How to gain weight in a healthy way – Tips if you are Underweight

How to gain weight

How to gain weight

In this foody world, where everyone is busy reducing weight and join lots of weight-reducing programs. Some people are over skinny and after eating all types of food they didn’t gain weight. They want their body that looks good. 

Some people had proper weight but they want to increase their muscles. Whether you are skinny and overweight or wants to increase your muscles most of the methods are the same.

Skinny people, keep in mind that being skinny doesn’t mean that you have any physical or health problem. This is a common problem of girls being underweight.

So, if you are skinny and don’t have a health issue and working quickly is not bad health. But if you are underweight it will be a little problem. 

Underweight Impact

In a study, it is found that underweight people had a greater risk of early death and maybe worse for their health. Underweight men had more chances to die early than women. But women don’t have this type of problem.

Underweight is common among girls and women, compare to men. Underweight also impact your immune system, and increase the risk of infection.

Maybe a person will suffer from osteoporosis and fracture. A Fertility problem can occur. So, you have to work on your weight if you want a healthy and happy life.

One more problem you can see in underweight is they suffer from sarcopenia (age-related muscle wasting) and may be at greater risk of dementia.

If we describe underweight, we can say that as we see obesity as unhealthy, the same works on underweight.

Things that cause someone to become Underweight

Several things make you unhealthy and weight loss.

Eating disorder- This disorder is a serious mental disorder. This includes anorexia nervosa. 

Thyroid problem- Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) can boost metabolism and cause weight loss.

Celiac disease-   Many people have this disease but they don’t know about that. This is the most severe form of gluten intolerance.

Diabetes- Diabetes also serve weight loss, if you have uncontrolled diabetes, the overweight loss can happen.

Cancer- Cancerous tumours mostly burn a lot of calories, this is also a cause of much weight loss.

Infection- Many infections can make you underweight. This includes parasites, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

Consult a doctor if you are suffering from these types of disease for the correct medication. Now let’s come to a point.

How to gain weight in a healthy way

If you want you gain weight, increase it properly with the right and healthy diet, you are at the right place. Because if you take a healthy diet, your health will be maintained with weight. 

There are many sweet dishes, junk food, different soda’s, and desserts that can help you to increase your weight. But it harms your body, and not good for your health. Maybe it possible by this food you can attract some other disease or health issues. So be careful while choosing food.

Eat more calories than you burn

Eat good calories food, calories help to gain weight. Intake calories around 700-1000, increase calories slowly above your maintenance level.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to count the calories throughout your life. In few days you will understand how many calories you need. Many great tools help you to count your calories.

Eat Plenty of Protein

The most important nutrient by which you can gain weight is protein. Take a good amount of protein in your diet. Muscles are made up of protein and without protein, the extra calories will end up in body fat.

Studies show that when we do overfeed during the time, high calories diet will be turned into muscle.

How to gain weight

We can get high protein food from meat, fish, eggs, many dairy products, legumes, nuts etc. You can also go for supplement foods by the consult of your physician.

There are many protein supplement foods are available in the market. Take a good amount of protein to gain your muscles instead of just fat.

Eat plenty of carbs and fat, at least 3 times per day

There is a myth to take carbs or fat when trying to gain weight. There is nothing like that. If you are trying to gain weight, take carb and calories both. It is best to eat plenty of fat, protein and carbs at each meal.

Don’t go for intermittent fasting. It makes it much harder to eat calories to gain weight. Eat 3 times a day if you want to gain weight. Take plenty of protein, carbs and fat.

Eat Energy-Dense foods and use Sauces, spices and condiments

It is also important to eat energy-dense food.

  • Nuts- Almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, etc.
  • Dried fruit- Raisins, dates, prunes etc.
  • High-fat dairy- Whole milk, cheese, cream, full-fat yogurt
  • Grains-take whole grains like brown rice, oats, wheat etc.
  • Meat- go with chicken, beef, lamb, pork etc.
  • Tuber- sweet potatoes, potatoes etc.

You can also go for peanut butter, coconut milk, granola, trail mixes. Many times, you will feel your stomach full but you need to force yourself to eat more. Slowly your capacity of eating will increase.

Go for exercise 

Gaining weight also needs exercise. Exercise is not only to reduce weight; it helps to gain weight also. Exercise helps to gain muscles, which helps in gaining weight.

Go to the gym and put on heavyweight according to your strength. Slowly increase volume according to your strength. Also, consult your physician if you have any medical issues.

Go for Yoga

Different yoga asanas help you to gain weight. Go for Surya Namskar, it’s 12 yoga Asanas will help to gain weight.

Take it in your daily routine to get an effective result. yoga Asanas also give you a peace of mind and relax your body.

8 tips to gain weight

If you are underweight, here are top 8 tips that help you to gain weight.

  1. Drink water after an hour of your meal, don’t drink water before your meal. It will fill your stomach and you will not able to eat a full diet.
  2. Take a small meal in between full meal, and you can also take little snacks before going to bed.
  3. Drink high calory milk and also go for shakes. 
  4. Take a bigger plate at your mealtime. So that you can easily put your large calory diet on it.
  5. Take in between a cup of coffee and add cream to it. It will give you a good taste and also helps to increase your calories.
  6. If you have a big problem with weight, go for muscle building supplement food. That helps you to gain a little muscle weight.
  7. Get a calm sleep. Sleep helps to keep your mind calm and tension free. If you are not getting a night of good sleep, go for Nidra yoga, it will help to give you sound sleep.
  8. Don’t smoke. Smoke will lose weight. Quit smoking if you want good health and weight gain. 

Gaining weight can be difficult in starting but consistency will help you to complete your goal.

If you feel harder to gain weight you can go for different plans like the Ayurveda weight gain plan. You can consult Ayurveda doctors for a prescription. Or you can also opt. Allopathic medicine for gaining weight.

How to gain weight in 3 days?

If you want to gain weight in 3 days, make a pre-schedule from morning exercise to dinner. You have to take a high protein and calories diet with good carbs.

Do yoga in the morning, eat three to five meals a day. And also take in-between snacks. At night before sleep, you can go for high calories milk. With a heavy protein diet, you can gain weight in 3 days.

How to gain a healthy weight?

To gain a healthy weight you have to eat healthy protein and carbohydrate food. Don’t go for junk food because by that you can gain weight but it harms your health. So go for a healthy diet like include egg, milk, curd, meat, grains, milk cream, milkshake to gain a healthy weight.

Food to eat to gain weight?

Food of high protein is needed to gain weight, and also include carbohydrate and carbs in your food.

What is gain weight?

As losing weight take efforts same as gaining weight also takes a lot of efforts. If a person is underweight, he/she has to increase the weight for good health as an underweight person can develop a lot of physical problems.

What is the sign of weight gain?

You can see the signs if you are gaining weight, like the abnormal menstrual cycle, fatigue, shortness of breath, constipation, swelling in the face, If you find these types of changes in your body, it means you are gaining weight.

Are there weight gain pills?

There are many weights gain pills on market. With exercise, you can take these pills to gain weight. Ayurvedic and allelopathic both have treatment-related weight gain. So you can opt. anything that suits you. A few supplements food, with pills, helps more positively.

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