How to Get a 7 in IB Physics

How to Get a 7 in IB Physics

IB Physics is considered one of the toughest subjects, particularly at the Higher Level, in the IB Diploma. And acquiring a 7 in the subject might sound like a daunting task.

As per the IB Statistical Report in May 2020, 29.3% of Higher Level Candidates received a 7, i.e. 3315 candidates out of 14046, which means that on average, in a class of 20 HL students, 4 will get a 7.

So how do you reach the top 20% slot? Students can achieve a perfect 7 score by following these tips that successful students are practicing in terms of learning the subject.

1. Understand Your IB Physics Syllabus

The subject syllabus is one of the best aspects that contains all the concepts that could be examined. In fact, questions that are formed by the examiners are closely examined to be in accordance with the syllabus, and in case the same is irrelevant, it is deleted.

So if a student has covered all the concepts from the syllabus thoroughly, the final exam will be a smooth sail. And hence during revision, it is necessary to have the syllabus handy.

2. Highlight, Comment, and Annotate

Before the revision of the subject, it is also suggested to have a print of the sections of the syllabus. And instead of jotting down notes in a separate book, it’s recommended to place notes on the syllabus itself during revision.

This would also allow you to cross-reference while learning, and you can ensure that you will not miss out on any of the topics in the syllabus.

Highlight each section with a color code that will signify your level of understanding of each topic. If you have understood completely (green), understood partially (orange), or need assistance with the topic (red).

The subject syllabus builds on earlier ideas as it is structured. If you do not know the fundamental feature, then the rest of the concepts and ideas will be hard to comprehend.

You must make sure that every topic reaches the green color code before proceeding further, or else external intervention in terms of seeking external help from your mentor or finding inputs from the internet would help.

3. Work on Maximum Scores in IA

As compared to the Physics examination, achieving scores in internal assessment is far easier as the time duration allotted to the same is more in comparison to the examination paper. At the same time, the subject teacher also gives enough opportunities to improve the IA scores.

To understand the requirements in Internal Assessment, it is suggested to run through the subject guide thoroughly. If there is anything you are not clear about, seek immediate guidance from your teacher.

4. Solve Past Question Papers

Getting a 7 in IB Physics will be challenging indeed unless you do past paper questions. Try and write at least the last 5 years’ papers from the past 6-7 years.

The syllabus also keeps changing, so it is also important to match the questions with the current syllabus for which you will be attempting your final exams.

If you have been able to attempt the question papers of the last 7 years, then almost all types of questions would be covered here.

And attempting the questions in the stipulated time will make your practice perfect. This will also help you get in-depth knowledge from the theory and retain the knowledge.

If you have understood and attempted the past papers of the last 7 years, then you can be sure that all types of questions will be covered.

It is also crucial to attempt the question papers within the stipulated time. If you come across a set of questions that you cannot comprehend correctly and attempt, kindly revisit the Syllabus and check for the topics that need to be revised again. You can subscribe to online portals like TribeTopper, where you can get solved past papers.

5. Effective Time Management

By managing your time effectively, you will be able to multiply your output four-fold. And this is one of the key differences between candidates scoring a 7 or a 5 is their ability to use their time productively.

Primarily it is very important to remove all the unwanted distractions. Especially when you are attempting past question papers, it is always better to stay away from social media.

Set a limit for a task. Time-bound tasks do put some amount of pressure on accomplishing the task within the given time because the brain will focus on completing the task within the set time limit.

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In a nutshell, the subject may pose a challenge at times, but it still remains the most dignified one in the curriculum. Stay committed, motivated, organized, and disciplined. Plus, when you follow the above tips religiously, you will undisputedly obtain a 7 in IB Physics.