or the most-watched video. Then select a product and review the products in your video among the audience and let them know how was your experience of using it.

Attract your audience to the product and generate a link in the description box. Even one can advertise the product and generate a link at top of the video and suggest his/her audience to purchase the product for several benefits you experience.

If any of the viewers visit a link to buy the item through your provided link, a fraction of the money would be able to earn. In the whole process first, make sure to build trust with your viewers.

Affiliate Marketing

List of some of the best affiliate programs:

1) Amazon:

Amazon is a great affiliate marketing sales program in the world. There are millions of products available along with many categories.

Signup on to the amazon associate website, and recommend the products to the audience/ connections. After the recommendation on every sale fraction of the amount is earned depending upon the category product is bought.

2) Click Bank:

Over this site affiliate marketing works by connecting product owners with affiliate marketing folks.

For some product owners, the marketing budget may not support high commissions until you prove your success in affiliate marketing.

3) Shopify:

This is a great online selling fit for people who run online training courses or webinars. Your audience will let you be paid by providing traffic and purchase over the app through your provided link.

There are many other programs/networks where you can make good money as an marketer. What you need is a proper planning and strategy in affiliate marketing. 

If you are new to the affiliate marketing, I would recommend you to clear your basics first. It may take time to learn everything in affiliate marketing but if you want to do it faster, then learn from someone who is already a good marketer.

You can take mentorship or join some online course like Affiliate Junction that will help you to speed up your learning.

Tips for affiliate marketing:

1) Review products and services:

Share the review of products and services with your audience. Anything you want to include in your affiliate marketing, you can review it.

Also, the physical review of a product such as jewellery, clothes, footwear, a book or an electronic item can be included with the same report to share with the audience.

2) Stay in tune with trends:

Staying in tune with trends is an important step that must be included. There is competition in the affiliate marketing sphere.

You have to work smartly to stay on top of any new trends to ensure you remain competitive. Make sure you are keeping up to date on all new strategies.

3)Targeting audience:

Start getting your audience from your known connections and make a chain to spread the link and create a big social media family.

4) Social media:

Make use of social media wisely. You can review your product on youtube, and Instagram and share the link to purchase the item. In this way, a big community of buyers is created.

Conclusion: This article provides complete knowledge of affiliate marketing and also be helpful to start your career as a marketer.

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